Love Over War

by ceestar


Disclaimer: I do not own Medabots or any of it’s related products, but like everyone else here, just love it and want to write a fic with it’s characters.


ceestar: HELLO! This is my first Medabots fic, like I said in my last KND fic, I was going to make a Medabots one, this story is dedicated to JessieHeart and HFH, because I think they are the best Medabots story authors in the world and they are also my idols and inspirations, thank you! Now read!


Chapter 1: Getting Out of the Palace


10:00 am Shioro Palace


“Now Samantha, I want you to stay in your room, there is to be no running off into the village, for who knows what kind of people are out there. Is that clear?”

“Yes father.” Princess Samantha sat on her bed, she was totally bored with life with so much royalty.

“Good, no get ready, Prince Koji will be coming in a couple of hours.” Her father, King Shioro, left the room and locked the door behind him.

Samantha sighed.

“Doesn’t father understand how bored I am of this life as a Princess?” She chucked one of pillows at the wall.

“I want to get out of this castle and meet someone, someone to love and be together with. Why is it that I can not choose a husband. I do not want to marry Koji! (A/N Okay, in the show she might want to marry Koji, but not in this okay ppl, sry to those who were hoping for a S/K fic)”

Samantha looked around her room and eyed her chest of scarves.

“Hmm,” she thought to herself. ‘Maybe if I tie enough scarves together, I will be able to climb down, out of the window, and explore the village.’

So she tied tens of scarves together and threw them out the window.  

“I can not go looking like this!”

Samantha threw her dress off and put on some average baggy brown pants and a yellow t-shirt (I don’t know what the fashion was like then, but I’m sure they didn’t have jeans, otherwise she’d be wearing those).

‘Now, slowly, slowly,’  Samantha carefully lowered herself out of the window and onto the ground.

“Now, I’m pretty sure the village is this way.” Samantha walked off to the west, not knowing that that was the way to the forest.


10:00 am Hiroko Palace


“But father! There is such a large world out there just waiting for me to explore!” Spyke pointed out the window.

“I know, but the large world is no where for a young prince like you to be. Besides, Princess Erika will be coming soon.”

“I don’t want to marry Erika! I want to go out into the real world and find a wife by my self! (In the show, Spyke might not be like this, but a bit more stupid, but I don’t know how to make him stupid so, yeah ^^*)”

“There is no way I will be letting my son out there, who knows what kind of people are out there in the village! Now you stay in here and get ready, Princess Erika will be here in a couple of hours.” With that, King Hiroko slammed and locked the door.

“Arrr!” Spyke groaned and fell onto his bed, then he looked at the window.

“Well, father can’t STOP me from leaving the palace.”

So he jumped off his bed and went over to the window.

“Hmm, there’s no way a peasant would dress like this.”

He went over to his cupboard, grabbed some clothes, changed and went over to the window again, now in black pants and a blue shirt.

“Now, if I just carefully step onto the ledge, and then WOW!”

Spyke was placing one foot onto the ledge when he slipped and fell into the shrubs below.


He slowly got up and rubbed his aching back, then he walked, straight into the forest.


End of chapter one


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