by HFH


Chapter Six: The Last Revelation (Tomb Raider... he he)


Two hours later

The Phantom Renegade woke up. A steel beam was on his chest, he couldn't feel his legs.

He looked around: there was a lot of debris

-Erika... Ikki... Koji... Karen...- Henry called weakly

-Don't worry for them, you are the only survivor...- Lord of Destruction and his two Medabots Armageddon appeared

-What... are you talking about?

-Mega-Giganko fired his missiles and... do you see those debris? Erika and Karen are under them. Armageddon killed the Screws, Ikki's body is near the door... well, I think that you understood.

-You planed all... this

-Right. I told you my plans... Rokusho went to the Medabot Corporation and he was destroyed. I called to Mrs. Tenryo and told her that Jozho Tenryo was "traveling"... and Ikki didn't suspect that his father was murdered by a Select Corps member.

The teenager stared at him, silent

-I attacked in the Medabot Demonstration, Ikki and his friends lost a Robattle against Mega-Giganko and they are now dead. But you didn't die so... I'll give you two gifts: First... I'll show you my identity. Second... I'll stop your pain- the masked man showed a gun

Lord of Destruction took off his Rubber Robo suit and mask -Goodbye, Phantom Renegade

-Why...- Henry whispered

Lord of Destruction, a.k.a. Eugene Aki smirked... and fired at him



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