Reunions Can Be Scary

by Alexis


Chapter 6


"Ready? Rooooooba-" Mr. Referee gets cut off.


"Wait!" The woman says. "I, Melissa, want to say something." Everyone stares at Melissa. "If I win, I want her..!" Melissa angrily points at Samantha. "To leave town, and never come back!"


"...and I if I win, I want you to..." Samantha starts thinking. " give me double the times the child support that I get monthly and that she'll never bother me, my friends, and family ever again!"


Being overconfident at the fact that she would win, Melissa agrees to this. "Fine."


"Ok, then it's agreed!" Mr. Referee yells out."Ready?!" Both Samantha and Melissa nod their heads.


"Dr. Bokenfire!!" Melissa commands her medabot to get ready. It kind of looked like Dr. Bokchoy, but this one was highlighted red, didn't have that hat, and was way more powerful.



                                                Dr. Bokenfire-BKO Type medabot


                                                            Owner: Melissa


                                                Specialty: Fire punch/Self Heal



"Ok, you know the rules! Medabots ready?" Mr. Referee looks at the medafighters. They nod saying that they needed no more time to prepare "Rooooooobattle!!!!" Mr. Referee lowers his hand from the air signaling the beginning of the robattle.


"Boken! Attack mode A!!" Melissa calls out to her medawatch. Dr. Bokenfire's claw like hands start to light up with a bright red.


"...Peppercat, shock attack!!" Samantha looked pretty nervous. 'I haven't robattled in such a long time...I hope I can still robattle as good as I used to...'


"Heheh..." Melissa snickers. "Now!" As Peppercat was about to do her shock attack Dr. Bokenfire counters with a fire punch to Peppercat's right arm causing her shocker to cease function. "There's no way she can win now." Melissa says under her breath. "Fire punch her again! And this time finish it!"


"Peppercat! Evasive mode!" Samantha says. Her forehead begins to sweat.


"Fire punch!" Dr. Bokenfire's hands light up again then turn to fire.


"Mewrow!" Peppercat dodges the attack and then jumps behind Dr. Bokenfire and uses her left arm to punch the back of the head of Boken.


"90% Function ceasing is imminent." Melissa's watch warned.


"Dr. Bokenfire! Evade mode H!" Melissa ordered. Dr. Bokenfire's head starts to glow. The 90% damage soon reduced to 80 then 70 and so on.


"Keep on attacking Peppercat!" Samantha ordered. Peppercat starts punching Dr. Bokenfire's head while he kept on healing himself.


"Haha! There's no way your going to hurt him! His healing system isn't even there! Just give up! Dr. Bokenfire will just keep on healing himself!" Melissa laughs out with overconfidence.


"No way!" Samantha shouted back. 'He's healing faster than he is being damaged...oooh, what should I do?' Samantha looked as if she was about ready to give up. 'No, I can't think this way. There has to be a way to win...there just has to be! Oh, Alexadra...'


"...oooh, sparkwy!!" Alexandra who was just watching the robattle points to something shiny in the lower back of Dr. Bokenfire.


'...I didn't notice that.' Samantha thought, while she just barely noticed the glowing spot in the lower part of the enemy medabot. "Peppercat aim for the lower back!"


"Right!" Peppercat then stops her jabs towards the head and right kicks the shining object.


"Healing drive's function has ceased." Melissa's watch declared.


"No!!" Melissa widens her eyes in horror, that's when Melissa notices something. "Dr. Bokenfire! She's wide open!"


"Right!" Dr. Bokenfire starts his fire puncher and right punches Peppercat to the head causing a dent on the poor medabot.


"Warning, 95% damage, function ceasing is imminent." Samantha's watched warned.


"You better give up now if you want your medabot to be in one piece!" Melissa said with a huge smirk on her face.


"Peppercat aim for the head again! And give it all you got." Samantha commanded to her medawatch. If she was going to lose she was going to lose trying.


"...ur, right!" Peppercat raises her left arm and hits Dr. Bokenfire as hard as she could hit him. Dr. Bokenfire falls down.


"Warning 90% damage, function ceasing is imminent." Melissa stares at her watch and she starts thinking hard on what to do.


"...darn. Peppercat is already starting to lose her energy. I'm a little more rusty than I thought." Samantha starts thinking hard on what to do on her next move. 'If I tell Peppercat to hit him again, then there's a chance that he might counter but if I don't do anything...' Samantha then spots something. "Peppercat go up that tree!"


"Huh?" Peppercat is at first a little confused at first but then sees that sparkle in her medafighter's eye. "Right!" Peppercat runs as fast as her squeaky and rusty medaparts could take her.


"Don't let her get away!" Melissa commanded into her medawatch. Dr. Bokenfire then starts chasing Peppercat and begins catching up to her. "Do your fire punch move again!" Dr. Bokenfire's claw like hands once again start lighten up. "Now!"


"Urragh!" Boken's flaming punch start to fly towards Peppercat.


"Mewrow!" Peppercat climbs up the tree making Boken hit the tree. "Reow!!" Peppercat jumps off from a branch and kicks Boken to the ground.


"Function ceased." Melissa's watch declared.


"Function ceased! And the winner is...Peppercat!!" Mr. Referee waves his hand towards Samantha. "Now, choose one medapart from the loser."


"I-I lost..." Melissa falls to her knees. "B-but I couldn't have...I had it all carefully planned could I lose? There was no way..." Melissa keeps on talking to herself while her eyes full of tears begins washing down cheeks.


"Mommy!" Alexandra, who had been watching from the sidelines, runs to Samantha and embraces her. "I was scared!"


"I'm sure you were. I'm never letting you out of my sight again! I don't know what I'd do if I let anything happen to you." Samantha says. A couple of tears fall down her cheeks as if something really did happen to her daughter. She then remembers something and looks up. "...Peppercat?" Samantha stares at her beat up medabot.


"Yea..." Peppercat says with barely any energy. She began limping towards her small family while holding onto her arm.


"Come here..." Samantha opens her right arm wide open, letting Peppercat to continue to walk on over there and fall into her medafighters embracement. Samantha then pushes the ejection button and grabs Peppercat's medal and places it into her medawatch. "I'm giving you a tune up. You desperately need one!"


"...You're going to do it right, right?" Peppercat says hopefully from her medawatch imprisonment.


"Nope! I'm going to let Spyke do it! The only thing I remember what to do is to polish and clean you! And I really can't pass up a free tune up!" Samantha says happily to her medawatch.


"Right!" Spyke grabs Peppercats body. "I'll leave her like a new medabot! I don't screw up as often as I used to!"


"...that really helps." Peppercat says sarcastically. "Don't mess up my body, ok?"


"Don't worry! You'll be begging for another tune up after I'm done with your body!" Spyke guaranteed.


"Well, we're going home before anything else happens." Samantha says. She had Alexandra in her arms. "Lets go back to Erika's."


"Wait a minute! Spyke! I love you! Help me!" Melissa then runs to Spyke. "I can't let this happen to me!" Melissa grabs onto Spyke's legs.


"Hey, let go of me!" Spyke tries to shake her off. "I don't know you!"


"What?" Melissa lets go. "Y-Y-You don't know me?" Melissa looked incredibly hurt at this. "But I go to your store everyday! I'm the reason why you're still in business!"


"Really?" Spyke said with surprise. "I guess that explains why you looked kind of familiar."


"Kind of familiar?" Melissa let another wave of tears fall down. "You mean after all these years you don't even remember me?"


"I'm afraid not."


"Don't blame him. He forgets everything." Samantha blurts out. "Now, when would be a for you to pay me my money?"


"I don't forget least I don't forget about your needs, Sam." Spyke scratches his head and looks thoughtful.


"...c'mon." Samantha turns around. "I hate seeing nerds cry." Even after she had said this, she looks over at Melissa who was still letting a gushful of tears fall.


"Ok." Spyke puts Peppercat's body on his shoulder. "I'm ready when you are!"


"I'm sweepy." Alexandra starts to fall asleep in her mothers arms. "Goo'nigh'."


"Nooooo! Spyke don't leave me!" Melissa holds her hand out to him as he turned and left the scene. " life is ruined."


That's when a cute boy behind her whistles at the whole scene and comes to her aid. Melissa turns around and sees him and it looks like love at first sight.


"Poor you..." The boy smiles and helps Melissa up.


"Yeah..." Melissa begins to drool and starts freaking the cute guy out.



~Erika's house~



"Finally, I can't wait to get to bed!" Samantha opens the door, goes to the guest room and puts Alexandra to bed.


"Bye, boss! I'll pick you up tomorrow!" Spyke waves and leaves, leaving an annoyed Samantha behind. Sam took it that he forgot to call her by her real name again.


"...oh, well." Samantha prepares to go to sleep and gets into bed. 'Erika sure is taking a long time to get home. I guess she found a real good news story today.' Samantha then closed her eyes letting the pale moonlight envelope her and her surroundings. An open window, that was right across her room had let the song of many crickets and the cold and humid air enter the room. All of these things sent Samantha into a deep sleep.



~Dream world~



"Heehee!" A 17 year-old Samantha giggled as she was being leaded somewhere. "You better not make me fall or else your really going to get it!" Samantha said playfully. She had her eyes covered with a bright green handkerchief.


"Don't worry! I wouldn't do anything happen to you on your birthday!" Kenichi ensures. He had one arm around Samantha's waist and the other was holding Samantha's hand. "Ok, you can look now."


"...oh, my." The lights were completely turned off. The only thing illuminating the room were three candles on a table. The table was filled with rice balls, noodles, heart shaped brownies, shitake mushrooms, octopus balls, and a nice hot bowl of miso soup.


"Do you like it? I you would a romantic dinner. I know you're not really the mushy type but it was the only thing I could think of on your birthday."


"I don't like it. I love it! It all looks so romantic...and delicious." Samantha starts getting hearts in her eyes as she begins licking her lips. "Just like I've always dreamed just forgot the teriyaki chicken but that's ok!"


"Really?" Kenichi looks up happily, then grabs Samantha's hand and sits her down on the right side of the table and then sits to the opposite side of her. "I made all of this took me all day long! I hope you like it." Kenichi says sincerely. Sam, picks up a spoon and tastes the soup, she suddenly looks like as if she was going to barf.


"..." Samantha forces herself to swallow. "...its good." Samantha was completely surprised by her lie. Normally she would have just told him that it tasted awful and that they should order Chinese.


"Really? Cause when I tasted it I thought I was going to throw up! I'm glad you like it." Kenichi then goes for a brownie. "You know, as much as I like our friendship...I was hoping that know...we become a little more than just friends." Kenichi looks down, he was completely red.


'Yes!' Samantha thought happily. 'This day has finally come!' Samantha breathed in. 'I knew if I waited a little longer that maybe...just maybe things would go my way!' Samantha then prepared for her answer. "...of course I want to become more than just friends!"


"Wow, really? Your not kidding with me right?" Kenichi looked totally surprised. "I mean I was expecting a no. I mean the way you would always easily get mad at me and that kind of stuff for all the things that I've done to you on accidents..."


"It's ok. As long as you don't do it again."


"Ok!" Kenichi then gives out a sigh. "My friends would always tell me what the heck was I doing hanging out with you...they would always introduce me to different girls but for some odd reason...even with all the things you've done to me I always came back to you."


"..." Samantha didn't know what to say. It was true that sometimes she would treat him like she does with Spyke or Slaon, but she was always a little more nicer to him. But that also reminded her that it's been awhile since she last hanged out with Spyke and Sloan. Matter of fact ever since Kenichi made himself known all Sam had been doing was make Spyke and Sloan go away so she could have Kenichi to herself.


"What's wrong?" Kenichi noticed Samantha looking a little...depressed.


"Nothing. I just noticed how much I've been neglecting my two most loyal friends." Samantha then sighs.


"I see. Well, never mind that come over here." Kenichi motions to his lap.


"Huh?" Samantha then looks at Kenichi with a surprised look on her face. He just put aside her sadness, he didn't even try to console her! ", I was hoping you'd make me feel better!"


"Well, what do you want me to say?"


"Something that'll make me feel better!" Samantha stands up angrily.


"Wait a minute...where are you going?"


"I'm going to find Spyke and Sloan! And by the way, your food SUCKS!!! I've never tasted anything so horrible in my LIFE!!! And by the way, you should go get one!" Samantha begins to stomp away.


"You can't talk to me like that! I'm your boyfriend now!" Kenichi gets up and starts following her. He had an angry look that Samantha had never seen.


"Well, I just did! And you are NOT my boyfriend!" Samantha opens the door. "I can't believe I said yes to you!"


"You mean we're breaking up? We haven't even been a couple for one minute! Please just give me one more chance!" Kenichi's look soon changed. He grabbed Samantha's wrist to prevent her from leaving.


"..." Samantha turned around and looked at Kenichi's repented look. Samantha got that weird feeling again. It really amazed her at how easily she forgave Kenichi. One more chance wouldn't hurt, right? " more chance!" Samantha's look softened up a little. "Now c'mon! I wanna tell Sloan and Spyke that we're a couple now! But I'll have you know that I'm still angry at you!" Samantha smirks at her last comment.


"Alright!" Kenichi said. "I think I know at what place they hang out at this time!" Kenichi grabs Samantha's hand and takes off. After that they had very little arguments and when they did Sam easily forgave Kenichi and gave him another chance. This went on and on until they moved away together and had Alexandra. After that things started to change...



~end of dream~



"Waaaaake uuuup!!!" A voice suddenly said.


"Huh?" Samantha opens one eye. She had one serious look on her.


"Why do you look like that? You should be happy and be bursting with joy!!" The voice turned out to be Erika.


"...why?" Samantha says as she squints at the morning suns rays.


"As if you don't know! Today's the big day!"


"Stop talking in riddles."


"Miss. Erika is talking about the reunion! It's today!" Brass announces.


End of Chap. 6


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