The Soul of Robattle


By: Dragon Master


(Let me just say thanks to Jedi-and for giving me the idea for this fic.  I borrowed his idea of medabot pregnancy for this one.  Thanks again Jedi-and.)


Chapter 1: Prologue


Flames and burning trees surrounded Metabee.  He was battered and damaged after a long, exhausting battle.  In front of him stood the mighty Robo-Emperor.  Behind the titan of destruction stood a man in a rubber suit.  The member of the Rubberrobo gang cackled, his voice was a strange mixture of happiness and surprise.  After countless failed attempts he would be the one to capture Metabee’s rare medal and present it to his superiors.  “Alright Robo-Emperor, lock onto the target and fire!”  The behemoth took careful aim at the stricken medabot and prepared to fire its missiles.  Metabee tried desperately to summon the medaforce but he did not have the strength.  Feeling that this was the end he simply closed his eyes and waited.


To his surprise there was no sound of missiles slicing through the air or the triumphant roar of his foe.  What he did hear was a loud groan.  He opened his eyes to see the man in the rubber suit lying on the ground and a young man, whom he estimated must have been about seventeen years old standing in his place.  He had black hair that had been braided into dreadlocks; his skin was light brown, and his eyes were a very dark shade of brown.  He was wearing a long, black leather coat that came down to his knees.  It had a high collar that completely covered his mouth.  He was also wearing dark denim jeans and black boots.  He wore a leather biking glove on his right hand.  Metabee noticed that he was also wearing a medawatch on his left wrist.


“Is this guy an angel of death or something?” Metabee asked himself as he continued to stare at the mysterious young man.  He mumbled something into his medawatch and in what seemed like less than an instant Robo-Emperor swayed back and forth and finally came crashing down onto its side.  Behind the now toppled machine stood a strange looking medabot. 


His armor was jet black.  Metabee only knew of one medabot that had black armor but this new combatant looked nothing like him.  His medaparts were almost identical to Nin-Ninja’s but Metabee could tell that although the medabot was a ninja type this was not Nin-Ninja.  He had a thin, blood red visor that glowed intensely.  He had a sword attached to his right arm and some type of rifle attached to his left.




Medabot: Kai


Medafighter: Ryo Soukioka


Specialty: Stealth attack




Just as suddenly as the mysterious medabot had appeared it disappeared.  Its quiet master now spoke directly to Metabee.      


“Listen to me Metabee.  We saved you this time but if you want to survive another encounter with a medabot of this caliber you must find a way to harness the true soul of robattle.  And bear this in mind…the next time we meet Kai and I may not be on your side.”  He then turned around and walked back into the flames. 


“Well that was weird” Metabee said as he rose to feet.




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