by Yiannis


“Metabee launch seeker missiles” Ikki commanded.

“Right on” Metabee said launching the seeker missiles at Sumilidon. Sumilidon fell and his medal popped out.

“Function ceased the winner is Metabee” Mr. Referee said. While Ikki and Metabee did a victory dance with the newly acquired Summilidon legs.

“Ikki let’s go home” Metabee said as they left for Ikki’s house.

The Next Day

“ Metabee lets find someone to battle!” Ikki said dragging Metabee outside. The moment Ikki got out of his house a boy was waiting for him. The boy wore blue jeans an orange shirt and a black jacket; he had brown hair and eyes.

He said “ I am Will Andrews. I’ve come from America just to battle you! Don’t think your Metabee is gonna be in one piece after we battle and I’m not going to help afterwards either.”

“Dream on Will Metabee can’t be destroyed ,I mean his parts and tinpet, with a Medaforce attack .What makes you think you can win!”

“ You’ll see and you still haven’t accepted my challenge.” Will said coolly waiting for a reply.

“ You bet I’ll battle you. Metabee let’s show this guy how good we are” Ikki said.

“ Nobody says they can beat me that bad and get away with it.”

“Shadow Knight!” Will said as he transported A black Metabot like Nin-Ninja only with a blade and a rifle on each arm and visor was blood red with dark green eyes appeared.

Shadow Knight


Medafighter: Will Andrews

Specialty: Shadow Buster

Mr. Referee came and gave his speech “I declare this match a submission robattle as such I will referee me Mr. Referee. Ready… Medabots Robattle!!!”

“Metabee use your laser cannon” as lasers were heading to Shadow Knight he didn’t move and the lasers went through him. “Maybe I should show you a better move missile launch!” Metabee said while launching two missiles which went through Shadow Knight.

“I thought you were supposed to be tough. Shadow Knight Assassin Combo” Will yelled. Suddenly Metabee fell to the ground.

“ How the heck did that happen? Shadow Knight didn’t move. How can he make shots go through him and hit Metabee without moving?

Then Ikki saw how badly Metabee was damaged.


Head: 50% Damaged

Left Arm: 100% Damaged-Function Ceased

Right Arm: 100% Damaged-Function Ceased

Legs: 100% Damaged-Function Ceased

“Maybe I wasn’t clear before. Just so you know you can’t dodge this!” Metabee said while shining in Medaforce light. “MEDAFORCE!!!”

“Shadow Buster” Shadow Knight yelled releasing a black energy that kept the mediocre at a stalemate.

“What how can you stop the mediocre without the mediocre?” Ikki asked.

Will just said “ Stop the climactic scenario. FULL POWER!!!”then the dark beam cut through the mediocre consumed Metabee and all that came from the darkness was Metabee’s medal.

“ Shadow Knight let’s let the loser weep over his loss.”Will said, Shadow Knight agreed and they left Ikki.

Ikki put the medal in the meda-watch. “Oh, man what the heck happened that move was stronger than the mediocre. I think Dr. Aki should know about this!” Metabee said groaning.

Medabot Corporation

“Dr.Aki” Ikki said rushing into his office.

“Slow down Ikki…. Where’s Metabee”

“ He’s in my meda-watch. I robattled earlier today and this guy beat Metabee like he was nothing.”

“What about the mediocre”

“ Metabee used it but his specialty cut through the mediocre and destroyed everything but the medal. And a basic attack took out his arms and legs.”

“What is his name?”

“Medafighter: Will Andrews U.S., Medabot: Shadow Knight”

“O.K. I’ll see what I can do. Go to the lobby and ask for another KBT Metabee type, they’ll give it to you.”

“Thank you.” Ikki said and left.

At Home


“Hi Mom” Ikki said as ha walked in with the mew parts.

“Hi Ikki how was your day?” Ms. Tenryou asked Ikki.

“Horible, Metabee’s body was destroyed so I got new parts from Dr.Aki.”

“That was nice of him”

“I’m going to work on Metabee”

At The Park


“Koji, Samantha, Rokusho thanks for coming. I need Peppercat and Sumilidon to attack me. If Metabee use mediocre Sumilidon and Rokusho must double mediocre Metabee. I must beat Will.”

During 3rd Week Of Training


Head: 80% Damaged

Left Arm: 100% Damaged-Function Ceased

Right Arm: 100% Damaged-Function Ceased

Legs: 100% Damaged-Function Ceased

“ This is for Ikki!” Metabee started to shine, so did Rokusho and Similidon.

“ This is for my aching tin pet”Metabee shined brighter.

“ This is because I’m sick of training” Metabee shined brighter than before.

“ This is for my pride” Metabee now was a very bright yellow.

“ This is because training is over!!” Metabee was now a pure white light.

Koji’s and Samantha’s meda-watches said the medabots stats were decreasing very fast. “Sumilidon fire NOW!!!”Koji yelled. Rokusho and Smilidon said in unison “ DOUBLE MEDAFORCE” and fired their intertwined medaforces at Metabee.


The attack bounced off Metabee. Everybody couldn’t believe what happen. “Now it’s my turn! KISS YOUR ‘BOT GOOD-BUY FOR GOOD!! PURE MEDAFORCE!!!!!” Metabee said as he shot all the light at the others.



“Metabee you did that!” Ikki said with joy “Guys go to Dr.Aki for new parts.”

The Next Day

“Master lets see if Ikki wants to fight us master, it has been three weeks and he’s been training all the time.” Shadow Knight told Will.

“ Can’t think of anything better to do, so O.K.”

Later That Day In The Park

“Will, good, just the guy I wanted to see” Ikki and Metabee said together.

Will replied coolly “ Haven’t you guys learned yet?!” “Nope, I guess we are stupid then. Do you accept my challenge?” “Yes, Shadow Knight get ready.”

Mr. Referee came and gave his speech “I declare this match a submission robattle as such I will referee me Mr. Referee. Ready… Medabots Robattle!!!”

“Metabee!” Ikki said

“I know Ikki”

“Will this is for my pride”Metabee started to shine.

“Please not this again Shad…

“I wasn’t finished you-pain-in-the-ass” Metabee shined more.

“This is for Ikki’s dignity” he said and shined more than before.

“This is for the pain you caused” he said and shined a bright yellow.

“ Shad…”

“What part of I wasn’t finished don’t you get. This is so you learn pain” Metabee said and shined pure white.”

“Shadow Buster Full Power.”Will yelled.

“ Pathetic, PURE MEDAFORCE!!!” Metabee said and launched his attack that destroyed the buster and Shadow Knight.

Shadow Knight


They left Will weeping over Shadow Knight’s medal as they went home to have a party with his friends.



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