The Soul of Robattle


By: Dragon Master


(Let me just say thanks to Jedi-and for giving me the idea for this fic.  I borrowed his idea of medabot pregnancy for this one.  Thanks again Jedi-and.)


Chapter 2: Friend or Foe?


It had been three weeks since Metabee had faced Robo-Emperor and seen the mysterious Kai and his equally mysterious medafighter Ryo.  The “gang” was at the 24-hopmart having ice cream.  Ikki and Erika were quickly devouring a large chocolate Sunday while Metabee and Brass shared a banana split.  Samantha, Sloan, Spike, and their medabots were enjoying milkshakes.  Peppercat took a sip of her milkshake, she seemed distracted but knowing that it might be something she did not want to discuss they left her alone.  Karin and Neutranurse were also there. Neutranurse was sitting quietly next to Karin.  Her stomach plate was larger than usual.  She was in stage two of medabot pregnancy.


Henry was talking to Dr. Aki while he enjoyed a generous helping of butterscotch pudding.  “Is that so?” Dr. Aki asked as he swallowed a mouthful of pudding.


“Yeah it is.  The story has been all over the news.  Twenty medabots have been found all around the city with their medals destroyed.”  That caught everyone’s attention.  They were all medafighters and they all wanted to know if their medabots were in danger.


“Are you serious?” Ikki asked, his mouth still full of ice cream and marshmallow topping.  Erika hit him squarely on the head and he fell to the ground. 


“They say that a man in a black leather coat approaches medafighters and challenges them to robattle.  He defeats them and then his medabot destroys their medabot’s medal.”


“Who would do such a thing?” Karin asked her voice filled with shock and concern.


“Do you think it might be the Phantom Renegade?” Erika asked, thinking aloud.


“NO WAY!  THE PHANTOM RENEGADE IS A GOOD GUY!” Henry shouted, and then realizing what he had said calmed down and tried to dispel any growing suspicion.  “All I know is that this guy uses a ninja type medabot,” Henry said as he picked up a rag and began to wipe the counter. 


“And it must be a custom made medabot because we have no records of its production at the corporation” Dr. Aki said as he finished his pudding.  Metabee suddenly looked up from his ice cream.  He remembered the strange ninja type medabot that had saved him from Robo-Emperor.


“And bear this in mind…next time Kai and I may not be on your side.”  The words echoed in his head.  He decided not to say anything until anyone had proof or at least until he knew more about the situation.


“Why don’t we go to the park to take our mind off this whole thing,” Karin suggested.


“That sounds like a good idea to me,” Ikki said as he finished his ice cream.  They all left the 24-hopmart and started on their way to the park, not noticing the silent medabot watching them from an alley.


“Hey wait a minute!  You forgot to pay!” Henry shouted form the door of the 24-hopmart but it was too late, the gang was already gone.


“We will meet again soon Metabee” Kai said to himself. 


“Well would you look at what we got here?  A medabot without its medafighter, maybe we should teach him not to get lost.”  Kai turned around to see a man with a scarlet Mohawk and another with long, green hair.  “Come on little bot.  Let’s robattle.”


“That sounds good to me,” Ryo said as he walked into the alley.


“Well, well, well it looks like this medabot has a medafighter after all” the man with the Mohawk said as he pressed a button on his medawatch marked transport.  In a blinding flash of light a Saldron was transported into the alley.


“Then it’s agreed!” Mr. Referee shouted as he stepped out of a trashcan.  “This will be a submission robattle.  The first medabot to cease functioning losses and the loser must submit one medapart to the winner.  Medafighters ready?  Medabots robattle!”


“Alright Saldron, hit him with your flamethrowers!” The man with the Mohawk yelled into his medawatch.  Saldron raised its arms and held out its palms.  Two streams of flame came roaring down the alley aimed directly at Kai. 


“You know what to do” Ryo said with a grin on his face.  Kai “smiled” to himself and began to fade away until he could no longer be seen.  The two men simply looked around in total and utter confusion. 


“Fire your flamethrowers again Saldron!”


“You idiot. You just stepped directly into my trap” Ryo said in a mocking tone.  Just as Saldron prepared to launch another burst from its flamethrowers two short, metal rods pierced its optical sensors.  The rods began to glow a bright orange color and after a few seconds they detonated, destroying Saldron’s optics.  The stricken bot screamed in pain but its medafighter simply stared in shock.  Kai suddenly reappeared; he was standing on a nearby fire escape ladder.  “What just happened?”


“I had Kai do what he does best, use his special ability to camouflage his medaparts.  I knew you would try something stupid so I had Kai get to a high vantage point and use his battle rifle.  His rifle is unique you see because it fires shuriken instead of bullets ” Ryo said as he smiled and chuckled to himself.  “Finish him Kai, attack with your sword.”  Kai raised his right arm and prepared to deliver the final blow.  He leapt from the ladder with his sword raised over his head.  He brought it crashing down onto Saldron’s helmet and “smiled” to himself.  Saldron fell to the ground and its medal was ejected.  “Now make sure that he never robattles again.”  Kai picked up Saldron’s medal and threw it into the air.  He took careful aim and fired a few shots with his battle rifle.  The medal was pierced by three shuriken and was blown to pieces before it could hit the ground.


“That is in direct violation of article twenty six of the international robattle regulations.  I herby do…” Kai cutting the trashcan he had been standing in into two pieces interrupted Mr. Referee.


“Be quiet old man.  Those who are too weak to defend their own medals do not deserve to have them,” Ryo said.


“Um…” was all Mr. Referee could manage to utter.


“I’m going to kill you kid!” yelled Saldron’s medafighter as he came barreling down the alley. 


“I doubt that” Ryo said calmly.  As the man kept running down the alley Ryo raised his fists.  As the man approached he threw one punch.  The man groaned and fell to the ground, his nose gushing blood.


“Now that he’s out of the way why don’t you try your luck?” Ryo asked as he pointed to the man with green hair.


“Um…no thanks I don’t like to robattle.”


“That wasn’t a question,” Ryo said as he ordered Kai to attack.  Kai raised his battle rifle and fired.  The shuriken hurtled past the man and into the darkness of the alley.  The sound of an explosion was heard and after a brief flash a Spidar stumbled out of the darkness.  The medabot’s medal was ejected and rolled a short distance before coming to a halt. 


“You know what to do Kai.”  Again Kai raised his battle rifle and fired a few shots and again the medal was pierced by shuriken and blown to pieces.  This time Mr. Referee did not say anything.  “Thank you both for the medaparts” Kai said, a huge grin now covering his face.  He pressed a button on his medawatch and in a burst of light Saldron’s flamethrower arm and Spidar’s web cannon arm were transported from their lifeless bodies.  Ryo and Kai turned and left the alley.


At the park Peppercat was having a friendly robattle with Totalizer.  Rokusho had arrived and was now watching the match closely.  “Hit her with your lasers Totalizer!”  Totalizer followed Sloan’s command and let loose with a devastating round of laser fire. 


“Dodge it Peppercat!” Samantha yelled.  Peppercat easily dodged the attack and moved in for an attack of her own.  Totalizer tried to counter but Peppercat was already inside his guard.  Sloan decided to attempt a final defense. 


“Give her a bear hug Totalizer!” Sloan yelled into his medawatch.  Totalizer grabbed Peppercat and began to squeeze her.


 “Torso thirty percent damaged” Samantha’s medawatch bleeped.  Any other medafighter would have panicked but Samantha just smiled.


“Do it Peppercat!” Samantha yelled.  Peppercat channeled electricity through her entire body, delivering a devastating shock to Totalizer.  He leaned forward and his medal was ejected.  “You need more training Sloan.”


“Yes boss” Sloan said sounding dejected.  Samantha turned her gaze to Spike and Cyandog. 


“It’s your turn now Spike” Samantha said. 


Spike suddenly looked up in shock “M…m…m…me?” Spike stammered, he was the lowest ranked medafighter in Japan and he felt that it was his fault.  Even though Cyandog often tried to comfort his master Spike still felt that he was responsible for his own failure because he had placed a monkey medal into his dog type medabot.


“Stop being such a coward Spike!  If you ever want to improve your standings as a medafighter you have to robattle hard and train even harder!”


“Yes boss” Spike murmured as he prepared to order Cyandog into another robattle.  Spike sighed heavily but just as he was about to deliver his first command Rokusho told him to wait. 


“There is someone watching us,” Rokusho said as he looked to a nearby tree.  Without another word he leapt into the tree.  Rustling could be heard and after a few moments Rokusho fell out of the tree and landed on his head.  Kai leapt from the tree and landed near Rokusho. 


“You should not have attacked me,” Kai said.


“Who are you?” Rokusho asked as he rose to his feet and rubbed his head.


“My name is…”


“Kai!” Metabee blurted out. 


“I’m glad that you remembered my name Metabee.  It’s good to see you again but I wish that it were under better circumstances.  I’m afraid I have some dire news.  The Rubberrobos have set a plan in motion to capture your medal” Kai said, his voice monotone and grim.


“So what?  If those rubber heads wanna come after me I’ll give em’ a Metabee-boppin’!” Metabee said as he shook his fist.


“Talk is not enough Metabee.  You must master the soul of robattle if you wish to defeat the Rubberrobos and save your rare medal.”


“Kai, you keep talkin’ about this soul of robattle stuff but I still have no idea what the heck it is” Metabee said.


Ryo suddenly chimed in “Then allow Kai and I to demonstrate it for you.”


“Where did you come from?” Metabee said baffled by the young man’s sudden appearance.


“Well Metabee, are you up for a robattle or are you afraid?” Ryo asked his voice filled with arrogance.


“Afraid, afraid?” Metabee repeated the word, the one thing Metabee valued more than his friends, his life, even more than watermelon was his pride and Ryo had just dealt it a devastating blow.  “Come on Ikki.  Let’s teach this guy and his no talent medabot who’s the best around here!”


“Yeah!” Ikki replied, something told him not to robattle this mysterious man but he ignored it. 


Mr. Referee suddenly appeared he was covered in twigs and leaves.  “I hereby do declare a submission robattle.  Medafighters ready?  Medabots robattle!”


“Alright Metabee fire your seeker missiles!” Ikki yelled.


“Missile launch!” Metabee yelled as he fired a pair of missiles. 


“That cheap trick won’t work on Kai.  Counter attack” Ryo said and Kai obeyed.  He raised his sword and in two quick swings he cut the missiles in half.  Both Ikki and Metabee were stunned.  “Good job Kai.  Now attack with your battle rifle.”


Kai fired a few shots from his rifle.  Two shuriken embedded themselves in Metabee’s legs and detonated.  Metabee was sent flying by the force of the explosion and Ikki’s medawatch bleeped “Legs one-hundred percent damaged.  Function ceased.”  With his legs no longer functioning Metabee could not raise himself off of the ground.


“So you want to know what the soul of robattle is?  Then I hope you’re ready for this” Ryo said.  Kai was suddenly surrounded by a crimson aura.  He raised his right arm and the blade of his sword absorbed the light that surrounded his body.  “This is the soul of robattle Metabee.  It is a power one thousand times stronger than the medaforce.  Now you will experience what it is like to be engulfed by its fury.  Attack now Kai!”


Kai swung his sword and a massive beam of pure energy came careening toward Metabee.  Ikki could only stare in absolute shock and amazement.  The attack made a direct hit on Metabbe and he was sent flying through the air at incredible speed.  A large oak tree ended his flight abruptly.  A sickening cracking sound could be heard as Metabee collided with the tree.  He fell to the ground in a crumpled heap and his medal was ejected.


“Function ceased!  The winner is Kai!” yelled Mr. Referee as he ran out of the park, leaving a trail of dust behind him.


“Now I know who you are!” Ikki yelled his mind had finally made the connection. “You’re that guy who goes around at night and destroys medals!  I won’t let you take Metabee from me!”


“Calm down.  Metabee is far too important for me to simply destroy his medal.  But listen well Ikki Tenryou, if you want to keep Metabee’s medal in your possession you must master the soul of robattle” Ryo said as he turned to leave.  Kai took one last look at Metabee’s body and then ran after his medafighter.


“Are you alright Ikki?” Erika asked her voice filled with concern.


“I’m fine Erika.  I’m more worried about Metabee” Ikki said his voice cracking and tears filling his eyes.


“Don’t worry about Metabee” Karin said in her most soothing voice.  “You just need to put his medal back in.”


Ikki suddenly regained his normal personality.  He picked up Metabee’s medal and placed it in his medawatch.  Metabee groaned and then realized what had happened.  “Ikki what happened to my beautiful body?” Metabbe asked.


“It’s pretty badly damaged Metabee.  We’ll have to have it repaired.”


“Damn it!  That guy is wicked in more ways than one!” Metabee yelled.


“You got that right,” Koji said.


Peppercat had heard all that she could stand and now let everyone know her feelings.  “I won’t let you stand around and talk about Kai and Ryo like that!” Everyone was stunned by her outburst.  “For your information Ryo is a great person and he’s just trying to protect you Metabee!  As for Kai…he’s great too and…and…I love him with all my heart!” Peppercat yelled as she turned and ran away.  All Samantha could do was be stunned by the usually sarcastic Peppercat’s show of raw emotion.


“Well that was weird” Ikki said he was just as shocked as everyone else.




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