The Soul of Robattle


By: Dragon Master


Chapter 5



Author’s Note: Well everyone it’s been a long time coming but here it is the final chapter in my fic.  It’s fast paced and full of action so I hope you enjoy it.  Just because this is the last chapter doesn’t mean this is my last fic.  I have a whole new concept in the works so keep watching for more adventures with your favorite medabots.  Oh yeah I almost forgot, thanks for the inspiration Jedi-and!  



Kai’s broken body lay on a table.  The ninja medabot was severely damaged and in desperate need of help.  However there was a major obstacle that had to be overcome first, the Rubberrobo Gang. 


“Give us the rare medal now!” they hissed.


Metabee stepped forward to fight but collapsed to his knees, the battle with Tankar had drained his strength.  Ikki rushed to his side, supporting his limp body.


Peppercat’s voice rang out, “Don’t try to stand Metabee.  You’ve helped enough for now” she whispered, her voice filled with rage.  “I don’t care why you’ve come here or what you want.  Kai needs help and I won’t let anything stand in my way!” she shouted.


The ruby medabot stepped forward, trembling with rage and wanting to cry.  She took a final glance at her love’s ragged form and took in the sound of crackling circuits before launching herself into a full-speed charge towards the Rubberrobos.  She had nothing to lose and everything to gain, love, happiness, and the prospect of returning to a normal life. 


With a look of mock terror the Rubberrobo pressed a button on his medawatch marked transport and brought a horrific sight into the 24 hop-mart.  It was not a medabot, but a mass of tin pets that had been bonded in some unholy fusion.  Despite this Peppercat continued her headlong charge, her eyes glowing a fearsome amber and a miniature lightning storm dancing across her body.  “I’ll make you pay!  You won’t escape my wrath!” she said, her voice like a peal of thunder.  She collided with the tin pets bathing the entire area in pale blue light.


“This can’t be!  She doesn’t have a rare medal!” cried the Rubberrobos as the mass of tin pets exploded under the crushing force of Peppercat’s rage filled attack.  The Rubberrobos fled as quickly as they could, struck dumb with pure fear.


As the light faded Peppercat sank to her knees, her chest and shoulders heaving.  Samantha rushed to her medabot’s side and embraced her tightly.  “Peppercat I had no idea you could do that.  I’m so proud of you!”  However Samantha’s praise fell on deaf ears, Peppercat could only think of Kai.  Freeing herself from Samantha’s grip she stood on trembling legs. 


“We have to help Kai” she muttered, her voice barely audible.  Henry scooped Kai up and rushed to his motorcycle.  Carefully placing Kai in a sitting position and wrapping his arms around his waist Henry started the engine.


“I’ll take Kai to the Medabot Corporation building, if anyone can repair him it’s Dr. Aki” Henry shouted as he sped off toward the Medabot Corporation. 


Metabee placed his hand on Peppercat’s shoulder, leaning on her slightly but making an effort to stand on his own.  “Don’t worry Peppercat, Kai’s a tough bot, he’ll be just fine.”


“Yeah, Dr. Aki will fix him up in no time” Ikki said, trying to give off his usual aura of unwavering confidence.


“I’m not worried” Peppercat sighed.  “Kai’s going to pull through.”  She wished she was as confident as she sounded.


Ryo’s voice suddenly rang out, “He’ll pull through alright.”  The mysterious medafighter emerged from the shadows, a smug look on his face.


Ikki grabbed Ryo’s collar, his eyes filled with rage and sorrow.  “Where were you Ryo?  Where were you when Kai was hurt and needed you most?”


Grabbing Ikki’s wrist, Ryo quickly twisted his arm behind his back and whispered in his ear.  “I know exactly what you’re thinking, why wasn’t I there to help him?  Well let me tell you this, Kai doesn’t need a baby sitter.  He goes where he pleases when he pleases and he can defend himself.”  Releasing Ikki he disappeared into an alley with a sardonic chuckle. 


“I really don’t like…” Erika’s voice trailed off.


“It’s alright you can say it.  I know how cold Ryo can be but he’s a genuinely good person” Peppercat said half-heartedly.


“He smells like smoke and motor oil,” noted Ikki, recounting the sharp acidy smell that had hung about Ryo’s body, almost as if he had been welding or soldering.


A blood chilling cackle rent the air and Seaslug appeared.  “I don’t know how you defeated the Rubberrobo Gang’s latest experiment but you’ll never be able to defeat me!” he called and dashed off down the street.


“I’ll destroy you for what you’ve done!” Peppercat screamed as she rushed after him, putting all of her rage into her medaparts.  Seaslug quickly ran into the lobby of a towering skyscraper and quickly dove into an elevator.  Peppercat followed him, caring nothing about herself or what could be waiting for her.  As she anxiously waited for the doors to close the “gang” filed into the elevator.  Pepercat took notice of the Kuwagata type medabot who had entered along with them, it was Rokusho


“We won’t let you do this alone Peppercat,” panted Samantha, she was exhausted after sprinting five city blocks.


“Thanks boss, I would say that it’s too dangerous but since you’re already in the elevator I guess I can’t stop you” Peppercat smirked.


The elevator came to a stop and the doors slid open.  Seaslug stood across the rooftop, a smug look frozen on his face.  Peppercat was the first out of the elevator.


“The Rubberrobo Gang has attacked me, my friends, and my love.  I will not forgive you.  You will not escape me” Peppercat said, her icy voice clear as an air horn.


Seaslug merely chuckled before pressing a button on his medawatch.  In a blinding flash of white light a towering giant arrived on the scene.  Its head was boxy and framed by a pair of powerful crushing jaws.  Its crimson visor only accentuated its sinister stare.  A missile launcher was mounted on its right arm and had a massive hammer in place of a left hand.




Medabot: Necromancer


Medafighter: Rubberrobo Gang


Specialty: Piledriver




“I want all of you to stay back.  I’m going to do this on my own” said Peppercat, her pride and courage swelling within her.  Without another word she charged Necromancer, only to be delivered a devastating blow with the monster’s piledriver.  Samantha rushed to her side and cradled her gently in her arms, tears streaming down her face.


Metabee and Rokusho then stepped forward.  “You fought hard Peppercat but this is our fight now.” Metabee said coolly.  


Henry arrived at the Medabot Corporation, quickly taking Kai in his arms he burst through the front door.  Knocking workers aside he barreled down a corridor in search of Dr. Aki.  “Doctor where are you?  I need your help!” cried Henry.  Stepping out of a boardroom Dr. Aki placed himself directly in Henry’s path.  With a thud and the fluttering of papers the two collided.  Still cradling Kai’s body Henry gurgled, “Help me doctor.”


Carefully placing Kai’s body on a gurney Dr. Aki picked up a screwdriver and went to work removing the medabot’s armor.  “The damage is extensive.  I have to remove the medal before a complete system shutdown.”  He worked feverishly but accurately.  Gently turning Kai onto his side Dr. Aki pride open his back hatch, revealing the cracked and dented medal.  Handing it to Henry he stammered urgently, “Take that to the 5th floor immediately, the data has to be transferred to a new medal!”  Dashing out of the room Henry sprinted to the elevator.  As the doors slid open he thought to himself, “Please, you have to live.”


Even in his frantic state Henry could feel the warmth of the medal in his hands.  He stared at it curiously and was shocked to see it begin to glow.  And then, as if by some act of God, Kai’s voice rang out.  “The battle is not over yet.  I must help them before it’s too late.”  At first Henry thought he was hearing things.  He told himself it was just the stress of the moment but then he began to wonder if he really had heard a voice.  Henry was beginning to question his own sanity when he heard Kai’s voice again.  “I cannot afford to fail.”  Without a second thought Henry dismissed it, telling himself that a medal could not talk without a body.


On the rooftop Metabee and Rokusho were failing miserably in their attempts to attack Necromancer.  “Fire seeker missiles” cried Ikki.  With a puff of smoke and a rush of air the missiles sailed toward the behemoth.  An earsplitting crack rent the air as Necromancer’s tentacles easily clawed them from the sky. 


Sardonic laughter burst forth from the Seaslug’s lips, “You can’t defeat Necromancer with your pitiful attacks.”


“I’ll finish this.”  Raising his sword high above his head Rokusho charged.  Bellowing in sheer joy Necromancer swung its mighty pile driver, dealing the KWT type medabot a crushing blow to the skull, snapping off one of his horns and landing him flat on his back.


Again Seaslug erupted with laughter.  “Did I forget to mention the hammer?  Don’t get too close or you’ll end up as nothing more than a smear on the wall.”


Ikki gritted his teeth as he tried to formulate a plan.  There was no way to attack Necromancer without risking the lives of either Metabee or Rokusho. 


“We need a plan here Ikki and we need one fast” Metabee shouted over the deafening clamor of Necromancer’s internal workings.


“Plan all you want nothing will save you,” cackled Squidguts.


Groggily, Rokusho rose to his feet.  Rubbing his head and trying to focus he stumbled toward Metabee.  “Easy there Rokusho.  Just stay down and let me handle this” Metabee said, attempting to downplay their desperate situation.


As Rokusho sank to his knees a voice called out, “Both of you stay where you are!”  Turning to face the speaker Metabee was both relieved and horrified to see Kai stepping out of the elevator.  His body had been completely remodeled.  His helmet was almost identical to Orkamar’s and his visor glowed a soft orange.  His armor was black as night and attached to either arm was a cutlass with a serrated blade.  He still retained the trademark design of a ninja type medabot and his appearance was almost identical to that of Nin-Ninja.  The Chinese symbols for water and fire were emblazoned upon his shoulders in stunning gold.   


“You won’t do this without me.  After all I built that new body” called another voice.  The doors opened again and Ryo stepped out, the same smug look on his face that he had shown when he spoke to Ikki earlier that day.  “Let’s make this quick Kai.” 


“I won’t waste anytime playing with you.  I’M GOING TO FINISH THIS HERE AND NOW!!!” bellowed Kai as he was surrounded by a crimson aura.  Necromancer merely laughed at the medabot standing before him.  Drawing all of his strength into his blade Kai swung hard, sending a sickle-shaped beam of pure energy hurtling towards the monster.  “NO MERCY!!!” Ryo roared. 


The beam passed through Necromancer as if it were some ghostly apparition.  At first nothing appeared to be happening but after a moment the sound of metal twisting and splitting could be heard above all else.  Necromancer did not move or make a sound; it simply fell, cleaved in two by the ferocious blast.


“Now you know what true power is.  Nothing can defeat the soul of robattle” Kai muttered and then he fell.  There was no sound as his body crumpled to the floor; it was almost as if he had been set down by some divine power.  Metabee rushed to his side and stared in shock as he saw that his back hatch was empty, Kai had defeated Necromancer without a medal…he and Ryo had done the impossible on will alone.



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