Reunions Can Be Scary

by Alexis


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Chap. 2

'When was the last time I was in an airplane?' Samantha thought as she walked into the huge plane. 'Yea, it was 7 years ago, a week after I was-' Samantha's deep thought gets interrupted by Alexandra.

"Mommy! Can you carry me?" Alexandra holds her arms out pleadingly with her cute irresistible look on her face; A look that you could never turn down. Plus, she looked as if she was going to cry.

"...alright. Come here." Samantha grabs her daughter and puts her on top of her lap. They had already sat down in their seats and Alexandra put her arms around Samantha's waist and held on for her dear life. Samantha hugs her back.

"Mommy I'm scared what if something happens? Like an eval kuwon attacks the airpwane?" Alexandra fearfully looks at Samantha.

"Don't worry about evil clown is going to attack the airplane." Samantha says soothingly and as mother as she could. She then looks out the window, her face was filled sadness."Kenichi..." Samantha says under her breath. "I miss you" 'And I don't know why, I should hate your guts!' Samantha was on the verge of crying from frustration until a flight attendant interrupted her.
"I'm sorry madam, but your going to have to put your daughter in her seat. We're about to take off." The flight attendant then sees Alexandra's fearful face. "Don't worry about a thing...would you like some peanuts?" The flight attendant offers. Alexandra immediately brightens up and shyly takes the bag of peanuts.

"Thank you..." Alexandra lets go of Samantha and returns to her seat and starts munching on her peanuts. Samantha fastens Alexandra's seat belt for her.

'Kenichi....' Samantha then goes off into her own little world.


"Oh, stop worrying Sam! Everything'll be ok." A man with light brown hair says cheerfully. "We'll always be happy!"

*'That wasn't true.'*

"Promise? I just don't want to leave my family and friends behind..." Samantha looks at her home town for the last time.

"Don't worry, we'll visit them whenever possible!"

*'That wasn't true either'*

"Really?" Samantha says, her face brightened up.

"And I'll never leave your side! We'll be together forever, until the end of time!" He announced to almost the whole world.


"That makes me feel a whole lot better!" Samantha hugs him. "Thanks Kenichi! And besides I'm tough, and I'm not a worrier!"

*'That proved to be false...'*

"Good, and I'll never ever deceive or betray you. Never..." Kenichi hugs back.

*'That same broken promise again...'*

"Well, lets get on! We don't want to miss our plane flight now do we?" Samantha enthusiastically pushes Kenichi into the plane. "We'll be the happiest married couple ever! And if we don't I guess I'll have to kick your butt!"

*'Yea right...'*

~End of Flashback~

"Samantha? We're here...Hellooooo, earth to Samantha, come in Samantha!" Peppercat waves her robot hand in front of Samantha in hopes of bringing her back from never never land.

"...huh? Oh, we're here? Why didn't you tell me?" Samantha says her voice cracking, she sniffled a couple of times and rubbed her eyes a bit.

"Are you, ok?" Peppercat and Alexandra look at Samantha with worried looks on their faces.

"Uuuh, yea, I'm, ok! I was just thinking about something." Samantha says forcing a smile.

"Thinking about Kenichi?" Peppercat said a little upset.

"...NO! Now lets go." Samantha angrily gets up and leaves everyone behind.

"Mommy, wait for me!" Alexandra yells.

"......." Samantha stops and waits. When Peppercat and Alexandra catch up Samantha turns around and picks Alexandra up and gives her a huge hug. 'I wish I could forget you Kenichi...but I can't.' Samantha continues to walk out of the plane.

"Bo-I mean Samantha, what's wrong with you? Your quieter than usual..." Peppercat looks at her medafighter with a worried look in her violet eyes.

"...nothing." Samantha said plainly while she caressed her daughters head.

"A news reporter!" Alexandra points to a familiar news reporter. She had short brown hair and a suit that news reports usually wear.

"Hi, this is Erika here bringing to you live here today to what seems was a violent fight just hours ago. Three people were injured but fortunately no one was killed. And now we ask one of the officers about more on what happened." Erika then puts her mic to an officer that says
almost the same exact thing that Erika had just said.

"You know, the medabot taping this sure looks allot like Brass." Peppercat points to a sailor type medabot.

"You know what? It does look allot like Brass." Samantha agrees.

"Whose Buwass?" Alexandra asks trying to look for her.

"I'm going to say hi to her!" Peppercat runs off to meet up with Brass.

"No wait Peppercat!" Samantha starts weaving her way through all the crowds.

"Hi, Brass!" Peppercat says enthusiastically. "Long time no see!"

"....Hm?" Brass slowly turns her head to see who called her name. "...Peppercat? Can we talk after this I'm really not supposed to say anything while taping..." She says in a whisper, hoping that people watching TV didn't hear their short conversation.

"And thank you Officer Imai. And now back to you Mike!" Erika sighs a breath of relief and walks over to Brass. "Good job, Brass...!" Erika notices the color red and turns to see Peppercat. " look allot like a medabot I knew long time ago." Erika starts staring at Peppercat trying to remember who it was.

"It's Peppercat!" Brass says immediately. "You know Samantha's medabot from the Screws gang?"

"Samantha's here? Where?" Erika starts looking around.

"Peppercat wait!" Samantha finally makes it thru the crowd and catches up with Peppercat. "Don't take off like that!" Samantha looks up and finds Erika smiling at her.

"Samantha, how long has it been since I last saw you?" Erika says thoughtfully. "Don't remember, I just know that you disappeared on us. But I looked on the bright side and made an article about your disappearance. Spyke and Sloan knew something but they just looked sad and wouldn't spill the beans."

"...Right I told them not to tell...I was a little embarrassed about it." Samantha blushes.

"About what?"


"Hey, whose the kid?" Erika smiles at Alexandra.

"....she's my daughter, Alexandra, but you can just call her Alex if you want." Samantha smiles at her daughter.

"! You have a daughter? Before me? I can't believe it." Erika stares at Alexandra, surprised. "I was thinking that was Mini-you or something."

"So how is everyone?" Samantha asks.

"Oh, their all doing great!" Erika says. "Here for the reunion?"

"Yea. Uuum you wouldn't mind giving me a place to stay for the awhile...right?" Samantha says a little embarrassed but hopefully.

"I thought we were going to go to your mothers place." Peppercat asks.

"Yea, but what would mom say if she saw me; A single mother of one?"

"...Oh, knowing her she'd probably give you a long lecture." Peppercat says thoughtfully.

"Yea, and that's one of the things I need the least." Samantha then looks hopefully at Erika. "So pleeeeeaaaase? Can I?"

"Well, I don't know..." Erika says hesitantly.

"Pweeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaase? Pretty pretty pwease?" Alexandra gives Erika her cutest most irresistible look she had ever seen.

"....Oh, alright." Erika says giving in to the cuteness of Alexandra.

"Good job." Samantha says. Alexandra gets a proud look on her face.

"But in exchange you tell me where you were all these years ok?" Erika says.

"Deawol!" Alexandra blurts out.

"...I don't know." Samantha then starts to think how mad her mom would be. But Erika was a friend and wouldn't get mad, but she still felt hesitant about telling her everything...'specially to a news reporter.

"It's not as bad as it looks." Peppercat explains.

"Quiet, Peppercat! Yes, it is." Samantha says angrily. "...alright."

"Ok, my house is actually pretty near here you can tell me everything when we get there." Erika starts walking towards her car.

"I just feel a little hesitant telling almost everything to a news reporter." Samantha says.

End of Chap. 2


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