The Abandoned souls

 By Jedi-and


Chapter 2: Pain doesn’t go that easily...

”So what happened?” Ikki asked Erika as they walked down the road to a local restaurant. “From what I heard from Metabee, things got pretty heated...”

”Heated is a handy understatement...” Erika sighed, before reaching in her handbag for her phone, which was playing the theme to Gundam Wing. “Hello? No everything is fine. Yes. We’ll see you down there.” She put it back in her bag. “That was Koji and Karen, they will be a little late.” She sighed again; Ikki put his arm around her to comfort his other half.

”Hey, we are going out for a nice meal, lets not spoil it.” He whispered as they finally reached where they where going, but what they didn’t realise was that they where being followed by a small cream coloured Medabot and a huge black one, both lurking in the shadows.

”Why do you need me for this? I am not really anything to do with this...” Reaver called.

”But I need you to help me get close enough to hear what they are saying!”  Sumillidon said, looking up at his tall companion. “With your ability to merge with the shadows you can get me close and...”

”How many times must I say this! It is not an ability to merge with the shadows, my black armour and cape can make us seem indistinguishable when it comes to black background but it doesn’t merge us. It’s like fancy camouflage!” He called, raising his finger. “And another thing! I...” he was cut off as Sumillidon pushed him back in to the shadowed alleyway, just in case someone saw them.

”Okay, you made your point!” He called, hushing his death type friend. “Just get us in there, via your special teleport-thingy.” Reaver growled at the inaccuracy of his fast companion.

”It’s not a teleport, we go in to another dimension and then walk through the wall, and I have said that I can do this because of my armour, and you can’t because I am the only one in the world with my protective covering and...”

”And anyone who tries it will die if they spend too long there, I know, I know.” He said. “Just get us there.” Groaning, Reaver’s cape enveloped them both and he managed to get on to the ceiling, in the shadows of the bistro. He hung above their table as Koji walked in with Karen, seeing as she dumped Reaver’s Medafighter Yugi quite a while ago. “Right, good work, lets hope your claws don’t slip out of the ceiling” Sumillidon whispered to his now temporary bench, curious at what was going on. The whole reason that he was doing this was because of Brass’ claim that their Medafighters no longer cared for them, and Reaver’s abilities made him uniquely qualified for the job of stealth, despite his large size and sometimes-goofy behaviour.

”Hello Ikki, long time.”

”Yeah, I guess.” Ikki replied to Koji, hands shaking each other firmly as the girls greeted each other with a hug. They entered and sat down, placing their coats on the back of their chairs. Looks like Sumillidon’s information was correct, as Reaver was directly above their table. Sumillidon could see everything clear as day, and not run the risk of being seen, because to the onlooker, there was nothing on the ceiling except for shadow, let alone a huge black Medabot basically spying on everyone. They all started to eat, Ikki had a black pepper style steak, Erika had a lot of vegetables, and not a lot else, Karen had the same and Koji had lobster.


“Well, this all seems nice...” Karen said, looking around, wiping her mouth clean.

”Yeah, although it’s nothing like the 5 star, really expensive restaurants I’m used too.” Koji boasted, getting a groan from the poorer members of the table.


“Watch it Koji, last time you boasted we had to run because you basically picked a fight…” Ikki stated, in a deadpan tone of voice.

”It was just one man!” Koji called back, blushing a little.

”He was an 8ft snow boarder!! And he was build like a brick out-house!” Erika called, remembering the tale Ikki had related back to her while she was pulling some glass out of his arm after said incident. Koji was now the one looking deadpan. Reaver found it hard to contain his laughter, before Sumillidon gave him a quick kick to keep him quiet.


“Listen Erika, Sumillidon told me about Brass. I just have one question. How could you let that happen?” Koji’s mood seemed to turn serious, his forearm resting on the edge of the table as he looked towards her, though his eyes where closed. She looked down at her plate slightly.

”I don’t know...”

”It was a little harsh to just let your boss fire her like that!” Karen spoke up, trying to sound soft, but probably coming over as patronising.

”I know damn it! But she has to learn how to deal with these things!” Erika shouted back, but not grabbing the attention of the other people around her. “After getting fired she went out and got ‘drunk’! I didn’t even know that Medabots could drink!” She called again. “As far as I am concerned she needs to act like an adult!” The others gazed at each other.

”Is it time we let them go as toys? And...” Before Ikki could finish Reaver lost his grip and came crashing down in to the table, snapping it clean in half, making everyone jump.

”Whoa... what a rush!” Reaver sat up and shook his head a little. “That certainly shook the cob webs loose...”

”Reaver? Sumillidon? What the…”


“Time to go!” The RVR type called, picking up Sumillidon and jumping at Erika. She screamed before he disappeared in a cloud of black smoke, and reappeared out another smoking black portal the other side of the glass. The group watched then rush down the road, Reaver taking flight after a few steps and Sumillidon heading the other way.





“You... You can’t be serious!” Metabee bellowed, handing Sumillidon a small batch of oil to sip.

”It’s true! I heard it all with my own ears!” He yelled back, obviously distressed before gulping down the entire lot of oil. “They want to let us go! And they think of us only as toys!” He continued to holler, almost screaming blue murder.


“But why? We’ve only ever served them!” Neutranurse said softly, trying to calm the distressed Medabot.

”I know, it doesn’t make any sense, but I am telling you that is what I heard!” He repeated, a little calmer than before.


“What should we do?” Metabee asked, looking around. This was one of the few times in his life he had no real idea of what to do. Everything... most things seemed so straightforward before, why not now?


“We should go!” Sumillidon voted, slamming his fist on the table.

”I think we should stay! You might have just have made it worse than it sounds! Again! Like the time you said that you caught a huge fish with your bear hands and it turned out to be nothing but a little gold-fish!”

”Now YOU excaudate! It was a carp!” Sumillidon came up to eye level with Metabee, both steaming. “You just want to stay here because of your Medafighter! You’ve become dependent Metabee!”

”Have not! I can give him up any time I want! I just want to stay for the commercials!” Groans came from everyone at that point, including a ‘give it up’ from Sumillidon.

”Well I think we should leave. Where ever Sumillidon goes, I go.” Neutranurse stated, patting her other half’s hand lightly. 

”There is still one person to ask.” They all turned towards the stairs. Brass was there, coming down slowly, a sullen expression on her face.


”The ball is in your court Brass, Just your vote. Do we stay? Or do we go?” Sumillidon asked, looking straight at her as she touched the final step and stopped.





“Metabee!” Ikki came rushing in, so fast that he had forgotten to take of his shoes, followed closely by Koji, then the girls. The place was a mess even from the hallway they could tell something had happened. “Koji! Check upstairs! I’ll check the kitchen!” He nodded and they sprinted off to find their Medabots.  After five, maybe ten minuets, Koji walked back down stairs.

”I found nothing.” He looked in to the kitchen and lounge area.

”It’s okay Koji. I found something.” Ikki held up a note. It was slightly scrappy and had a little oil on it, but they could read it all perfectly clear.


Dear Medafighters

We regret to announce that we are no longer under your ‘employ’. We appear to be nothing more than Toys to you, lifeless play things and we do not feel the same way as we think we have a heart and a soul, just that ours are made out of metal and not out of organic materials. I hope that you feel as we do, it was fun while it lasted and that we respect you in every way.

But now it is time to let go. Farewell

Metabee, Brass, Sumillidon and Neutranurse.


The Medafighters cast a glum glance at each other, before setting the note down. Not believing what they saw in front of them.


I hope you liked it. I haven’t written in a while and I’m a little rust. Please get back to me on what you thought.

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