by HFH


Chapter Two: Countdown


Select Corps Offices

Jozho Tenryo was writing in his desk when a man entered in his office

-Lieutenant Tenryo...

-Yes, Kodashi?- Jozho looked at the Select Corps member

-I must talk with you

-Sure. Sit down, please

-You must know that... we're helping them

-Who are "them"?

-The Rubber Robo gang...- Sendo Kodashi stared at the floor

-What??? But... why?

-Money, Lieutenant; that's why. Lord of Destruction needs your help

-I'll never do it for money, Mr. Kodashi

-At least... do it for your son

-Ikki? What are you talking about?

-Lord of Destruction... he wanna see him... dead

Mr. Tenryo looked at him, confused

-If you help him, and obey his orders... maybe he let your son live

-Are you joking?

-Join us

-You are mad...- Jozho stood and turned back

-Where are you gonna go?

-I'll try to stop that Lord of Destruction...

-Lieutenant... stop!!

Mr. Tenryo walked a few steps

-I said: STOP!!!!

Jozho shook his head

Suddenly, he felt a pain in his back. Mr. Tenryo fell

-I am sorry... but you didn't listened to me- Sendo had a gun in his hands

A puddle of blood stained the carpet


24 Hop Mart

-And the Medabot Corporation is its sponsor?- Ikki asked

-Yes...This Demonstration will start tomorrow. Will you be there?- Eugene asked


Henry didnít say anything. "The end is coming onÖ" he remembered Lord of Destructionís note



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