One Thing Always Leads to Another

by Ebon Dragon


Disclaimer: I don't own Medabots or any of the characters but I do own Deacon, Kirsty, Archon, Jordan, Leo and Josh


Chapter 3; The new Attribute


1:30pm Repair room

"So there's no damage any where, not even a scratch?!"  

"No not as far as my research team can make out, we did no repairs either, it's as if she did them by here self when we weren't looking" 

"But that's just impossible, she's never done that before" 

"When's the last time you robattled?" 

"Uh…um, oh I see what you mean" 

"Also we found some strange substance in her armour, were not shore what it is yet but we are running tests on it" 

"Give it to me straight, is she going to be ok?" 

"She'll be fine, after she wakes up" The voices from the other room were faint but I could still make them out, although I couldn't move I could still see people in white lab coats with clip boards moving around but it was to blurry to make out who they were. 


3:05pm, Repair room 

"Archon you've been very quiet lately, what's on your mind?" Jordan said 

"I know Deacon well, this not like her, she wouldn't sleep for this long" Archon said  

"Well you heard what the Doc said she suffered some heavy damage," Ikki said  

"Its all my fault!!… She wouldn't be… in this mess if it wasn't for… me!!!" Metabee said as he cried at every pause. 

"So Metabee you do care" Ikki said  

"Well wouldn't you… if a fellow Medabot was hurt?!" he said as he now sobbed

The voices were so clear now that I knew who the all were, I tried to sit up but it was very hard, then I felt some one help me sit up it was one of the scientists  

"Are you ok?" He asked me 

"Yep…" I struggled to say, he then told another scientist to go and get Dr.Aki, the

other scientist came back bringing Dr.Aki with her. 

"How are you feeling?" Dr.Aki said as he knelt down next to the metal surface I was laying on 

"It not to easy to move" 

"Hmm that's to be expected from you" 

"Hu what do you mean" 

"Well after the smoke from Metabee's missiles had cleared we found you up against the wall, with lots of body damage when we moved you here, we found no damage at all and we didn't even start repairs, so then we decided to take some metal off your armour and as soon as that chip of metal came off it turned it to a liquid metal, after we ran tests on it we found out its living metal, that's how you were able to self repair most of your body's metal is made up of this substance"  


"Wait there's more, we found a way that you can utilize this to your advantage, but giving the metal a electro static shock in the right places it can become swords or a projectile weapon, or even fins for swimming with, also when we did an x-ray of your body we found out that you have a series of electro probes in you which can emit small shocks to the right places" 

"Cool, so how do I use this metal?" 

"I don't know but I no know this to bigger electrical shock could have devastating affects on you" 

"O-ok I'll keep that in mind, can we go now this place is starting to creep me out" 

Dr.Aki lead me out of the room and back to the room where all the others were waiting.  

"Deacon your ok!" Metabee said as he came running over to me "Look I'm sorry for that, I didn't mean…" 

"Its ok its over now, and if it weren't you I would have never learnt my new attack" 

"So what is it?" Kirsty said as she jumped down off the table 

"I'll show you in robattle" 

"What again, are you shore?" Ikki said 

"Yeah and don't go easy on me" 

"Ok, lets go, go, go!" Jordan shouted as he ran for the door. 


3:40pm, Holographic projector room 

"Ready Metabee?" 


"Wait! Kirsty have this it's a medawatch for Deacon" Dr.Aki shouted  

"That's all very nice but can we get on?" I said  

"Ready, set and go!" Erika shouted 

"Metabee try your laser cannons again," Ikki said in to his medawatch  

"Right… laser cannon!!" Metabee's laser rounds flew through the air and unfortunately hit the barrel I was hiding behind. 

"That was futile Metabee" I said as I got up and ran past lots of old barrels to get to him as I did this he tried to hit me with more laser rounds but I was moving to fast between the barrels for any of them to hit. 

"Whoa, she's fast" Metabee said, as I came out from the barrels I did I flying kick at him but he dodged and I went flying into the same wall that had stopped me before. 

Head part 5% damage

Left arm part 5% damage

Right arm part 5% damage

Leg part 15% damage 


"Ooh that's gotta hurt" Metabee said  

"Metabee let her have it" Ikki said  

"But Ikki…" 

"No buts, she said not to go easy on her so I'm keeping a promise" 

"Ok Ikki… missile launch!!" before I even get a chance to recover Metabee launches to missiles at me so I have no choice but to try and block them, I raze both my arms and hope that they don't hit, all of a sudden I hear two loud bangs and I lower my arms to see what had happened, when I do lower my arms I see two long silvery snake like tentacles coming off my arms where my laser cannons should have been. 

"Please some one say you saw that as well!" Dr.Aki shouted as he tried to write down as much information as he could. 

"W-wh-at-t, in the world?!" Ikki shouted, I looked at Metabee then back down at my

arms, the metal that had intercepted the missiles was pulling its self back in, I was very shocked my self, like every one else.  

"How did you manage that?!" Metabee said as he ran up to me  

"I don't know, it kinda just happened"  

"Well try again," Erika said 

"Ok but I think it just happened out of fear," I thought if Dr.Aki was right then I could make a wrist blade for a starter, so I razed one arm out in front of me and focused on making the shape of a sword, nothing happened then I remembered getting hit but Metabee's missiles and that made me… really mad, and then out of the blue to long spinally silver tendrils grew back and then hardened in two to long swords where the laser cannons should have been. Every one looked gob smacked, even Metabee and Brass who could not give this _expression but I knew they were. I gave the two sword a swing around, the made a strange sound when swung, it sounded like a chime bar but with a watery sound to it. I then lunged a Metabee and stopped right in front of his chest as if to scare him for revenge. 

"Hay watch it!!" Metabee yelled as he fell back wards  

"Ah so that's why she's so fast" Dr.Aki explained to every one "If she didn't have the speed those swords would be about as useful as a table leg to her" 

"Why no put her through a couple of tests?" Jordan asked 

"Maybe we should… like swimming" Dr.Aki said 

"Swimming?! I can't swim!" I said  

"Yeah maybe but remember what I said to you? That metal of yours can take any shape, even fins" I had this really horrible feeling when Dr.Aki said swimming  

"Why… where do you… intend on me… swimming then?" When I said this was like me saying 'ok where do you want me to jump off the cliff?' because not all Medabots are made for swimming especially KBT types. 

"Well we've got a test pool for testing diving type Medabots down stairs" Dr.Aki said 

"So what are we waiting for?" I said in the happiest manner I could at the time. 


4:10pm, Test Pool 

The test pool was very shallow at one end and very deep at the other; at the deep end there was a slipway for some unknown reason  

"Ok Deacon if you go round to the slip way…" 

"Oh no! If your going to get me to swim I'm staying up the shallow end!" 

"Yeah but if you can swim then it would be best to start of in the deep end, then you've got a team of divers ready to help if you do run in to a problem" Dr.Aki said in a persuading way. 

"Fine" I said as I walked round to the deep end closely followed by every one else.

When I had reached the other side I started to walk down the slipway slowly in to the water, at his point didn't know what to do and I don't know what kept me moving down the slipway, weather it was to show my self I could do it or to learn how to use the metal properly. As I neared the end of the first ramp the water was up to my waist and as I looked over to my right I saw another ramp leading down from the submerged platform I was standing on, I continued to walk down until my fore arms were completely under the water. "I can't do this!!" I said as I turned and looked at every one. 

"You can do it, I know you can" Archon said as he encouraged me a long 

"Yeah were all rooting for you!" Metabee said 

"Thanks" I said as I turned a round, I saw a diver come up to me and he made the come here sign to me, I knew after that they knew what they where doing but did I know what I was doing? I carried on walking until I reached the second platform; this was when my shoulders were under water. I felt this very bizarre felling on the sides of my fore arms and tip of my tail, I could only think of one thing it could be, I didn't want to look I just waited until the felling had passed. When it had elapsed I razed my arm to see what had happened now and low and behold the metal had given me fins!

The fins looked like a lionfishes pectoral fin only when the metal had changed it turned a dark green like my on colour, the membrane of the fin was a lime green, the fins on my tail were exactly the same.  

"She's done it again," Kirsty said 

"We need to make up a name for this new attribute, instead of just calling it 'the metal,'" Dr.Aki said  

"Maybe we should call it Medametal?" Ikki suggested  

"No… that's just rubbish" Metabee said 

"What about, Bio-metal?" Archon said 

"That's a good name!" I shouted over my shoulder, I had no second thoughts about this, I jumped off the platform I was standing on, and I went under the water only for two seconds then submerged by treading water. 

"Good now swim around under water to get a feel of it!" Dr.Aki shouted to me, so I did and amazingly I thought that it would have taken ages to learn how to do it but it took me a few seconds to learn and to my bewilderment even the under water cameras couldn't keep up with me. After I got a bit board with swimming about I stopped at the bottom and looked up to the surface, I started to build up speed for a jump out of the water and on to the side, it didn't go so well because I didn't know that there were wires for the lighting dangling in my way, so I got tangled in them. Lucky for me they weren't live. 

"Ha what an idiot!" Jordan called me 

"I swear, over my dead Medabot, I'll kill you Jordan!!" I shouted, while trying to untangle my self. 

"You promised you to wouldn't fight any more" Kirsty said 

"That defiantly sounds like us," Ikki said sarcastically  

"Yeah, but I didn't agree to stop" Metabee added


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