by HFH


Chapter Four: It has begun


-Lord of Destruction...- the KBT said

-First... I wanna thank you for your help

-What are you talking about?

-You acted just as I planned... I wanted to kill Eugene Aki, but you were with him. My subordinated called you; you came here and Eugene is alone in the Medabot Corporation... an excellent plan

-I'll go with Dr. Aki- Rokusho ran towards the elevator

-It's too late... Akihabara must be killing him right now

-What do you want?- Henry yelled

-I'll tell you. Do you remember the Medabot Demonstration? My Medabots will attack there. Do you know why did I tell you this? Because I know that you can't stop me.


Parking lot of the Tokyo Mall

-Ikki!! Hurry up!!!- Rintaro yelled

-The Demonstration will start soon!- Samantha was exasperated

The kid was in a telephone box -So, dad is traveling? A man called you and told you that... all right. Mum, I have to go now. Yeah... I'll take care of Metabee. Goodbye!!

-Look at that, boss- Spike pointed at a enormous Medabot. He was an improved version of Giganko


Vital Stats

Name: Mega-Giganko

Type: Weapon

Medafighter: Lord of Destruction

Special Attack: Powerful Missile



-Don't worry... he's part of the Demonstration....- Erika said

Some Air-Pteras appeared in the air and started to fire their missiles at the buildings. Mega-Giganko fired at the Mall


Subterranean Offices of the Select Corps

-It has begun... What will you do?- Lord of Destruction sentenced



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