Reunions Can Be Scary

by Alexis


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Chapter 3

Samantha stared out the window and watched all the buildings fly past her in a blur, maybe, of course, were very familiar to her, especially her very old school where she used to go to when she was only 10 years old.

"So, Sam, while we're on our way, why not tell me now. I mean we're not doing nothing else but looking straight ahead." Erika says.

"...I don't want Alex to hear it all." Samantha said trying to refrain from talking about the subject as long as possible.

"You can tell her now...Alexandra fell asleep." Brass, especially, said. Alexandra had fallen asleep alright, but on Brass' lap. Alexandra had started to drool on Brass causing a huge pool on the poor medabots lap.

"See? You can tell me now. There's nothing to worry about." Erika smiles warmly while still looking at the road.

"Um, how's Spyke and Sloan?" Peppercat says almost immediately. "Are they doing ok?"

"Yea, their doing wonderful! Matter of fact they opened their own little medabot repair shop just near here. Would you like to see them?" Erika suggests.

"Of course! I hadn't seen them in years, I would love to see them!" Samantha looks back at Peppercat with a smile on her face saying 'Thanks...'.

"You know, when they first opened their shop, I thought they were going to suck, but I was shocked when they did a pretty good job. Matter of fact, I took Brass for a tune up there once, and they did a real great job on her! Right, Brass?"

"Yea! When I got back in my body, I felt like a brand new medabot!" Brass adds in.

"Wow, and I thought they were going to complete nothing in life and that I was going to be the one who was going to do something with my life! But it just happened the other way around." Samantha sighs.

"Oh, c'mon. I'm sure you did something worth while!" Erika says while she took a turn into the next street.

"No, no I didn't."

"What about raising and caring for Alexandra? Isn't that something worth while?" Peppercat says, with a tinge of disappointment in her voice.

"...well, maybe one thing." Samantha smiles at her daughter slumbering on top of Brass' lap.

"Speaking of Alexandra, if we don't do something soon she's going to turn this car into a pool!" Brass points out.

"...right, here's Spyke and Sloan's shop! Not a nice looking one but they do a pretty good job. They did just open it, but, I think they have a bright future ahead of them." Erika says optimistically.

"That's good." Samantha said simply. She looked up at the shop, it read in big white letter's 'Medabot Repair Shop'. "I'm impressed they actually spelled something right for the first time!"

"Haha! That is so true!" Erika giggles. "I remember back then the teacher would make them stand up and make them spell something. They would always get the spelling wrong. I remember Spyke spelled dog wrong once!"

"Yea, well, c'mon I wanna see my old friends now." Samantha jumps out of her seat and opens Brass' door and smiles warmly at her daughter.
"Peppercat bring Alex over here." Samantha holds her arms out so Peppercat could give her her daughter.

"Why not try waking her up? It would be easier to get her out that way." Brass suggested.

"Nope, once when that girl falls asleep she stays asleep." Peppercat said while she hauled Alexandra out.

"Exactly." Samantha agreed.

"Well, at least she's off my legs now." Brass said relieved while wiping some of the drool off her. "Ew..."

"C'mon this way!" Erika opens the door to the shop, making a tiny little bell ring with a slight echo to it.

"Thanks." Samantha carries Alexandra through the door, her head resting on Samantha's shoulder.

"Welcome to our shop!" A familiar voice says immediately. "Wait a minute, you look like someone..." It was Sloan.

"You want to know why?" Samantha says getting closer.


"Cause I'm Samantha!"



"Boss? Is it really you? Wow! You look different!" Sloan said with, um, not-so wide eyes.

"Of course it's me." Samantha said calmly. "It's been awhile."

"Yea, hey, whose the squirt?" Sloan looks at the sleeping Alexandra curiously.

"My daughter, Alexandra."

"Wow, I should have guessed she was your daughter...I mean the resemblance is incredible." Sloan remarked.

"Yea...your not surprised?"

"No, after all. You do love Kenichi allot and then leaving here immediately after getting married, it's no wonder you have daughter." Sloan said.

"Well yea..." Samantha sadly.

"What's wrong? And where is he?" Sloan looked around.

"He's not here...we divorced awhile ago..." Samantha said sadly. 'gosh, am I going to tell this story over and over again?' Samantha thought, regretting that she decided to come. "By the way, where's Spyke? Erika said you both worked together."

"Yea, he's in the back working on a medabot. You know, he really does like to mess and tinker with stuff." Sloan said.

"Ok, I'm going in." Samantha heads to the back.

"By the way, boss." Sloan then said. "Are you here for the reunion that's comes the day after tomorrow?"

"Yea..." Samantha said as she continued in. She found Spyke working on a medabot just like Sloan had said she'd find him.

"..." Spyke seemed pretty into his work. He then got up and started walking towards a tool box.

"Spyke?" Samantha said hoping he would recognize her.

"Huh?" Spyke turned around and continued walking. "Boss, ack!" Spyke trips and falls over a medapart causing him to fall and throw the tool he had in his hands into the air. The object then flies towards Samantha and hits her on the head. She staggers around a bit.

" know what? That hurt..." Samantha falls. Amazingly enough, Alexandra who was still in Samantha's arms was still asleep even after all that commotion.


"Sam? Are you, ok?" A familiar voice says suddenly.

"...mmm, what happened?" Samantha asked. She started seeing a blurry figure in front of her, as it clarified she was totally surprised. "Kenichi?"

"Yea..." Kenichi's grey and worried eyes stared directly into Samantha's.

"Wh-wha-what are you doing here?" Strangely, Samantha felt happy, as if she had forgotten everything he had done to her.

"...I came here for you. I'm so sorry for what I had done to you, when I realized that I wasn't happy with my fiancÚ I came running back to you. Let's move back to our old home and you can stop living in this apartment." Kenichi offered with a warm smile.

"Huh?" Samantha looks around her surroundings, she was in her apartment. 'How'd the heck did I get here?'

"What's wrong?" Kenichi looked strangely at Samantha.

"...oh, nothing." Samantha then decided to forget how she got there and stared straight into Kenichi's eyes, they were confused and worried at the same time.

"Well, anyways, I was hoping you'd forgive me." Kenichi said hopefully.


"I understand, what I had done was unforgivable, I just thought that maybe..." Kenichi trails off.

"Uh, no! I forgive you." Samantha said almost immediately. "Just don't ever do that to me again!" Samantha grumbled loudly and angrily. "I'd have the right mind to start slap you so hard that your head would roll off!"

"...Right." Kenichi said with a weak smile.

"I'm just glad your back..." Samantha stares lovingly at Kenichi's eyes who stares back. The two start getting closer and closer until their lips begin to touch. Samantha puts her arms around him, her heart starting to flutter with happiness and excitement as her lips continued to
softly kiss the love of her life.

"Wow, boss! I had no idea you liked me this much!" The calm soothing voice of Kenichi suddenly turned into a goofy voice.

"Huh?" Samantha opens her eyes immediately, her deep emerald eyes filled with confusion. The person whom she was kissing wasn't Kenichi but someone else. "Spyke!?! Ack!!" Samantha pushes Spyke away from her and starts rubbing her mouth and starts spitting. "I officially hate

"That bonk on the head affected her more than I thought..." Erika said, this time she was holding Alexandra who was still sleeping.

"What'd you dream?" Sloan asked.

"...nothing." Samantha says in a low bitter voice, her face turned beet red and she was once again in the store where she had found Sloan and

"Dang, this girl can sleep!" Erika remarked. "She can slobber too..." Erika looks at her wet shoulder. "Well it's getting dark, I think we should go to my house before it gets too dark."

"I guess so." Samantha feels her head where she had been hit. There was a bump on it.

" uuuh, boss." Spyke was red as a tomato. "Your going to the reunion that we were invited to go two days from now...right?"


"Well I was wondering maybe, if possibly..."

"Of course she'd love too!!!!" Erika said suddenly. 'I'll play match maker for awhile.' Erika thought. She started to giggle a bit.

"What?!" Samantha stared angrily at Erika. "Why?"

"I think it's a great idea!!" Peppercat then said getting the idea. "It's a good way to 'forget'!"

"But-but-" Samantha was about to protest.

"Great! I'll uuuh pick you up at um 5:30?" Spyke says blushing.

"...great, yea, whatever..." Samantha says lamely.

"Cool!!!" Spyke says happily.

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