Friends Forever

By Joshua M. Cole esq.





Ikki Tenryou           10

Erika                         10

Koji Karakuci         11

Karin Junmy           10

Henry                        18

Jean Hitaro             12

Collin Sevigny        12










Nae                             12

Honey Force

Ryan Hitaro                4

Ryan Junior Hitaro   2

Collin “Malcom” Sevigny  10

Floyd Jones            12

Chris Carlson         12

Michael Anderson 13

Mr. Referee               OLD



The forest outside the city

11:00 p.m.


Metabee: HELP!!!!!

Metabee was being chased by a farmer with a rifle.


Metabee stops.

Metabee: HEY! Who are you calling a mangy medabot?! THAT DOES IT!! I’m MAD!!!

Ikki: (talking fast) Eject medal!

Ikki quickly ejected Metabee’s medal before he started shooting.

Ikki:I’m so sorry, sir. Metabee is addicted to watermelon because he is a beetle-type medabot.

Farmer: That’s O.K. Just make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Ikki: Yes, sir.

Ikki  carried Metabee’s body to the campsite and put his medal back in.

Ikki: METABEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Metabee: Am I in trouble, Ikki?

Metabee: Hey, I can take care of myself!!!

Ikki: Oh, yeah?!

Metabee: YEAH!


Ikki and Metabee continue to argue. Meanwhile, Brass was talking to Neutranurse.

Brass: Why can’t they get along?

Neutranurse: Metabee is hot-headed, and Ikki is stubborn.

Ikki and Metabee: I HEARD THAT!!


Sumilidon: Hey, Metabee.

Metabee: Hey, Sumilidon.

Metabee and Sumilidon both went to their tent. You see, Ikki, Metabee, Erika, Brass, Karin, Neutranurse, Henry,  Koji,  Sumilidon,

Jean, Collin, and Nae were camping.


Brass: Lets swim!

Ikki: Yeah!

Metabee: Sure.


Everyone got into their swimsuits and jumped in…Except for Metabee.

Ikki: Come on in, Metabee!

Metabee: O.K……………………BANZAII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Metabee jumped into the deep swimming lake when all of a sudden….



Ikki’s Medawatch:WARNING! Head part damaged, 65% damage.

Metabee missed the water and hit a big rock. Head first.

Ikki: Are you O.K. Metabee?

Metabee: Yeah…I think….OH! My head!!

Nae:*Yawn* What happened?

Ikki: Metabee hit his head on a rock.

Jean and Collin: We got it on disk!!!

Jean: We were hiding and recording when Metabee took the plunge!

Collin: Watch!!!



Metabee: BANZAII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jean: What was that?!

Collin: I think that was Metabee.

Jean: Come on, Collin….COLLIN!!!!!

Collin: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..


Jean: You dozed, again!

Collin: Sorry.



Erika: Hmph!

Erika is a journalist (we already knew that) Jean and Collin were newscasters. Erika gets jealous when they get a compliment.

Especially from Ikki.

Nae: I like it.

Jean: Thank you. *sigh*

Jean also has a HUGE crush on Nae.

Erika: Showoff.

Jean: Oh, so you think you’re better than me?!

Erika: YEAH!

Jean: Let’s settle this now…Lets robattle!!

Erika: You’re on! Brass!!!

Brass: I am ready, Miss. Erika.

Jean: Let’s get it on! Transport Hammercat!


Hammercat-CYO 3690

Specialty: Transport  Medafighter: Jean


Mr. Referee: Than, it’s agreed!

Erika: Yeah!

Jean: I’m ready!

Mr. Referee: I officially declare this match a submission robattle. Erika and Brass versus Jean and Hammercat. Medafighters ready?

Erika and Jean: Yeah!

Mr. Referee: Alright, medabots…..ROBATTLE!!


Brass: Eat laser!!

Jean: Barrier wall!

Brass’ lasers bounced off the transparent wall.

Erika: Brass, tackle!

Jean: Transport.

Brass: Take this!! Huh??

Jean: NOW!!!

Hammercat transported herself behind Brass

Hammercat: White laser!!!

Brass: AAH!!

Erika’s medawatched: Warning! Legs damaged 100% function ceased. Warning! Left arm damaged 98% damaged immobilized. Warning! Head part damaged 80% damaged. Shutdown imminent.

Erika: What?!

Jean: It’s time. Now Hammercat!

Jean and Hammercat: Medal access! Q-force!!!

The immediate vicinity of Hammercat which was about 10 feet was engulfed in electricity.

Jean and Hammercat: Q-force…..LAUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brass: NO!!!AAAHHH!!!!!

Erika’s medawatch: Warning! Warning!

Brass’ medal popped out.


Mr. Referee: Function ceased. And the winner is Hammercat!

Jean’s medawatch: Sleep mode activated.

Jean: Hammercat! You’ll be alright.

Ikki: What was that???

Metabee: That definitely was NOT the medaforce!!!

Jean: Let me explain. There are 4 rare medals. The star, moon, planet, and sun medals. They have access to a power 50 times more powerful than the medaforce.

Ikki: Wha..what???

Jean: This is called the Q-force. These 4 medals don’t have the medaforce. Instead they have the Q-force. The Q-force is a blast of energy and electricity that can do 30 times the damage that the medaforce can do.


Suddenly a strange person walked toward the group. It was a rubber robo.

Rubberrobo: Now! Grab the Moon medal!!

Jean: No!


What will happen next.  Find out soon.




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