The Forgotten Robattle

by Rei

Disclaimer: I own nothing. I only knew about Henri, Patra, Joe, Dr. Meda-evil:, Metabee, Cleobattler, Rokusho, Blackram, Jozo:, and the cat. I invented all the rest except for Joe's medabot.You can borrow Aireial IF u ask. I hope you enjoy my first attempt at a pure Medabot fan fic (even though it's more of a play script) so don't blame me if it sucks.plz don't h8 it 2 much......oh yeah, this is rated pg13 cause I put in swear words here and there.


Setting: ten years b4 the new world championships

Henri: go metabee medaforce this loser into the past
Metabee: (heavily brit-accented voice) MEDAFORCE!!
smoke goes over Aireial(brithish PLN). sound of explosion. then, after smoke
clears a medal falls to the ground.
The ref. function ceased the winners are the magnificent medafighters
Edward: nooo!!! I have led my team to defeat. I'm gonna come back next year
and win. but now I have to go.
Henri: well that takes care of that, eh metabee?
Metabee: yes, sir that does.
both laughing arrogantly.
Patra: why are you so.... so... arrogant all the time?
Henri: chill out, Patra. I'M ONLY TRYING TO HAVE SOME FUN, unlike you. why
are you so uptight all the time?
Patra: you heard what professor Hushi said "Meda-evil: is after your rare
medal so keep an eye on Metabee"
Henri: hey come on have some faith. he said that last year!!!we're in the
finals! LET'S PARTY, GUYS!
when do we take down the Japanese team with Professor Hushi, Eugene Aki and
that guy, ummmmm, Meda-evil: he calls himself (sorry I forgot the guy's first
name. email me if u know it)
Joe: we fight Wednesday, Henri and they are very good. Hushi's got one
powerful rare medal, Aki's got that experimental devil type and Meta evil's
got a new type with a powerful attack.
Henri" so what? they got an experimental which may not even work, an old KWG
with only two weapons and that predictable one with the same weapons as
before. so what?? we can beat them down into the ring floor with our good
medafighting skill. Plus, we're unpredictable and we have the best medaparts
available to anyone.
Joe: ahh well it is only Monday, so I guess we can take over the party life
for a while. come on Patra, the Egyptian team is having a party for you
tonight so lets go and have a blast.Uummm, where is team Egypt anyway? they
were supposed to meet us here over ten minutes ago.
Patra: probably out waiting for us. brush up on your Egyptian, Joe. they said
they'd meet us outside the medadome, dumbass.
Joe: hey! you almost lost it all for us. who are you calling dumbass?huh?
wazzat, bitch?
your damn fighting. Joe, it's not Patra's fault she was attacked by all
three. you were supposed to be watching her back remember? and you, Patra,
Joe sucks at Egyptian because he took Japanese instead. so will you both quit
it? or do you wanna lose to two old guys and a crazy loser like Metaevil?
cause if you do, then we might as well forfeit the tournament.
Henri: good to see you both agree about something
Metabee: hey Cleobattler, wanna go out on a date sometime?
Cleobattler, amazed sounding: I'd love to Metabee.
Metabee: howz about tonight. I got two tickets to Avril Lavinge's show at
the concert stadium.
Cleobattler:yes (as she falls) THUD
Metabee: boo ya(turning to Henri) you don't mind, do you, sir?
Henri: not at all as long as you both show up to practice in the morning, got it?
Metabee: yes sir!
Metabee and Cleobattler leave hand in hand, staring into each other's
optical sensors.CLANNGGG!!
Medawatch: Metabee right arm 50% damaged
Medawatch: Cleobattler left arm 50% damaged
Cleobattler: Owww.
Henri: I could have told you that would happen.
Patra: shut up and let's hit tha road.

After the concert>

Metabee: Wanna go back to my place? Henri's still out partying.
Cleobattler: sure, we can watch tv or go on henri's email account and make
fun of everyone online
Metabee: I never knew you were so fun to be around
he then leans over and gives her a kiss
Metabee: wanna do the same thing tomorrow?
Cleobattler: in your dreams.
Metabee: come on........
later on at henri's............
Metabee: hey look that Jozo Tenryo's on again, complaining about his air
petrera. lets give him a scare that he won't forget ever
turning on the microphone, both: HEY JOZO! THIS IS HENRI!!! YOU SUCK, LOSER!!!
Jozo: hey, look who's talkin'. can you even win with out the medaforce???
loser, yourself.
Metabee: you wanna go, biotch
Jozo:(meekly) no, sir

One day and four parties later>

Referee Ron: medafighters ready medabots, robattle.
Henri: go Metabee laser cannons and revolver at the same time. go for blackram.
Blackram: you're a bitch!!loser.wannabe. faker!
Metabee: laser cannon!!
Blackram: arrrrgggghhhh!!! aaahhh! (powering down)
Ron: blackram function ceased
Metabee: who's da bitch now?(if u've seen the new guy then you know how it goes)
Patra: Cleobatller, focus on Roboempire. metamorphosis take his arms and head. now anilator
Meda-evil: Robo Empire, jump and sacrifice your self after she blows up her teammate's medabot.
Roboempire: hehehe good night suckers
he executes the maneuver perfectly destroying both medabots.
Metabee: smooth move BUT NOW IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN! Ya shouldn't have made me
Rokusho taps his rare medal to use the medaforce at the same time as Metabee does
both at the same time: MEDAFORCE!!!
The beams meet in the middle of the arena a white light passes over them both
the eight days of darkness has begun on the eighth dark day.

Henri: that is it! I think I know how to end this. I have to destroy my rare medal.[I woke up it wuz seven, I waited till eleven to figure out that no one would call] grabbing a crowbar, he rushes up to Metabee and opens his medal hatch.[I think I've got a lot friends but I don't hear from them] he then plucks out the rare medal.[What's another night all alone] he places it lovingly on the ground.[When you're spending every day on your own, and here it goes] after saying"goodbye, old friend. I'll never forget you,"he raises the crowbar and closing his eyes, the young Henri smashes his best friend in the world.[I'm just a kid and life is a nightmare. I'm just a kid, I know that it's not fair] he cries for the loss of the only other thing that he cared for besides Patra.[nobody cares 'cause I'm alone and the world is having more than me tonight. And maybe when the night is dead, Ill crawl into my bed, staring at these four walls again. I'll try to think about the last time I had a good time. everyone's got some where to go, and they're gonna leave me here on my own, and here it goes] (song lyrics fading into background with Henri's crying)

At that moment in Metabee's memory bank............

Metabee, mourning the loss of Cleobattler: I never thought i'd die alone. I laughed the loudest, who'd have known. I traced the cord back to tha wall no wonder it was never plugged in at all. I took my time I hurried up. the choice was mine I didn't think enough. I'm too depressed to go on.......oh, why did this happen. I loved her so much.......... that was her favorite song, old friend. Blink 182's "Adam's Song"

Rokusho: what is it with Medabots? they are all consumed by robattling, never stopping. What's wrong with peace
Metabee:who knows........NO!!! HENRI DON'T DO THAT! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!.......................
Rokusho: what's happening to you? nnnnooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! he's been destroyed. another sad loss in so little time. I shall give up robattling for a life of peace.

In the real world;

Henri puts Metabee back in the original packaging and stores him under the stairs because any new medal wouldn't be the same. for a while, every medabot he saw brought tears to his eyes. a few years after he stopped crying, professor Hushi got him a job at the 24 hour hop mart. he then stores Metabee in the back until Ikki comes. Then, Henri sees a great medafighting spirit and keeps metabee under the counter knowing that Ikki was destined to become a great medafighter and Metabee was to be his best friend, like Metabee and his first rare medal was to him.

[I'm just a kid and life is a nightmare. I'm just a kid, I know that it's
not fair. Nobody cares 'cause I'm alone and the world is having more than me
tonight. What tha hell is wrong with me? don't fell like anybody's having
this happen to me. Wide awake I'm bored and I can't fall asleep. And every
night is the worst night ever. I'm just a kid. I'm just a kid. Hey, I'm just a
kid. I'm just a kid and life is a nightmare. I'm just a kid I know that it's
not fair. Nobody cares and I'm alone in the world and nobody wants to be
alone in the world. I'm just a kid. and I'm just a kid tonight.]


So what did you think? bit cheesy? the [ ] are from simple plan's I'm just a
kid" and the ( ) are authors notes. plz send me reviews: (subject:fanfic)