Sex Education... Medabot Style!! 

By Jedi-and 

Note to staff: THIS IS NOT AN INTERACTIVE FIC!!! When I ask at the bottom for questions I mean that it’s genuine questions on things that might happen or they don’t understand, not something ‘like ask the Medabots’.  

Disclaimer AND Authors note (You didn’t see that coming did you?): you know the drill… this part has more complex questions. Remember, this has not a lot to do with dark lady’s or my fics; it’s just the facts. Enjoy. 

Part 2: more questions... oh boy... 



Break was about to end. They had a 15-minuet recess where they had light refreshments and asked Jedi-and questions to explain on stage. Well that’s what they should have done. Metabee and Rokusho stayed in the corner and talked, Brass and Oceana were awing over Revolvers baby and Sumillidon was asking around for good hotels whilst Neutranurse was finding a wine expert. The lights dimmed a bit and they all returned to their seats. Although most where ready to pay attention, Neutranurse was on Sumillidon’s lap, teasing him... 

“I have the wine all set to be send to our room, and I have also ordered some new cloths for you... well they are for me but they are for you if you get my meaning...” She stroked her finer up and down on Sumillidon’s chest, 

“Oh? What like?” she whispered in to his ear, sending him bright red. She giggled and continued to taunt him. 

“Why don’t you do that kind of stuff for me?” Brass asked Metabee, 

“Because we don’t need a hotel room.” he slipped his hand down behind Brass, soon after she gave off a little squeak and jumped, before slapping Metabee. 

“How dare you!” she called out,  

“Sorry Hun...” she gave him a seductive glare, 

“Just wait, okay?” she winked at him. He laughed 

“Man, I rock.” She giggled again, Rokusho just tutted as he watched the two couples. He leaned over to Oceana, 

“Lets wait for the end before we make any commitments okay?” she nodded in agreement.  


“Welcome backs everyone. I have had a few questions from various Medabots. To get the ball rolling I’ll answer the first one; what is Multiple father syndrome?” he looked at the audience. “Well Multiple Father Syndrome or MFS is where there are two fathers to two children in one mother.” There were a lot of murmurs and someone shouted out ‘tart’, soon to get a slap from Peppercat. Jedi-and sweat dropped and continued. “MFS is when a male kisses a female but the plans do not register, rather they stay in the data bank and are waiting to be processed because the system doesn’t quite recognize it or there is an error or it isn’t quiet accepted for some reason. However it is pushed in to the program when the Femme kisses someone she loves and it is instantly recognized and processed, forcing the femme to have twins, or more. Unfortunately it has its consequences... the femme becomes even larger and have even more weight; this makes it hard for them to even walk.” A lot of gasps came from the crowd. “But there is an up side. Your delivery happens a few days early, so you shed those pounds earlier.” A few sighs of relief came from the crowd. 


“You girls know we guys would NEVER be unfaithful, don’t ya?” They all nodded,  

“Yep because if you where we would kick your ass!” The girls pointed at the lads, they just nodded, 

“We know...”  


“Alright, the next question is an easier one; what is the likely hood of Multiple Babies. Well the likely hood of having twins is 30%, triplets 15% and so on, however multiple pregnancies can be induced, however I think I should warn you that the likely hood of triplets or even quadruplets have more chance than twins! Going to the other end of the scale now, there is a 5% chance of NOT having any children, however I have said that the Femme can stop ALL info transfers if so wanted.” 


“Summy?” Neutranurse batted her eye lids at Sumillidon, “I want to have two little baby girls and I’d like them at the same time...” she dragged her finger across his chest again, “Can we PLEASE get one of those kits? I want to have twins...” she leaned her head on him.  

“Err... you know I can’t say no to you...” she smiled in glee as the other just sighed.  


“Sorry about the next question but it’s about the chance of a miscarriage... there is no chance of one, however if you’re Medal is ejected then you lose your baby. I’m sorry but that’s how it is...”  


Neutranurse’s eyes widened 

“I don’t want that!!” she grabbed Sumillidon “I DON’T WANT A MISCARRIAGE!!!” she screamed out, getting weird looks from people in front and behind. He just sweat dropped and tried to calm her down.  


“Now another problem. Delayed multiple Pregnancies, or DMP is a condition where there is one father and mother and they are having two children, but they don’t know they are having two until birth. The first baby is born but the second baby is still not fully devolved and it can take up to two months to get them fully developed. If you’re thinking that because you are at stage 4 already and that you won’t grow anymore, you are very much mistaken. The night after the birth you are sent in to stage 5. I have no one large enough to demonstrate because the Femmes body will think that it still has the first medal and the second medal, and because it is still developing the body thinks it need more room. You will increase a maximum of two stages, stage 5 even the toughest of Femmes will have difficulty even standing and stage 6 you are so large that not even the Femme division world champ will be able to move. I’m sorry if that’s blunt but there you go. This is most common in Sailor types and nurse type Medabots.”  


Sumillidon and Metabee looked at their partners wide-eyed, they looked back innocently, 

“Oh please, like it’s actually going to happen to us.” Brass waved her hand as if she was ‘shooing’ away the idea.  

“Yeah I mean, what are the chances?” Sumillidon looked at Metabee, 

“You think we should risk it?”  

“Maybe, but dude? Why not?” he asked the tiger bot, who just shrugged and continued to hug Neutranurse. 


“Alright. Well that’s it for now, but if you have any further questions don’t hesitate to ask. In fact, I ask you to ask me questions, anything that you would like to know. All right, remember, no kissing on the premises and refreshments are free. I’ll be back in a while.” He waved and walked off; the bots just got up from their seats and followed him.  


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