One Thing Always Leads to Another

by Ebon Dragon


Disclaimer: I don't own Medabots or any of the characters but I do own Deacon, Kirsty, Archon, Jordan, Leo and Josh


This story is told from the point of view of a KBT Type Medabot called Deacon


Chapter 1; the departure


7:05pm, UK, London, Gatwick airport, Departure lounge 5

"What? No way……… Our flights been cancelled?" 

"Uhhhh, Yeah that's what the announcer said" 

"So what will we do in the meantime?" 

"Well I guess we wait till the next flight besides its getting dark now" 

"When will that be?" 

"About another day" 

"Ok so what now?" 

"Well I take it that we have to either stay here or find a hotel for the night" 

"I think we should stay here we don't have to pay then" 

"Get your feet off the seats! Other people have to sit down as well!" 

"Try and stop me!" 

The two kids start chasing each other around the departure lounge, One was a tall fourteen year old girl with brown hair with blond streaks running through her hair one at either side, brown eyes and a small pendant around her neck. The clothes she was wearing were all black; her top had two dragons on it, one green, one yellow intertwining around each other and the symbol of balance, the yin-yang.  

The younger nine year old boy who was acting tough but wasn't really that tough as he made out to be, he was wearing a black leather jacket that was unzipped so that you could see a blue t-shirt underneath it, he had baggy blue jeans on that covered his shoes so that only the tips were showing. His hair was light brown and he had blue eyes. 

"Stop that you two," Said a sarcastic Medabot voice, the Medabot that said that was sat reading the paper, come on reading the PAPER!!! Oh sorry, anyways the Medabot some what resembled a bird in the since that the wings of the bird would have been this bots big shoulder guards, it had very short legs but then what bot would need them with the airo part its got that looks like a red diamond, on its arms there are big cannons, plasma cannons. The head on this bot looked big but its only the helmet it wears on this helmet there it a point and two diamonds looking things on the sides. 

"Why should I?" Said the boy 

"Don't get sarcastic with me Jordan" the Medabot said in reply 

"Me sarcastic, I wish Archon" Jordan said 'sarcastically' as he stood up on the chairs 

"Look Jordan, get down now, before the security comes" Said the girl 

"Yeah they'll come all right," He said as he lowered his arms 

"Good, now ge…" 

"Come for you Kirsty!!" He sharply cut in, Kirsty sat down next to Archon and let Jordan jump around and sure enough he tired himself out. 

"Tired yet?" She asked  

"Yeap" He said as he let out a big puff of air and then lay down. 

Then there's me, I'm a KBT type Medabot but some people don't think so because of what I look like and I'm not so sure either sometimes, I'll give you a description of myself, well lets see… right I have the usual look of a KBT type but with one distinct difference, well I say one more like six, the first one being that I'm a dark green not yellow, secondly you don't see many other KBT's walking around with a tail do you (But then these days you don't see many walking round much anyway) unlike me, thirdly on the back of my feet parts there are these strange jet black, three pronged… claws which I have an idea what they're for, fourthly next to my medal compartment there are two red rectangles with lines leading from them down to wards the ground, the lines stop near the top of my tail, fifthly most people over look that I'm a girl not a boy Medabot and sixth just above my vision sensor I have this annoying shade like off one of those baseball caps but it has two teeth right at the end corners. By the way, I always wear this medallion that says 'In life no peace, in death no release' on the back but I wear it under one of those bandanna's that you wear around the neck, Anyway back to the story…  

…Kirsty then remembered that I was sitting near the window, as she waked over to me I saw her reflection in the window and turned to face her...she kept walking then stopped next to me and sat.  

"What are you looking at?" She asked 

"The star constellations" I replied 

"What one?" 

"Ok find the north star," I said as I looked out the window at it 

"Ok… got it" 

"Now go across to the stars on the left of it" 

"What, ummm there are lots of stars there Deacon" 

"Oh sorry, the ones that are a bit brighter than the rest, see them" 

"Yeah sort of, oh wait yeah" 

"Well that's the constellation Draco" 


"Now go up and you'll come to Cygnus, then up to Lacerta" 

"Do you know any others"? 

"No, but I know that these stars can only be seen from the Northern Sky" 

"That's a lot more than I know about constellations, in fact I know nothing at all about them, where did you pick this all up from?" 

"TV and magazines, also it's the time of the planetular alignment" 

"What's that mean" 

"It means that all the planets in the solar system all line up and it is so clear that you can see it in the nights sky" 

"Wow so when does this happen?" 

"In about fore days time" I said as I looked up at an landing plane, then I looked up at the nights sky and felt very lonely as to think that there was no other life out there, I gave a sigh and lowered my head to put the stars out of view.  


Next morning at the airport 

"Get off me… no, no… stay back!" *THUMP* Jordan woke up after a long night of sleep talking, after falling off the chairs he sat bolt up right and looked around to see if any one was watching, most people were eating but some stopped to see what the fuss was about. 

"Jordan you're renowned for talking in your sleep" Archon said as he folded his arms 

"What's going on?" Kirsty said in a tired manner as she had just woke up 

"Jordan fell off the chairs" I said 

"F-flight… zero five… two non-stop to… Japan is now boarding, will p-passengers for this f-flight come to gate… nine," The announcer said stuttering as this was probably a new job for him. 

"That's us," I said as I looked at Kirsty, she gave a small nod in acknowledgment  

"Jordan get up of the floor" Kirsty said as she handed him his back pack, as soon as Jordan was off the floor we walked over to gate nine, Jordan and Kirsty both stopped to look for the tickets, as I saw the plane through the window I suddenly had a feeling of dread come over me and then I realized that this was going to be my first time flying. 

"Kirsty… is flying… scary?" I said as I tugged on her top, she stopped looking for the tickets and looked down at me  

"Well its hard to say really, this is my second time flying, I know this is your first but being on a plane in no more than being in a boat or car or something like that when your on it and its in the air you cant feel it moving much, it wont be that bad" 

"Ok I guess I'll have to believe you" 

As Jordan handed the tickets in we walked down the gangway and on to the plane, the plane's insides had three seats near the window, fore seats in the middle and three seats near the other window side again, as we moved on we went through a small room then in to the next section of the plane, this on was more spaced out with two seats near the window, two seats to the of left of them and so on with small walk ways down the middle. Kirsty stopped and took off her backpack and sat down on the window side seat, so it was only natural that I sat next to her so it didn't look odd, Jordan and Archon sat in the seats in front of us. Once every one was seated two people demonstrated what to do in case of an emergency this made me feel even more unsteady. The plane moved backwards away from the airport and then to lots of large roads. 

"Kirsty what are the roads for?" 

"The roads? Ah you mean the runway, its where the plane builds up speed to take off" 


As the plane lined its self up with the edge of the runway the noises from the engine speeded up and got higher in pitch, this made me grip the seats arm rests involuntary, as the buildings out side raced past the plane started to bump around and then tilted up by just the slightest, then the bumping stopped ant the plane was moving forwards still trying to gain enough altitude. As the plane did reach the right height the seatbelt light went off an people started to walk around, I was amazed that people acted like nothing happened while here I was sitting and thinking it would be really, really bad. 

"See that wasn't so bad, was it" 

"……" I said nothing but only stared in reply at her 

"What? Ok so maybe it was just a bit, you can relax now" 

I let go of the arm rests and unbuckled the seatbelt that was holding me down, then I lent over Kirsty and looked out of the window I couldn't actually get any closer to the window as my missile launchers were in the way but I could see the ground and the towns looked so small. As the plane hit turbulence I quickly sat down again and gripped the armrest. 


Next night at the Japan main Airport  

"Welcome to Japan, have a nice stay" the passport manager said as we walked past,  

"Ok so what now?" Archon asked  

"Well we catch a cab to my cousin Leo's house" Kirsty said 

"Hey wait, isn't he that rich cousin who owns a small company that makes computers, that you keep telling me about?" I asked 

"Yeah, he is"  

"Hey check this out you guys!" Jordan shouted in disbelief "Leo sent us a stretch!" 

As me and Kirsty ran out of the doors we saw Jordan pressing his face up against the black window of the Limousine and the chauffer holding a sign with our names on it.  

"Ah you must be Leo's cousins, please get in" the chauffer opened the Limousine door; Jordan and Archon were the first to get in followed by Kirsty and me. 

"How long will it take to get to Leo's place?" Kirsty shouted down the Limousine 

"About fifteen minutes" the chauffer had to shout back.


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