The Abandoned souls

 By Jedi-and


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Authors note: back again! And seeing as people seemed to enjoy my other angst fics, I think I’ll make a big one. It will probably end up like the others though. Never mind because you guys like those too don’t ya? ^_^ Enjoy



Chapter one: the green-eyed monster


“Come on Amber! Or you’ll be late for school!” Brass called upstairs to her daughter. It had been about another 5 years since the last time we saw her, She and Metabee where still together. She also had another baby. They called him Steel. He was a Metabee look-alike but he had a flat blue panel instead of the launchers. Brass was ready for work. Ikky had made a deal with them. They can live with him and Erika as long as they pay rent. It’s not much but she needs to work. She has a typical woman’s work suit and skirt. Her bow poked out the top of her blouse. She worked with Erika as her on the spot correspondent. 


“Coming!” Amber called back. She was a Brass look alike, though she had Metabee’s missile launchers on her head instead of the pink panel. Her personality was kind but arrogant in battle. She jumped down the last few stairs and hugged her mother, “Morning ma!”

“Morning Hun, now hurry up or you’ll be late.” She pushed lightly on her back in to the kitchen where Metabee was teaching Steel words through pictures.

“And this is a car… C-a-r.” he stared blankly at his father

“C-w-a-r” Metabee smiled and gave him a sweet,

“Great job kid!” Steel giggled and clapped his hands before eating the snack.

“You spoil him...” Brass said with a giggle. Her husband looked up

“Didn’t you treat Amber when she was younger?” she sweat dropped,

“Well, I...” She looked at her watch “Look at the time! I’m going to be late! Miss Erika won’t be please!” She ran out the door. Amber just stared wide-eyed.

“I’ve never seen Ma move so fast…”




“Alright! Zoom...Closer, closer, there you go!” Erika said, Brass ran up behind her, out of breath from the run.

“I’m...Sorry I’m...Late Miss...Erika.” she panted, leaning on her knees.

“Huh? Brass? Don’t worry about it.” Brass nodded and picked her microphone up from the equipment van and strolled back over to Erika.

“I’m ready when you are Miss Erika!” she smiled but Erika just turned to her and frowned.

“Sorry Brass. Your not on this case.”

“What?” Brass just looked in shock at her Medafighter, wondering why she was not on this story.

“We are sending in Newso” a camera on legs walked up. He had a simple head and skinny arms and legs (of which there was three).




Medafighter: Erika

Specialty: Not suitable for Robattles.



“But...But... I can still report! He needs someone to stand in front of him.” Brass started to panic a little, being replaced so easily.

“No need.” She said coldly “He can project an image of someone in the lenses as if they where there.” He nodded, she sounded almost proud as she presented point after point to why she isn’t needed.


“Just go home Brass.” The Boss of the broadcasting station walked up “As of this moment you are no longer needed.” Both Erika and Brass stared wide-eyed at the producer.

“You can’t!”

“Medabots don’t get rights Sailor. No rights, no contract. No contract, No deal! Now get out of here before I do you for trespassing.” He pointed off the Premises. Erika didn’t know what to say and stayed quiet. Brass took this as if she wasn’t trying to defend her,

“Fine!” she threw the Mic down and walked out, glancing back at her Medafighter, felling abandoned.




She walked down the street. her head was spinning. She felt alone and cold. She was used. Used. Like a slave. Her own Medafighter didn’t even try to stop it. She felt like crying, like she had done so many times before. Her programs felt like they where corrupting and being destroyed from within, eating her from the inside out. She put her hand over her face and ran, trying to fight the ever-encroaching tears that followed her. She tripped in the street and cried, unable to hold them back any longer. Two men just walked past her in to the building on her right. Not even caring that she was there. She looked up at the sign.

“The Arms?” she stood up and walked inside the bar. It was much like cheers in a way. The floor was sunken in, but the bar was on the far wall rather than in the centre. A few people where there, not many at all. She walked over to the bar and sat down.

“Excuse me?” she tugged on the bartender’s shirt from behind. He looked over and looks back to what he was doing,

“We don’t serve Medabots...” he said coldly before wiping a glass clean,

“Please I just want a...”

“Are you deaf? I said no Medabots!” he started to raise his voice, looking at Brass. Brass grabbed his collar and slammed in to the bar top

“Now listen to me! I have just lost my job, my Medafighter didn’t help me and I have a headache! Don’t mess otherwise I WILL lose my patience!” she punched him back “Now get me a damn drink!” he nodded timidly and got her a small sherry. “Something larger and stronger!” she demanded folding her arms. He nodded and took out a whisky bottle and poured her a shot. He started to draw the bottle back “Leave the bottle...” he nodded timidly and left the square bottle on the top, he walked off after she downed the shot and poured another.




“Erika? Where’s my Brass?” Metabee looked around Erika, trying to find his wife.

“What she’s not here?” she asked in surprise,

“Nope… she left for work this morning and didn’t come back…and it’s what? 4:30pm?” Metabee looked a little worried. She was always home, on time, at 3:30. He then spotted the new bot, “Hay, who’s the Camcorder?” he pointed.

“It’s Newso... he’s taken over from Brass.” She sounded a little sad.

“What do you mean TAKEN OVER?” Metabee started to steam out of his rocket vents.

“She was replaced by me because she wasn’t good enough to do her job. And who may I ask are you?” Metabee started to do his clicking noise,

“K.K.K.K.K.K.K.K.K.K.!!!!” he raised his laser cannon and started to fire, “HOW DARE YOU INSULT MY LITTLE BRASSY-KINS LIKE THAT!!!!” Erika and Newso ran out of the building as fast as they could, avoiding the barrage of cannon fire. They where on the pavement as Metabee slammed the door.

“Smooth move... just go and upset one of the best Medabot in the world…” they stood up and walked down the street, though they did find it a little funny what he called Brass. They eventually came past a bar. It looked quiet nice. ‘The Arms’ inn. She needed a drink so she walked in. not expecting what she saw.            

“I said Give me another DAMN BOTTLE!!!!” she looked at the empty bar. Well almost empty. Brass was still there sitting on a bar stool slumped over the bar top. Her eyes where half closed as she held a whisky bottle by the neck. She had stains over her jacket that was unbuttoned and her blouse was also half unbuttoned. She also had a small pool of alcohol from spilling. The bar keeper just looked at Brass.

“But Miss...”

“NO buts... I am not going to ask again. Gimmie a bottle.” Her speech was slurred and sloppy. She pointed her short shot at him, her hands waving all over the place. He just nodded and got her another bottle, this time of Navy Rum (evil stuff). She grabbed it by the neck of the bottle and forced herself up to the sitting position with her free hand. She threw her head back and drank from the bottle.

“BRASS!!” Erika called to the obviously drunk Medabot. Brass looked at her, the bottle was still down so she lost some of it on her lap. She slammed the glass jar on the side,

“Oh, it’s you...” she got up and staggered to a sitting standing position, the bottle held loosely in her hand.


“What do you want Erika?” she swayed dangerously as she took a step.

“Brass... calm down, just... give me the bottle.” Erika took a step forward, her hand out stretched as if she was waiting for the bottle to be handed over.

“Hell no.” she looked a little stunned as Brass took another swig, “This is the only thing that matters... this drink...” she gulped a bit more down and took another uneasy step,

“She’s obviously delusional…” Newso said, his bedside manner worse than ever.

“Delusional? Me? Hell no! I’m seeing clearly for the first time in a while...” she took another step, nearly falling over, “I have nothing left...” she looked at Erika, “My Medafighter.” She held both her hands out, “The one person I thought I could trust the most next to my husband... but low and behold as soon as a new model comes out I’m replaced... “ She laughed, then she smashed the bottle on the table, her laughter almost cutting off instantly and being replaced by an ice cutting glare “Even important things die out...” taking another step forward, Erika and Newso took a step back.

“We can get you your job back!” Newso started to panic,

“It’s not just about the job!” Brass threw over a table, as the bar tender ran, for fear of his life, “It’s about the fact I was betrayed by the person who was there at my ‘birth’... you watched my first few steps Erika...What happened? Did I grow up too fast?” Brass made an action as if she was running her hand through her hair, and started to get a little teary. “Did you get jealous? Jealous because I had two children and you had none? What did I do to throw it all away?” she rested her hands on a table, crying. She let out a cry of rage and put her hands through the table, and then she threw it over. She pointed her short shot at Erika and fired.

She missed.

She stumbled and fell. She was caught by Erika and passed out.    



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