The Soul of Robattle


By: Dragon Master


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Chapter 3: To Love the Enemy


Peppercat ran down the street after her outburst in front of Samantha and the rest of the “gang.”  She needed to find someone to talk to but if she tried to talk to Brass or Neutranurse she would be confronted with questions like “How do you know that guy?” and “What do you mean by you love him?” so she decided to find the one she loved.  As she continued to run she felt a drop of water on her shoulder.  She stopped for a moment and gazed up at the sky.  Dark, ominous, storm clouds were blanketing the city and being an electric cat she hated the rain so she decided to go to her favorite perch to think.  That perch was a covered ledge on top of a small bakery.  She loved to sit there quietly and enjoy the smell of the bakery’s famous cinnamon rolls.


She reached the bakery and climbed up to her perch just as a steady rain began to fall.  She sat down and was about to close her eyes when she felt a hand on her shoulder.  She turned around to see Kai standing behind her.  She stood up and faced him as he wrapped his arms around her waist.  “Hello Peppercat” he said in a gentle voice.


“Hello Kai” she purred.  Kai loved it when she purred and he often told her that it was the most beautiful sound he had ever heard.  He kissed her passionately for a few seconds, released her and then took a step back.  She turned around and took in the delectable smell of baking bread.  “There is something that you should know Peppercat” Kai said as he wrapped his arms around her from behind.  The feeling of his hands on her thighs made Peppercat feel a bit uneasy but she knew that she was in the arms of the one she loved so it really did not matter to her.


“You’re not going to like this but once Ryo feels that Metabee’s rare medal is safe he’s going to leave Japan and I intend to go with him.” 


Peppercat was stunned by what Kai had said.  “But why?  Don’t you love me?” she asked.


“Of course I do Peppercat but Ryo is my medafighter and even more than that he’s my friend and I can’t just abandon him,” Kai said trying as hard as he could to comfort her but he knew that it was not working.


“I understand.  I just wish we could have a bit more time together.”


Kai “smiled” and continued his attempt to make her feel better “You make it sound like my flight has already left the airport.  Ryo doesn’t plan to leave until Metabee has completely mastered the soul of robattle and from what I’ve seen that will take quite some time.”


That did make her feel a bit better but not much.  “It doesn’t matter to me how far away you are.  I will always love you,” she said as she turned around and kissed him on the cheek.  She moved away suddenly as she felt the spark that passed between them.  Peppercat’s cheeks turned a rosy color “I hate it when that happens.  It always ruins the kiss.”


“I don’t think so,” Kai said. 


Suddenly Kai could hear Ryo’s voice inside of his head “Kai, Ikki and Metabee are training at the recreation center and I need you to observe them.”  Kai breathed a heavy sigh and released Peppercat. 


“I’m sorry but I have to leave.”


“That’s alright.  I’ll see you later” Peppercat said, by now she was used to him having to leave suddenly.


“Goodbye Peppercat” Kai said as he leapt from the ledge and ran down the street.  Peppercat sat down again and took in the sound of everything around her, from the ringing of bells in the bakery to the pitter-patter of the rain.  She closed her eyes and dozed off though she was not sure why she suddenly felt so tired.


At the recreation center Ikki was trying desperately to find a way to summon the soul of robattle.  “There has to be a way Metabee” Ikki was very frustrated; they had been training ever since the repairs had been completed on Metabee’s body.


“I just can’t do it Ikki.  No matter how hard I try I still can’t summon this soul of robattle stuff.  I mean don’t get me wrong, getting hit with it was something new but I still can’t summon it” Metabee said in an angry voice, he was just as frustrated as Ikki.


“Well that guy said that it was one-thousand times more powerful than the medaforce.  Maybe if you use the medaforce one-thousand times you’ll be able to summon the soul of robattle,” Ikki said but he knew that would never work.


“You must be kidding” Metabee replied, Ikki just let out a heavy sigh.  “Hey I just got an idea.  Peppercat seems to know Kai pretty well so why don’t we just ask her if she knows anything about it?”


“There’s only one flaw in that plan” Ikki took a deep breath.  “She’s been missing for two hours!” Ikki yelled.


“Oh yeah I forgot” Metabee replied as he slumped to the ground. 


“You two look like you’ve got a lot on your minds.  Perhaps I can help you.”  Ikki and Metabbe turned around to see an old man with a crab type medabot.  It walked on six, worn out legs.  Its head was wide and flat.  It had two small, navy colored eyes that glowed softly.  Its right arm was a giant claw but its left was much smaller.  It opened and closed its large claw quickly creating a clacking sound.




Medabot: Kraken


Medafighter: Koru Makita


Specialty: Crab hammer




“What do you want mister?” Ikki asked questioning the man’s abilities.


“Well, they say that the best cure for a problem is a robattle and Kraken and I would be happy to help” the man said with a smile.


Metabee almost burst into laughter but he was able to limit himself to only a snicker.  The thought of this old man and his even older medabot offering to robattle him seemed absolutely ridiculous.


“Alright then, I accept your challenge old man” Metabee said, he was very confident in his abilities and this match would help him forget about his loss to Kai and Ryo.


“Then it’s agreed!”  Mr. Referee said as he walked into the room.  “I officially declare a robattle!  Medafighters ready?  Medabots robattle!”  The battle commenced and Kraken began to move slowly toward Metabee.


It was all Metabee could do not to summon the medaforce and finish the match in one shot.  He decided to fire a few rounds from his laser cannon instead.  To Metabee’s surprise his attack had absolutely no affect.  Ikki simply stared, dumbfounded by the old medabot’s endurance.


“What’s the matter?  Were you expecting an easy match just because Kraken’s body is old?  Oh well I guess it’s no skin off of my nose.  Show this young whipper-snapper what you can do Kraken, attack with your water cannon!”  Kraken raised its small left claw and opened it slowly.  It fired a stream of water directly at Metabee.


“Are you crazy old man?  Any medabot could handle a little water or did you forget that we’re all one hundred percent waterproof?” Metabee asked in an arrogant tone. 


“If that’s what you think then I’m afraid you’re sadly mistaken,” Koru said as a smile spread across his face.  The stream of water hit Metabee squarely in the chest and knocked him over.


“Torso thirty percent damaged” bleeped Ikki’s medawatch. 


“You see young bot, Kraken’s water cannon may look weak but it has a real kick to it if you know what I mean.  Now, finish him off with your Crab hammer!”  Kraken raised its giant, right claw and slammed it down with devastating force.  The ground in front of Kraken began to crack and split creating a huge rift in the floor.  The rift continued to grow as it headed directly for Metabee.  He rose to his feet and attempted to avoid the miniature fault line but a jet of water knocked him back into its path. 


Ikki closed his eyes as he heard Metabee collide with the back wall.  “The winner is Kraken!” Mr. Referee called out. 


“Maybe that will teach you not to underestimate someone just because they’re old,” Koru said as he and Kraken left the room laughing.


“That’s twice in one day Metabee” Kai said as he seemed to materialize directly in front of the defeated and very angry Metabee.


“You again!  You’re lucky I’m tired from that last robattle because otherwise I would’ve given you a Metabee-boppin’ by now!” Metabee yelled it seemed that both Kai and his medafighter had a talent for damaging his pride.


“Let me give you some advice Metabee.  The power of the soul of robattle comes in response to a need, not a desire.  When you are first learning how to control that power you cannot summon it simply because you want to.  You must have a true need for it.  Now if you would please excuse me, I have other business to attend to,” Kai said as he disappeared again.


“And once again he leaves me with absolutely no important information” Metabee said as he rose to his feet.


“The power comes in response to a need, not a desire…” Ikki repeated the words to himself.  Perhaps Kai and Ryo were on their side after all but to be sure they needed to talk to Peppercat.


Samantha, Spike, and Sloan were walking down the street when they noticed Peppercat sleeping above the bakery.  “Wake up Peppercat!” Samantha yelled and Peppercat was suddenly jolted awake. 


She hesitated before speaking.  “Hello Boss…” was all that she could manage to say.


“Get down here Peppercat!  You have a lot of explaining to do!”  Samantha yelled and Peppercat obeyed.  She stood nervously in front of Samantha awaiting the inevitable question.


“What’s going on Peppercat?  How do you know that medabot that defeated Metabee and what’s the deal with this soul of robattle stuff?” Samantha asked sounding both worried and impatient.


“Well…let’s get out of the rain before I tell you the whole story” Peppercat said in a desperate attempt to buy some time.  They went inside the bakery and sat down at a table.  Peppercat took a deep breath before she began speaking. 


“I met Kai three months ago when he and Ryo first came to Japan.  I had gone out for a walk late one night when Kai and Ryo approached me and challenged me to a robattle.  I told him that you were asleep so Ryo left but Kai stayed around and we started talking” she paused for a moment and took another deep breath before continuing. 


“I was attracted to him and he felt the same way about me.  After we had been dating for about three weeks he told me about why he and Ryo had come to Japan.  He said that they had received word about the Rubberrobos wanting to capture Metabee’s rare medal and use it to take over the world so Ryo decided to stop them.  However he didn’t want to become directly involved so he decided to teach Metabee how to use the soul of robattle” Peppercat let out a heavy sigh, it was good to finally tell someone about what she knew.


“You mean that weird light that Kai used to knock out Metabee in one shot?” Spike asked his voice filled with curiosity.


“Yeah.  Kai told me that it is the most powerful attack any medabot could ever posses.  He said that any medabot who wields the soul of robattle couldn’t be defeated.”


It was Samantha’s turn to let out a sigh.  “So that’s why you ran away earlier.  I guess you really do love this guy huh?”


“Yeah Boss.  I love him with all my heart” Peppercat said as she “smiled” and blushed slightly.


“I’m happy for you Peppercat…I really am” Samantha said as she patted Peppercat on the head.


“Thanks Boss” Peppercat said as she “smiled” again.  They all stood up and left the bakery.  Peppercat felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off of her shoulders.  She could finally relax again knowing that Samantha was not angry.


“I think I’m going to take a nice, long, cat nap when I get home” she said as she looked up at the clouds moving away from the city.


Peppercat and Samantha walked through the doorway and into their home.  Samantha went upstairs but Peppercat headed directly for her special basket.  It was a wicker basket that had a fluffy, white pillow and a warm, plaid blanket.  She crawled into the box on all fours, pulled the blanket up to her chest and slowly drifted off to sleep.


Peppercat’s dreams disturbed her.  She was on a rooftop with Sumilidon, Neutranurse, Brass, and Metabee.  Robo-Emperor was there but it looked different.  They were all badly damaged and Robo-Emperor was standing in front of them.  It opened its mouth and fired a powerful beam that tore them all to pieces.  A member of the Rubberrobo gang picked up their medals and began to laugh maniacally. 


She woke up in an invisible, cold sweat and wondered if it had just been a dream or something else.  Before she could think any more about it she suddenly felt sick to her stomach.  She scrambled out of her basket, tripping over it and then quickly rose to her feet.  She ran to the bathroom, lifted the lid on the toilet, dropped to her knees, and “vomited.”  She did not actually vomit but she did make the same sounds as a human would.  She stood up and wiped her “mouth” on a towel.  She was not sure what had made her sick, the only thing she had eaten that day was a piece of salmon and she knew that it had been fresh. 


She decided to try to sleep it off and went back to her box.  She was about to lie down when she heard a familiar voice.


“Hello Peppercat” she turned to see Kai standing directly behind her.  He was wearing a black cloak that came down to his knees.  Peppercat took a step back and then realized who the speaker was.


“Don’t sneak up on me like that…wait a minute…how did you get in here?” she asked.


“Let’s just say that I have my ways” Kai said.  “I’m sorry about leaving so suddenly earlier.  Ryo needed me to…” 


Peppercat interrupted him “Don’t worry about it.  I know that you’re busy and…”


This time it was Kai’s turn to interrupt “That is no excuse.  I promise to make it up to you” Kai said as he wrapped his right arm around Peppercat’s waist.  She wrapped her arms around his neck and they kissed passionately.  Sparks flew in every direction and Peppercat’s face turned bright red.


“I’m…” Kai pressed his index finger against her “mouth”, preventing her from saying the word.  He kissed her again before continuing. 


“Metabee knows a bit more about how to summon the soul of robattle.  Ryo thinks that it should only take him a few more weeks to be able to use it.  I want the time we have left together to be special.  That’s why I bought this for you” Kai said as he took his left arm from behind his back and opened his hand, revealing a white gold necklace with a sea green, emerald that was shaped like a tear.


Peppercat stared at it lovingly, Kai was the not the type to buy such expensive gifts.  He would usually write her a haiku.  She loved all of his haikus and kept them in a chest but she often wished that he would give some type of jewelry and now her wish had finally come true.  He placed it around her neck and fastened the clasp. 


“Thank you so much” she said as she hugged him tightly.


“You’re very welcome Peppercat but could you please stop crushing me” he wheezed.  She blushed a little before releasing him.  “Why don’t we go for a walk?  We can go to that new sushi bar.”  It was as if he was reading her mind, she had wanted to go to that restaurant for weeks.


“That sounds terrific!  Let me just get my coat” Peppercat said as she ran to a closet and took out a long coat.  It was green leather and came down to her ankles.  She put it on and called out to Samantha “I’m going out for a while Boss.”


“Okay, I’ll see you later” Samantha called back from her room. 


“Let’s go!” Peppercat exclaimed.  The two medabots stepped out of the house and began to walk down the rain soaked streets.  They passed the 24-hopmart but Peppercat was so caught up in her own thoughts that she failed to notice the “gang” staring at her.


“Please tell me that was not Peppercat and Kai!” exclaimed Erika.


“I would miss Erika but I don’t like to lie,” replied Brass. 




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