Reunions Can Be Scary

by Alexis


Chapter 4


"*knock, knock!*" There was a knock on Erika's door the next morning.


"Who is it?" Erika walked up to the door with a huge coffee mug in her hand . She slightly opens the door, peeks outside, and behind it was Spyke. "Oh, hey, Spyke!"


", boss there?" Spyke asked shyly.


"Yea, she's here. But she hasn't gotten up from bed yet, why don't you come in?" Erika opens the door and lets Spyke enter. "Let me teach you a couple of things before I head off to work!"


"Like what?" Spyke asked with a confused look on his face.


"Well, first what're are you doing here?"


"I was hoping I would be able to see Boss."


"First off, call her by her original name, Samantha. Second take her out somewhere and third don't do anything I wouldn't do, and..." Erika keeps on going with her advice so Spyke wouldn't screw things up.


"............" Spyke stares at Erika. All he was hearing was blah, blah- blah, blah, blah blaaaaaah, blah-blah-blah!


"...and that's that! If you do all that, then your on your way to romance!" Erika says happily. "Now don't forget all that I have told you ok?"


"....uuuuuh, ok."


"*Yaaaaawn!* What's with all the jibber jabber?" Samantha walks in. She obviously had barely gotten up. "Your talking woke me up."


"Oh, sorry. But look! You have a guest! It's Spyke!" Erika presents Spyke hoping that Samantha would be thrilled.


"...oh, good morning. So, do you have a newspaper I can read?" Samantha scratches her head and slowly walks into the kitchen to find herself some breakfast.


"No...but Spyke would like to take you to Lotus Park...! Right, Spyke?" Erika looks at Spyke, he had no idea what the hec was going. All he had heard were the words 'Lotus Park'. Spyke has a blank face and doesn't respond. After awhile, Erika jabs Spyke in the ribs with her elbow.




"Take her to Lotus Park!" Erika says in a low growl so only Spyke could hear.


"...oh, uh, right!" Spyke says, while being slightly intimidated by Erika. "Samantha, I was wondering if you could-"


"The reunions tomorrow, Spyke." Samantha then says vaguely while she puts a toast in her mouth.


"No, well, I was just thinking if you would like to go with me to Lotus Park. It's been a long time since we've been there together."


"...yea, sure, I guess so. Hey, Alexandra, Peppercat! C'mon lets go, we're going to a park." Samantha yells into her room.


"Reawy? Coowal!" Alexandra comes running into the room with an exited look on her cute and round face filled with energy. "I wanna pway on the swings and on the swide and other stuff!"


"...." Peppercat pops her head into the, it seemed like she was busy doing something since she had a broom in her hand. "Hello, Spyke. Are you going to accompany us to the park?"


"I'm taking you!" Spyke said, with a little bit of disappointment in his voice, he was hoping he could take Samantha to the park by himself.


"That's nice. I could use a break from cleaning." Peppercat puts the broom away. Then Erika runs to Peppercat and whispers something into her ear parts, a slight mischievous look begins to sparkle in the cat types eyes and looks like she's more ready to leave. "....ok! Lets go!"


"What did she tell you?" Samantha says as she grabs Alexandra and holds her up in her arms.


"Nothing special."



~Lotus Park~



"I wanna go on the swings!" Alexandra jumps out of Samantha's grasp and runs to the swings.


"Alex! Wait." Samantha says as while she gets ready to go after Alexandra. Peppercat stops her.


"She's just going to play on the swings...I'll watch her for you! You just relax and talk to Spyke!" Peppercat suggests. She then runs off before Samantha even has a chance to agree with this decision.


"Wanna walk?" Spyke offers.


"Yea, sure. By the way, I thought you had work today."


"I let Sloan handle it!"


"Oh, ok."



~At Sloan's home~



"...hmm, for some reason I have this feeling that I'm supposed to be somewhere. Ah well, I'm going for a bowl of ice cream!" Sloan gets up from his couch and heads to the fridge.



~At the shop~



"What! The shops not supposed to be closed today! Oh, Spyke...where could you be?" A woman in her late 20's says. She had short black hair, huge glasses that had those circles in them, and she had a long-sleeved white sweater, with a black skirt that was a couple of inches below the knee. "I'm going to look for you, my love!" The woman says out loud and takes off.



~Back at Lotus Park~



"This place brings back memories..." Samantha stretches her arms out and looks at the scenery before her and smiles at some of the nice memories she had in this park.


"Memories? Oh, you mean the memories about the nose incident?"


".....No! Of course not! And anyways that was in a different park!" Samantha blushes with embarrassment at that memory that she really tried to forget.


"Weee!" While Spyke and Samantha were reminiscing. Alexandra was having the time of her life swinging high up in the swing. "I wanna go to the swide!" Alexandra jumps off high in the air and gracefully lands on her feet and takes off running.


"Wait Alex!" Peppercat chases after Alexandra, but since she hadn't done anything athletic over the past years, her medaparts didn't function as well as it used to, so of course, she lost Alexandra. "Uh, oh...Samantha's going to kill me!" Peppercat starts running to the slide where she said Alex would be but she wasn't there. That's when the panic struck Peppercat. "Oh, no!"


While Peppercat was frantically looking for Alexandra, the same woman that was at the Meda Parts and Repair store was running down the sidewalk. She turns around to find Spyke and Samantha walking together, she noticed Spyke was blushing and was very happy.


"Gasp! How could he do this to me? Me, Melissa?" Melissa clutches her heart as if someone had grabbed a hammer and smashed her heart filled with love to pieces. "Why does this always have to happen to me?" She stares back at Spyke and Samantha with eyes full of tears. "Revenge..." She growls under her breath. She then takes off.


"Uuum, Boss?" Spyke says. As he was preparing to say what he wanted to say this whole time, he turned completely red. "Well, before you met Kenichi, I've been wanting to tell you something..."


"Yea?" Spyke had Samantha's complete attention. "By the way just call me Samantha...I hate being called boss."


"Right, well, I've been wanting to tell you that I-" Spyke gets cut off by Peppercat.


"Bo-I mean Samantha!" Peppercat runs as fast as her not-so-functional leg parts could take her.


"What is Peppercat?" Samantha turns her head away from Spyke. "Is something wrong? Where's Alexandra?" Samantha says while frantically looking for her daughter everywhere, hoping that she was just hiding behind a tree or boulder.


"That's the problem...I lost her." Peppercat lowers her head in shame. "I'm so sorry! She just took off and I needed a tune up! And she said she'd be at the slide but she wasn't there and I didn't know what to do! And..." Peppercat starts making all these excuses, hoping that everything would be ok if she did.


"WHAT!!!!!?" Samantha's eyes widen with anticipation and fear. "Well, don't just stand there! Help me look for Alexandra!!!" Samantha takes off running into a random direction.


Spyke lowers his head sadly. But then brightens up. 'I'll tell her next time!' Spyke thinks and then takes off to help with the search.


'I think I'm wost...' Alexandra thought. 'I think I'll cry 'till someone helps me.' Alexandra breaths in and starts to cry and wail. "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" Alexandra had wandered out of the park and into a store. The store was called the 24 Hop Mart. "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! Where's my mommy!!!???" Alexandra runs in and starts a huge commotion.


"...sorry, kid, we don't sell mommy's." A teen says from the counter. "But maybe you would like a this 15 dollar toy here."


"I want my moooooooommy!!!" Alexandra keeps on crying.


"What's with all the commotion." The manager runs in. "Maya, what's wrong with the kid?"


"I don't know, Henry! I'm not a mind reader."


"She's saying she wants her mom..."


"Well, I already told her we don't sell moms! There's nothing I can do about that, HENRY!!!"


"....sheesh, it doesn't take a genius to figure it out." Henry walks up to Alexandra with a sympathetic look on his face. "Hey, kid."


" you know where my mom is?"


"No...but I can help you if you describe her to me."


"I don' know."


"You don't know how she looks like?"




"Well tell me..."


"Are you a stranger?" Alexandra says.


"...well, I guess I am..." Henry strangely looks at Alexandra with both a mixture of concern and confusion.


".....uuuuh." Alexandra starts experiencing a flashback.






"And remember kids! When you see a stranger don't talk to him...instead run away!" The tv show for little kids announces. "Yea, strangers can hurt or kidnap you! And you don't want that!" A green puppet warns to the tiny viewers on the other side of the screen.


"Stranger are bad..." Alexandra says.


"And if the stranger starts chasing you then yell as loud as you can and help will come on the way!"



~end of flashback~



"Aaaaaah!" Alexandra takes off running and runs out of the store.


"No wait kid! You can't run into the street like that!" Henry begins to chase her, scaring the poor toddler even more.


"Moooooommy!" Alexandra runs back to the park. "Aaaaaaah!!!" Alexandra runs into Peppercat. "Peppahcat! Attack!"


"? Right!" Peppercat starts her electric shocker. "...huh?" Peppercat stops right in front of Henry before she lays one electrical shock through the poor managers body. "Henry?"




"You're lucky I recognized you there! I would've sent a 200 volts of electricity through your body!" Peppercat says cheerfully.


"Right..." Henry gulps and forces a smile. "Nice knowing you're here...eheheheh." Henry tries to keep a straight face on.


"Where's mommy?"


"Over there looking for you. Let me lead you to her!" Peppercat and Alexandra start walking towards Samantha. "Wanna come, Henry?"


" thanks. I have a job to get to." Henry starts walking back. 'I saw my life flash before my eyes!'




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