by HFH




Select Corps Offices

Lord of Destruction was in front of a window, without his mask.

Tokyo was now a group of destroyed buildings and debris. Some Select Corps' Medabots were looking for any survivor.

"Why..." Eugene thought

"That was Henry's last word"

"What did you want to ask me, Phantom Renegade?"

"You should feel disappointed... Dr. Aki, the man who was like a father for you is Lord of Destruction"

"I know everything about Medabots. I can't believe that you didn't suspect of me... who else could build Medabots like Mega-Emperor, Giganko, Mega-Giganko and Armageddon?"

"The answer is obvious: Nobody"

"You asked me (or tried to ask...) why did I do this. What can I say? I am a man, I have my faults... and the ambition of power is the worst.

So, I organized the Rubber Robo Gang and I gave the power to Armound... he should use my Medabots and destroy everything"

"But he failed. And I decided to act"

"Henry... I fooled you and I used the Rare Medals that you stole"

"You never should trust in me, Henry"

"Now, you are dead"

Dr. Aki shook his head



"I really was angry when I listened your scared voice saying where my hide-out was"

"That's why I killed you in the Medabot Corporation..."

"Because I can't bear traitors"

"Rokusho thought that your body was mine..."

"The battle is over..."

"And I won"


-Sir?- Sendo Kodashi entered in the room

The man wore his blue mask -Tell me, Kodashi... did the kids suspect that the old factory was a trap?

-Not at all, they just followed me.

-I knew it. What do you want?

-We sent the Medabots to the other countries. They'll attack in 15 minutes, approximately

Lord of Destruction smiled like a mad man -Excellent...



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