by HFH


Chapter Five: Armageddon


Parking lot of the Tokyo Mall

-Run!!! Now!!!!- Koji took Karen's hand and started to run

-What is going on here???- Erika asked desperately

A lot of people were running and screaming. Thirty Attack-Tyrano appeared in the parking lot and fired their lasers at them


Medabot Corporation

-Dr. Aki!!! Open the door!!!- Rokusho was knocking it

Nobody answered

The Medabot hit the door with his Sword and entered. The desk was broken, some papers were in the floor... and a puddle of blood was staining them. A body was behind the desk, Rokusho saw his hand

-No... Dr. Aki...- the KWG knelt down

He didn't noticed a shadow behind his back


A street of Tokyo

Koji, Karen, Rintaro, Ikki, Erika, the Screws and their Medabots were running

-Ikki, we must stop Giganko!!- Metabee said.

-How?- Koji asked

-Don't you remember how did I defeat him?

-Metabee is right... TRANSPORT MEDAPART!!!- Ikki yelled

The air legs Medaparts that Metabee used in "The Mother of all Robattles" appeared

-Metabee can take off Giganko's Medal, but you must distract him- the kid said

-Neutrawall!!!- Karen's Medabot protected the Medafighters

-All right... Kantaroth!!!

-Sumilidon... use the Shadow Sword!!!


Medabot Corporation

A white Medabot stared at Rokusho's Medal. He looked like Belzelga, but his left arm was the same than Sumilidon's


Vital Stats

Name: Armageddon

Type: Unknown

Medafighter: Lord of Destruction

Special Attack: Ultimate Punch


The KWG's body was destroyed

-I finished my mission here...- the white Medabot said

-Let's go- a black Medabot entered in the room. He was the same model than Armageddon


Vital Stats

Name: Armageddon

Type: Unknown

Medafighter: Lord of Destruction

Special Attack: Ultimate Punch


-Did you killed them?

-All the persons here are dead...- the black Armageddon answered


A street of Tokyo

-The Prominence!!!- Arcbeetle fired at Mega-Giganko

-Arcbeetle's attack was useless!- the Phantom Renegade was next to Spike and his friends

The kids' Medabots were very damaged. Metabee was flying, avoiding Mega-Giganko's lasers

-We couldn't hurt him... It's over...- Samantha shook her head

-There must be a chance...

-We must attack together, it's the only way- Erika looked worried at Brass- Are you ready?

-Arcbeetle... Triple Cannon!

-Flexor Sword!!

-Laser Beam!!!

-Battle Rifle!!!

-Missiles Launched!!- Kantaroth attacked

-Laser Cannon!

Mega-Giganko attacked at them with his lasers and missiles



Legs: 85 % damaged

Left Arm: 25 % damaged

Head: 100 % damaged. Function ceased



Right arm: 86 % damaged

Legs: 100 % damaged. Function ceased

Head: 15 % damaged



Head: 100 % damaged. Function ceased



Legs: 75 % damaged

Left arm: 100 % damaged. Function ceased

Right arm: 98 % damaged



Right arm: 98 % damaged

Legs: 15 % damaged

Head: 100 % damaged. Function ceased



Left arm: 79 % damaged

Right arm: 87 % damaged

Legs: 65 % damaged

Head: 90 % damaged



Head: 26 % damaged

Left arm: 100 % damaged. Function ceased

Right arm: 100 % damaged. Function ceased



-Sumilidon... no!!

-Kantaroth!!!- Rintaro cried

Metabee landed on Mega-Giganko's shoulder. An electric shock hit him

-What is happening?- Karen asked

-Metabee... get out!!! It's the same electrical shock that Mega-Emperor used with me!!- the Phantom Renegade yelled

-I... can't!!!- the KBT couldn't move



Warning!! Energy Overload


Ikki's Medabot exploded


-Boss... escape... now!!- Peppercat asked

-We'll distract him...- Krosserdog added

-Rintaro, go away...- Kantaroth said

-Me... Metabee...- Ikki cried

-Come with me!!!! We can hide in an old factory- Sendo Kodashi appeared behind them

-I won't escape

-Ikki, we don't have another option...- the Phantom Renegade looked at him

-Don't be stubborn!! I lost Sumilidon too... I know how do you feel

Brass fired her lasers at Mega-Giganko -Miss Erika... don't worry for me...

-Brass... be... careful- Erika cried

-Let's go...- the group started to run


Minutes later. Watase Factory

-It seems that we're safe...- Koji commented

Ikki was looking at the floor. Metabee's image appeared in his mind

-Where did that Select Corps guy go?- Samantha asked

Suddenly, a noise was heard... and the roof collapsed



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