The Soul of Robattle


By: Dragon Master


Chapter 4: Decent Into Chaos


(This is the fourth chapter of this fic and again I say thanks for the inspiration Jedi-and)



“I guess she really does love him” Erika muttered.


“Right now I don’t care about that.  I can finally get some straight answers about this soul of robattle stuff” Metabee said as he started to leave.  Karin put her hand on his shoulder and stopped him.


“Wait a second Metabee.  They looked like they were on a date.  We shouldn’t interrupt them.”


Ikki immediately took the opportunity to get on Karin’s good side.


“Yeah Metabee, don’t be rude” Ikki said.


“As if you weren’t about to do the same thing” Erika chimed in.


“I would never do anything so heartless!” Ikki yelled in a desperate attempt to stop Erika from ruining his chance with Karin.


“I don’t care what they’re doing!  I need to get some answers!” Metabee yelled as he stormed out of the 24-hopmart and went down the street after Peppercat and Kai.


Peppercat was caught up in a vivid fantasy about a romantic candlelight dinner with her lover.  She was suddenly jolted back to conscious by Kai squeezing her hand.  Before she could ask him what was going on she saw the problem.  Two men in rubber suits were standing a few feet.  Beside them was a tank type medabot.




Medabot: Crusher


Medafighter: Rubberrobo Gang


Specialty: Cannon




Its head was shaped like a tank turret and a cannon was fixed in the center.  Just below the main gun was a hunter green, oval shaped visor.  A three barreled cannon was attached to its right wrist and a rocket launcher was attached to its left.  Its lower torso was shaped like a jeep and had treads on both sides.  One of the Rubberrobo gang members smiled and said “Prepare to hand over your medals!”


Kai stepped forward and prepared for battle.  As Crusher slowly rolled forward Kai suddenly disappeared.  The tank type medabot looked around in confusion.  As Crusher scanned for Kai it almost toppled over from the force of an explosion.  Kai reappeared a few yards away with smoke pouring from his rifle.

Crusher looked at its left arm and found that its rocket launcher had been turned into a smoking pile of scrap metal.  It seemed to completely ignore the injury and continued to fight.  Raising its right arm Crusher fired a devastating volley of cannon fire.  Kai leapt over shell after shell with grace and ease.


“You Rubberrobos seem to get weaker every time I see you” Kai jeered. 


“Shut up!  We’ll crush you!” the Rubberrobos shot back.  “Attack now Crusher!” they yelled and it obeyed.  Raising its main gun Crusher fired a devastating attack.  As the shell came roaring towards Kai he somersaulted to the left and easily dodged the attack.  As he rushed toward Crusher a familiar voice rang out.


“Hold it right there Kai!  I want answers and I want them now!” Metabee yelled as he came running down the street. 


“Metabee, what are you doing…AAAAHHHH!!!!” A shell slamming into his back prevented Kai from finishing his sentence.  He was thrown through the air and came skidding to a halt directly in front of Peppercat.  She fell to her knees, put her head on Kai’s chest, and sobbed uncontrollably.  Metabee stared, unable to believe what he had just seen.  But the shock was soon replaced by rage.  He felt a power surge through him and he was surrounded by the same aura that Kai had once displayed.  The crimson energy was taken into his missile launchers and after a moment he fired two spheres that hurtled toward Crusher.  Being too slow to dodge the attack Crusher’s chest was torn open and parts and motor oil were thrown across the battlefield.


“Well done Metabee” Kai wheezed.


Metabee ran over to Peppercat his mind filled with concern.  He kneeled beside her and stared at Kai’s broken body.  “We better get him some help” he said.


At the 24-hopmart Ikki and Koji were embroiled in a fierce argument.


“Ikki can’t you ever control Metabee?” Koji asked.


“Shut up!  Metabee always listens to me!” Ikki shot back.


“Oh sure, like when he listened to you just know?” Koji replied angrily.


“Why you dirty little…!” Ikki yelled.


Just as Koji began to reply Metabee and Peppercat burst through the door carrying Kai’s body between them. 


“Please help us!” Peppercat cried her voice filled with desperation.  With the help of the others they carefully placed Kai on a table.


“Peppercat, What happened to Kai?!” Erika exclaimed.  Before Peppercat could recount the horrible story two people in rubber suits appeared. 


“I’m afraid the only help your friend Kai will be getting is from the Rubberrobo Gang.  We’ll be helping him remove his medal!”




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