Reunions Can Be Scary

by Alexis


Chapter 5

"Mommy!" Alexandra happily runs to her dear and beloved mother with much enthusiasm. "I was so scared!" Alexandra hugs her mother's leg.

"It's ok now..." Samantha says relieved. She bends down gives her daughter a loving hug. "Don't disappear on me like that...ok?"

"Ok..." Alexandra promises while she hugs her mom back.

"And Peppercat...we need to get you a tune up! I can't have you taking care of Alexandra like that!" Samantha gives a light glare at her medabot even though she knew it was her fault.

"...well, that's not exactly my fault, now is it?" Peppercat crosses her squeaky arms and gives her boss a slightly impatient look.

"That's true..." Samantha smiles and scratches the back of her head.

"Hey, I'll give Peppercat a tune up!" Spyke offers immediately after that short conversation between the master and medabot. "I'll do it for free also!"

"Really? You'd do that for me?" Samantha looked at Spyke with a surprised look on her face. It had been a long time that she had been pampered like this and so she was no longer used to the little things Spyke and Sloan did that had spoiled her silly. "...just don't do anything that'll mess up Peppercat!"

"I won't!"

"...I don't know." Peppercat said a little hesitantly. The thought of Spyke, 'the one who always messes up', sent Peppercat chills up and down her tin pet.

"Don't worry! I even worked on Brass and she told me she felt like a brand new medabot!" Spyke brags with an incredibly proud tone in his voice.

"Still...I don't know. She probably got lucky." Peppercat still felt hesitant.

"Just give him a chance, Peppercat!" Samantha then said. "I mean if he does mess up your body we can just buy a new one!"

"That's easy for you to say!" Peppercat said while she put her arms around her metal body. "Do you even have the money for it?"

"Uuuh, maybe." Samantha thinks for a minute. "Well, if I don't, I can always wait for our next child support check to come in!"

"Oh, bo-erm Sam." Peppercat puts both of her paws on her waist and then sighs. "Well, I'll think about it..."

"Ok, so, Spyke. We still have all day...where do you want to take us?" Samantha looks at Spyke optimistically.

"Huh? I don't're the one who usually makes the decisions." Spyke scratches his head. "Well..." Spyke gets into his thinking position.

"Ice kweam shop!!!" Alexandra points to a nearby ice cream shop with the most happiest look on her face ever. "I wanna go there! I want ice cream!"

" about a different-" Samantha was about to protest but Spyke starts joining into the excitement.

"Alright!! Great idea Alex! I want ice cream too! And I'll pay!" Spyke says while sharing the same enthusiasm with Alexandra.

"...Spyke, tell me how old are you...mentally?" Peppercat stares at Spyke strangely.

"28, of course! C'mon lets go!" Spyke starts dragging Samantha over there. "I haven't eaten ice cream there in while now."

"But Spyke!" Samantha said in protest. "I don't want to go to there! I don't want Alex to get all hyper on me!"

"Oh, c'mon! It'll be fun! Just like old time, eh?" Spyke drags the protesting Samantha inside. "We would always come in here for ice cream!"

"...I guess." Samantha felt a wave of all sorts of memories wash all over her as she entered. 'I hate this place...' Samantha thought as she remembered that one fateful day.

"What ice cream do you want?" Spyke turns to everyone. "I'll have vanilla."

"Chocowate!!! With sprinkwy's!!!" Alexandra says exited.

"...Strawberry I guess." Samantha looks around dully.

"Coming right up!" The lady starts getting everyone's ice cream cones.

While everyone is waiting for the desert, Samantha sits down in a seat and rests her chin on one of her palms. It took her awhile to realize that this was the same seat on that day she met 'him'.


"Mmmm, strawberry ice cream! And it's especially delicious when you have it all to yourself!" A 16 year old Samantha says. She was slowly licking her sprinkle covered ice cream cone. Samantha looked almost completely different in this time. She had on a black jacket with sleeves rolled up to the elbow, a baby blue shirt, with black pants, and she had her waist long hair in a high pony tail.

"Sorry ma'am! You forgot to pay!" A lady in her late 30's says.

"Yea, and what else is new?" Samantha stares coldly at the lady while she continued eating.

"...well, it comes to $3.50." The middle-aged lady felt uncomfortable with the stare the teen in front of her was giving her. She already knew Samantha's reputation for being the leader of the most notorious gang in all of the city. 'I'm just gonna have to be tough.' She thought.

"...ok." Samantha then shrugs starts digging through her pockets. She then takes out 50 cents. "Uh-oh. That's all I have.

"...well, I guess we have a problem here, now don't we?" The woman glares evilly at Samantha. This Time Sam was the one who felt uncomfortable. "Looks like I'm gonna-" The woman gets cut off by someone.

"I'll pay for her!" A boy with light brown hair pops out of nowhere. He had on long sleeved blue shirt, with some black pants that were a little baggy. "I'll pay for her! Someone as cute as her doesn't deserve to do whatever this place makes non-payers do!"

"Right...she owes $3.50." The woman stares at the guy for awhile as he began to dig through his pants for some money. His gray eyes slightly twinkle when he finally finds something and takes out it's contents. "Here's $3 dollars..."

"I'll take the 50 cents and you're free to go!" The lady grabs the 50 cents that Samantha put on the table and leaves.

"She's scary looking!" The boy sits next to Samantha and grabs a spoon and puts some of his ice cream on it.

"....." Samantha stared at him. No one had ever paid for her. Especially a complete stranger, it made her overlook the fact that he didn't pay for the whole thing.

".......uuum, so what's your name?" The boy started feeling uncomfortable with Samantha just staring at him.

"Samantha, your?"

"Kenichi...when you mean Samantha, you mean Samantha, the leader of the Screws gang?"

"Yea, you have a problem with that?"

"No, not really. So how come you aren't with your gang?"

"I, too, need some alone time."

"Oh, so you want me to go?" Kenichi was about to get up.

"No, you can stay." Samantha was starting to get that warm fuzzy feeling that makes you smile, and that's what she did, smile. She keeps on staring at Kenichi.

"What? Is there something on my face?"

"No..." Samantha gave out a small giggle.

"...hey, I'm kind of new here and I was wondering if you could show me around." Kenichi says hopefully. "I'm going to school at RiverTime High school and I don't want to get lost while getting there."

"Really? I'm going there, too! C'mon, I'll show you around!" Samantha gets up and leads Kenichi out of the shop. But before she does that, Kenichi grabs the spoon he put his ice cream on bends it backwards and aims right at the middle-aged lady that had taken his money.

"Ready. Aim. Fire!"


"RUN!!" Kenichi pushes a surprised Samantha right out the door and they run down the street laughing.

~end of flashback~

"Samantha? Hello! Your ice cream is melting, what's wrong?" Peppercat snaps Samantha out of her deep thought. "You don't like melted ice cream. I advise that you eat it now."

"Oh, yea, thanks." Samantha ate her ice cream. '...I wish I hadn't met Kenichi.' Samantha thought. 'Then I wouldn't be going through all this grief...'

"Well, now that we all finished our ice cream I was thinking we could go-" Spyke gets cut off by Samantha.

"Home!" Samantha gets up from her spot. "Let's go back to Erika's house." Samantha makes her way out of the shop followed by everyone.

"Why? I was hoping to spend all day with you..." Spyke sounded a little hurt at the fact that his boss didn't want to be with him anymore. "Maybe we could go see a movie?"

" I just want to go back." Samantha says with her back faced towards Spyke.

"Oh, c'mon! We haven't even spent half of the day together!" Spyke wines and begins to pout.

"We can spend the rest of the day together tomorrow."

"But, it won't be as much fun!"

"It'll be more fun."

"No it won't"

"Yes it will!" Samantha almost yells. That shut up Spyke.

"...ok, I'll take you home." Spyke sadly leads the way to Erika's house.

"I'm not really in the mood to go back to Erika's yet." Peppercat suddenly says.

"Really? Me too!" Spyke cheers up and completely forgets about the fact that Samantha wanted to go home.

"But-" Samantha begins.

"Great! So where do you think we should go next?" Peppercat says.

"Hey, I know! We should go to the-" Spyke gets cut off by someone far off.

"HEY YOU!! The chic with the long hair!" This voice sounded pretty angry.

"Huh?" Samantha turns around. It was that woman with the huge glasses. "What do you want?"

"I want a robattle!" The girl gets into her robattle fighting position.

"No thanks...I haven't robattled in a long time." Samantha says in a sigh. She looks at her group and notices someone missing from it.

"Sorry, you can't reject me." She smiles evilly.

"Why not?" Samantha says in a growl.

"She's your daughter right?" The woman then points to her medabot that was next to her. The medabot was holding someone hostage and had her mouth covered up to keep her from making any loud noises.

"Alexandra!!" Samantha says in a high pitched panicked voice. "Give me my daughter back!"

"Not until you decide to robattle me!"

"...alright then! Peppercat!" Samantha gets ready to robattle.

"Then it's agreed!" Mr. Referee pops out of the ice cream shop with an ice cream in his hand. "I hereby declare this an official robattle! Medafighter's ready? Rooooooobattle!!!"


Mr. Referee: Will, Samantha win this robattle? How did this woman get a hold of Alexandra? What exactly does the workers at the ice cream shop do to non-payers? Will Alexis make another chapter that is longer? Find out about this and more next time on medabots!


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