Reunions Can Be Scary

by Alexis


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"Beep, beep, beep, bee-." The alarm began ringing at exactly 7:30 and stopped beeping at exactly 7:31 by a 27 year old Samantha.

"Rise and shine, boss!" Peppercat says with enthusiasm. Behind the CAT-type medabot was a little girl about 6, she looked like an exact copy of Samantha. Her short brown hair went above her shoulders and she was wearing a cute purple dress with a white undershirt. The only thing that separate the 6 year old from Samantha was her amazing ash colored eyes that were filled with life and eagerness.

"Yea, mommy!" The miniature Samantha gets on top of her mom. "Time to get up! Time to make me breakfast! I'm huuuungry!" She grabs her mothers big bangs and begins to play with them, hoping that this would wake up her mommmy.

"Ok, ok, I'll rise...but I won't shine...and anyways Alexandra, Peppercat can cook, why didn't she make you any breakfast?" Samantha glares at her medabot.

"....well, for one thing, Alexandra only likes your cooking and second we don't have any food left in the fridge." Peppercat explained.

"...sigh, I hate shopping." Samantha gets up and scratches her head. "I guess I'll change, go wait for me in the kitchen you two..." Samantha slips out of her green pj's and puts on a green sleeveless turtleneck shirt, with a long black pants, she had let her hair grow all the way down to her ankles and was tied half way down her hair with a scrunchi. Samantha slowly goes to the kitchen where Peppercat and Alexandra were waiting.

"I have your purse, mommy!" Alexandra runs up to Samantha a small black purse. "I did a good thing didn't I, mommy?" Alexandra beams at her mother, waiting for her token of appreciation.

"Yes, you did, thanks Alex, but the store doesn't open in less than an hour..." Samantha scratches her daughters head and gives her a light kiss on the cheek.

"An hour? But that is wike a miwion years! I can't wait that wong!" Alexandra sits on the ground already bored.

"An hour'll go by faster than you think, Alex. And do me a favor, and go luh!" Samantha stares at her daughter.


"No, luh! See, you make your tongue go like this!" Samantha starts making her tongue go up and down and starts making a funny face.

"Heehee! Ok, wuh!"

"I give up! By the way did we get any mail Peppercat?" Samantha stares at her medabot hoping that she for her favorite kind of mail that she got monthly.

"Yea, here you go, Boss!" Peppercat grabs a big stack of mail and gives it to Samantha.

"You know you've been calling me boss for about 19 years, can you call me Samantha from now on? I don't want Alex, to start calling me Boss, I'm surprised she hasn't called me that yet." Samantha says while Peppercat was giving her the mail.

"Sure thing, bo-ahem, I mean Samantha...that feels different..." Peppercat says.

"You'll get used to let see, bills, bills, bills, junk mail, more bills, oooh child support, and an invitation..." Samantha tosses the bills to Peppercat and keeps the rest.

"Open the invitation, first, mommy!" Alexandra says excitedly.

"Ok, that's what I was aiming for too!" Samantha rips open the invitation, it read;

You are invited to our high school reunion At RiverTime High School

Time: 5:00

When? Sunday, July 28

You can invite other people too! The more the merrier and medabots are welcome as well! We hope you come to our reunion so you can old school mates again!

"Cool!" Samantha holds the letter up high, her emerald colored eyes kept re-reading the letters on printed on the intricately decorated paper. "I'm definitely going! I hope I get to see my old friends again! Especially Spyke and Sloan!"

"Who is Pyke and Swoan?" Alexandra looks at her mom with her confused look.

"Well, their old and very dear friends of mine!" Samantha says excitedly, while hugging the invitation.

"More like old and very dear gang members!" Peppercat says with a giggle.

"You were in a gang?" Alexandra looks at her mom with big eyes. "Coowal! Did u have a nickname wike in da moo-vees?"

"Yea, I was called Boss...but I hated being called that...but when your the leader well I guess your gonna have to get used to it!" Samantha says proudly.

"Can I meet them?" Alexandra says starry eyed. "And is daddy coming too?"

"....He, better not if he knows what good for him." Samantha says in a low growl.

"Look, if Kenichi does come just ignore him...And he's probably busy with his new fiancÚ to come." Peppercat said.

"...New fiancÚ?" Samantha looked a little hurt.

"Oh, I'm so sorry! I thought you got over him!" Peppercat started to feel bad.

"'s ok, I did." Samantha hides her face by turning it to the left for a little while and then turns it back again with a new expression. "And if he does come I'll ignore him and that's all there is to it."


"...Mommy! Am I going to meet your friends then?" Alexandra said noticing that her question wasn't answered.

"Of course you'll meet them," Samantha announces. "and by plane 'cause I have horrible driving skills!"

"That's good to hear I don't think I'd want to be stuck in the car with a driver like you for a couple of hours." Peppercat says in giggle. "But do we have the money?"

"Of course we do! I'll just use this child su-"

"Your not thinking about using that for plane tickets are you? You work for extra money so maybe..."

"Oh, c'mon! It's not everyday you get invited to a high school reunion!" Samantha says in a whine.

"But I'm not stopping you from going. Just stopping you from using Alexandra's money!" Peppercat says while putting both her robotic hands on her hips.

"That's my money?" Alexandra says. "Gimme my money!" Alexandra starts jumping for the money.

"No it isn't; It's everyones...I just want to use everyones money so we can buy plane tickets to go back to my original home! I lived there for almost all of my life! I want to go!" Samantha says with a little anger in her voice.

"Yea, and the money's coming out of your pocket! Now gimme that!" Peppercat snatches the child support money from Samantha's hand.

"Fine!" Samantha says angrily. 'Now I won't be able to get that easy chair that I've looking at anymore!' Samantha thinks, upset that the money she's been working hard to save would be spent all at one go for plane tickets.

"Well, lets pack!" Peppercat announces while she marched to her room with Alexandra tripping behind her.

"Sigh...I guess I better pack too..." Samantha lamely walks to her room.


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