Sex Education... Medabot style!!! 

By Jedi-and 


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Part 3: Even more questions and the explanation of the Maternity Medaforce: 


Jedi-and walks back on the stage after the last intermission. He shuffles around a stack of cue cards and holds his hand out to foxfire, who had put on a maternity dress and an unzipped sleeveless body warmer by this point.  

“All right, I have some random questions here, despite the fact that no other authors asked me any.” Foxfire takes one and looks at it 

“In your fic, ‘My Love Will Go On’, how was Brass able to use the Medaforce without a rare Medal?” she looked up at Jedi-and for an answer, 

“The reason Brass was able to use the Medaforce is because when she was Pregnant in the fic, she was carrying a semi-rare Medal inside of her, and when the medal was done it gave her a little boost of energy, consequently, she was able to some how tap in to the power of the Medaforce and use it. It is unknown if she can use it again, though there is a VERY strong possibility that her body will have tasted the power, and stored it away for latter uses. A Medabot using the Medaforce without a rare Medal is uncommon, but not impossible. This applies to ANY Femme who has carried a Semi-Rare Baby Medal.” 


“You were Pregnant?” Metabee looked over at Brass, who was staring wide eyed at the stage, 

“Yep. I was in his fics.” She admitted to him, unsure of what to say, he just looked back at the stage, trying to think of it. 


“Next question please Foxfire.” She drew another cue card and looked at it, blushing a little, 

“What does it feel like to have a baby Medal inside?” she looked up, 

“I think you should explain this one...” she flushed red and nodded, looking back to the crowd, 

“It… it feel like there is a small fire inside you, but it doesn’t hurt, it only tickles. Every so often you can feel the Medal moving inside you as more is being made. It’s a nice feeling, because you feel all warm and almost loving inside.” She closed her eyes and patted her stomach, 

“Very Beautifully put Foxfire.” He nodded 


“Metabee?” Brass had crawled on to him and was dragging her index finger on his missile launchers, “The way that Foxfire described it sound so nice. I think that you would be a good father and things. Can we...” she paused and blushed. He looked over to Rokusho for help but he had his hands full with his curvy mermaid.  

“You know Rokusho, this material that covers my fin parts is very flexible and I could cope with the weight gain. Oh can we have a child? Can we please?”  

“What she said.” Brass finished off, the girls had their arms around the lad’s necks, as did most of the Femmes in the building. They looked at each other, unsure of what to say. 


Jedi-and looked at the crowd in surprise as all the Femmes clambered on to the Males. He sweat dropped and turned to look at Foxfire, 

“Thanks pal, now I’m going to have a HUGE increase in work.” She sweat dropped and apologised. 

“At least you have work.” She tried to consol him. She drew another card “If a Medabot where to have a miscarriage, would the Medal stay inside or would it dissolve?” she was a little worried about this question, 

“Oh. It depends on the stage of development. If they where before the change in to 4 months then it would dissolve but if it was after then it would be still born… however, if it was after the half way point in month fore, the Baby Medal can be saved.” 


“Good! Now we just got to keep you out of Robattles Neutranurse.” She grabbed hold of him tightly, 

“OH! So this means we CAN have a BABY! YAY!” she giggled in glee as she strangled Sumillidon to submission 

/”Sumillidon, head 50% damaged”/ Koji’s watched just bleeped at him as he stares incredulously. 

“What the...” 

“Its just Metabee giving him a Metabee bobbin! And Sumillidon can’t even touch him!” Ikky said, over confidently.  

“Why you!” Koji jumped on Ikky before he could say anymore. 


“Okay, next question Please.” Foxfire draws another card,  

“About how much pain will the whole thing be?”  

“Okay. Um...” He folded his arms and thought for a while “Haven’t I already explained that? Um... okay... well it will feel like a pin prick to begin with... nothing much and at large intervals... then it goes to a pinch, then a slap, then, I’m sorry there is no nice what to put this, a gun wound then you feel extreme pain. Getting closer and closer together but the pain is over in a matter of seconds."  


Understandably the girls all shot off the boys and back in to their original seats. 

“Actually now I think about it, I think this martial isn’t that stretchy...” Oceana looked away from Rokusho, 

“Maybe another day, hay Metabee?” Brass said with her eyes closed. Neutranurse would have to learn the hard way because she and Sumillidon had already left for their special hotel date.  


“Okay... that killed business...” Jedi-and and Foxfire just sweat dropped. She drew another card, 

“If a femme was to have triplets wouldn't the size be to much to handle and the pain to much to bare?”  

“Well actually, although the size would be huge the pain would stay the same. For triplets, in month two you are the size of month three, in three you are the size of four and in four you are the size of five if you had DMP disorder. Meaning you wouldn’t be able to move much, but the pain would stay the same. There is one thing though... you know that thing that Foxfire described? You get that times three.” He smiled as he looked out to the crowd. 


Oceana was not only all over Rokusho, making him blush but she was showing him that the fabric covering her fin was VERY elastic. 

“I think that I could fit three kids in here...” she giggled as she clutched on to him even more. “I’d best build up my strength, we have a lot of work tonight...” she grabbed a leg of pork from that space all Anime characters take stuff from and started to munch on it. Rokusho was bright red as he sweat dropped.  


“Alright. The last one before the brake...” Foxfire took the last card and looked at it, 

“If a femme doesn't know she’s pregnant (in the early stages) and goes off line will the Baby Medal still be there and could it be reactivated?” she looked up at Jedi-and, who had folded his arms and was thinking... 

“That’s a hard one...” he put a hand to his chin, “Well if they had just shut down as if they where sleeping then it would be fine, but if they had had their own Medal removed then the baby Medal would go Bai-Bai...” 


“As soon as we try for a baby, we are coming back here to get me tested. Okay?” Oceana was facing Rokusho, with her arms around his neck, 


“Just say ‘Yes’ like a good boy...” 

“Yes Miss...” he said as Oceana crunched his neck with a bear hug. Brass and Metabee was still on the fence about having a child, both being battle types and all and needing to be ready for a fight at anytime... 


“Okay now it’s time for a...” Jedi-and looked down at Foxfire, who was holding her stomach, looking a little wide-eyed. “Err... Foxfire?”  

“I think it wants out Jedi-and.” she winced a little as another contraction rushed over her, Jedi-and kneeled down and put his hand on her stomach, his eyes also widened as he conformed that she was in labor.  

“Jeeze! Quickly follow me! The rest of you...err... have a brake!” he ran off, carrying foxfire deeper in to the clinic. 


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