One Thing Always Leads to Another

by Ebon Dragon


Disclaimer: I don't own Medabots or any of the characters but I do own Deacon, Kirsty, Archon, Jordan, Leo and Josh


Chapter 2; face-to-face


9:00am, The next morning

After Jordan and Kirsty had eaten we all set out to find out way to Riverview, I don't know how many miles we walked but sooner or later Jordan gave it to spending some money to catch a bus down there. After sitting on the bus for at least half an hour we finally came to Riverview, the hotel that we were going to stay in was called the 'Pollux Pyxis' which was the most weirdest of names. So we asked around to see if any one knew about its location but that just lead us around in circles, after that we all sat in the park talking about the robattle championships and who would win it. Some hours passed kids came and left the park and we were still sat taking about things when a girl dressed in pink dungarees and a blue t-shirt walked past us on the other side of the park with a sailor type Medabot following close behind and just behind them was a boy wearing a red polo-neck top and blue shorts with an KBT type Medabot following him. I was mostly interested in the KBT Medabot more than any thing else "Guys I'm just going to check something out" I said as I got up and walked over to the slide where I last saw them, I hid behind the slide and made shore that the kids could not see me, when I noticed that the KBT Medabot was missing and that they were still walking when the boy turned his head obviously to see where his Medabot had gone I quickly pulled my self out of his sight but as I did so I saw the KBT Medabot standing directly in front of me. 

"What are you doing?" He said in a hostile sort of way 

"What's it to you?"  

"You were spying on us" As he said this he razed his hand and pointed, to me it looked like he was razing his laser cannon so I returned the favour by lowering my head to make it look like I was willing to fire my missiles in to him. At this point he lowed his arm as he saw it must have been a threat to me and as he did so I razed my head. 

"The name's Metabee" He said as he offered to shake hands 

"Deacon, nice to meet you Metabee" I replied as I took up the offer 

"Metabee, there you are!" The boy said as he kneeled next to me "wow I've never seen a Medabot like this, you look like a KBT type" 

"Who is this?" I said as I struggled free of the boys grip 

"This is Ikki" Metabee said "Ikki this is Deacon" 

"I'm Erika and this is Brass"  

"Where did you come from?" I said  

"Never mind that," Erika said, then she pulled out a camera and took one quick pic of me. 

"Where's your Medafighter?" Ikki asked  

"I don't have a Medafighter, she's more of a friend," I said as I turned away to look at the bench where they we all sitting, they were now walking to wards us and I could see that they were looking for a robattle. 

"Hay kids what's your name?" Jordan said as he made to 'come-here' movement with his finger. Ikki then pointed to him self and got up, walked over to Jordan. 

"My names Ikki this is Metabee, Erika and Brass, why do you ask?" He said as he folded his arms. 

"I just wanted to know your names that's all, I'm Jordan this is Archon and Kirsty and I take it that you've already met Deacon" 

"Yeah, what type his he?" 

"He's a KBT type like Metabee" Kirsty said  

"Well he shore doesn't look like one, well I mean he does but the tail?" Metabee said  

"I'm not a boy type Medabot, I'm a girl," I said as I looked at Metabee. 

"Hut oh" Metabee said as he took a step backwards "But if you're a girl then why are you in a boys body?" 

"It's not" 

"Ah, never mind I said that then" Metabee said as he put his hands behind his head 

"Hey I bet Dr.Aki would like to see this!" Erika shouted, "Come on lets go and see him, that's if you don't mind Kirsty" 

"If she doesn't mind, what if I mind!!" I said as Kirsty took my hand and dragged me" 

"Look Medabots normally have two attacks right?" Kirsty said 

"Yeah and?!" 

"Well, you only know one of you attacks, the other one is still not certain yet, now would you stop struggling" She said as she wrestled against me  

"No, you know what happened last time you took me to a repair shop they couldn't find my Medal for ages, and who's fault was that?!" I said still trying to get free of her grip. 

"Well it's not my fault you didn't have a medawatch to put your medal in!" 

"Then whose fault is it?! I'm not even your Medabot!" After that I gave up struggling and let here drag me, it would save me the walk. 

"And I thought we were bad" Metabee said to Ikki 


12:30pm, Medabot Corporation 

"I'm very glad you brought this Medabot in to me, I've never seen one quite like this, what type did you say she is Kirsty?" Dr.Aki asked 

"A KBT type" 

"Hello! I'd like my body back, I don't like being in a medawatch I like freedom of movement!" Being in a medawatch is like your asleep but you can talk and here other people talking back, frankly I hate it. 

"But Deacon we need to find out more about you" Dr.Aki said  

"I don't care, just put me back in my Medabot now!" I yelled 

"Ok Ikki put her back" Ikki must have put my medal back as I found my self back in my Medabot 

"That's better" 

"Now if I call up a list of KBT types in the World we get, 9023 matches, but if I put in your name Deacon we get… nothing," Dr.Aki said as he typed away on the computer. "I must say that your one of a kind" 

"What makes me one of a kind?"  

"We you don't see many green KBT types with a tail and this weird, what looks like a dragons top jaw on your head, walking round now do you?" Ikki said "Oh and but the way if you're a KBT type where's your laser cannons?" 

"I don't know," I said as I looked at the place where they were supposed to be. 

"I've got an idea," Metabee said as he walked over to me 

"Hope it didn't hurt to much" Ikki said 

"What is it Metabee?" I said  

"Maybe if we robattle it could help bring out that other attack of yours" He said as he put his hand on my shoulder "So what do you say?" 

"Why not it will be fun even if it doesn't work" 

"Ok follow me!" Metabee said as he ran out the door and down the stairs  

"Hey wait for us!" I said, Ikki, Erika, Brass, Me, Kirsty, Jordan and Archon ran after him.  

"Metabee wait!" Dr.Aki shouted from the top of the stairs "Maybe you could robattle in the holographic projector room?" 

"Sounds like a good idea to me" I said walking back up the stairs  

"Why do you tell me now Doc?!" Metabee shouted back up the stairs as he was running up 


1:00pm, Holographic projector room 

"Robattle in here but there's nothing to take cover behind" I said 

"Ah but that's where your wrong" Dr.Aki said giving a slight laugh, then he took a small radio out of his pocket "Initiate simulation 23-45" as soon as he had finished the room slowly started to change in to an old warehouse, lots of dust and cobwebs every where. 

"But if this is a hologram shouldn't I be able to walk right through the wall" Jordan said as he reached over and put his hand on it "what the?! Its real!" Jordan pulled his hand away. 

"That's because most of the things in this room are real, the second the programme is turned on the walls, barrels and every thing else that you might come in to contact with is razed out of the floor" Dr.Aki said  

"Ready Deacon?" Metabee said to me, I turned around, looked him straight in the eyes and said, "Ready, as I'll ever be"  

"On behalf of the World robattle federation, I will act as referee…." 

"Who's that and how did he get in here?" I said 

"That's Mr.Referee he manages to show up in the most weariest places ever," Ikki said 

"Sorry Mr.Referee but we wont need you… again… today" Metabee said 

"This is the third time if you need me just call" then he ran through the doors holding his head down. 

"So does he always show up like that?" Kirsty asked 

"Yep but only for official robattle's and this is only a practice" Erika said 

"Can we please get on whit this?! We've had enough distractions already!" Metabee said as he jumped up and down on the spot. 

"Oh one more thing before you start I want to put this on you" Dr.Aki said as he put a small band around my tail "It will help me record your progress"  

"I think we should start the robattle other wise Metabee is going to go mad in a minuet" Ikki said as he tried to restrain Metabee 

"Ready Deacon?" Kirsty asked me I gave a small nod "Then you know what to do" 

"Ah finally, don't mind me if I use my… Laser cannon!!" Metabee fired lots of

rounds at me hoping to hit, I managed to doge some but some hit my arm, which just made it harder to move it. 

"Is that the best you've got?" I said as I ran behind an old barrel  

"No I'm just getting warmed up" As he said that I got up and ran as fast as I could at him and through a punch  

"Arm Part 23% Damaged" 


"Also have a taste of my… Rocket Launch!!" I said as I fired my rockets straight at him, Metabee jumped out of the way but something he didn't expect, was that I made a gesture with my hands, I put them together to represent the rockets then split them, almost immediately the two rockets split in two fore and turned around, I was in control, I could make them go any where I wanted them to go just by a move of the hand.  

"Hu? How did you do that?!" Ikki yelled, I didn't reply, "Metabee watch out she's got complete control or the rockets, try and shoot them down!" He shouted in to his medawatch.  

"Ok I'll try" Metabee said as he took aim at the rockets, he managed to shoot three down but with five left it was still enough to blow him sky high. The rockets started to get closer and closer to him. "Ikki, quick what do I do?" 

"Err, got it! Fire your seeker missiles at her" 

"Well that's the first thing that came to mind!" 

"Just shut up and do it would ya!" 

"Ok… rocket launch!!" Metabee yelled, after I had taken notice I looked up and saw two missiles coming strait for me, I tried to jump out of the way but my reaction time was to slow, I lost control of my own rockets they must of hit the ground and the last thing I remember was being pushed back wards by the explosion… because didn't brace my self… and slamming in to a… wall.


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