Love Over War

by ceestar


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ceestar: I’m back! Enjoy the next chapter, sorry it’s so short, the next chapters will be longer!


Chapter 2: Meeting in the Forest


 10:30 am Some Forest

“I’ve been wondering around in this place for half an hour now!” Samantha walked around a tree.

“Hey! I’ve passed this tree before! That means I’m going around in circles!

“AAHH! OWW!!!!” a voice yelled.

“What was that?!” Samantha was shocked, she thought she was alone. She followed in the direction that the yell came from.

Spyke sat there rubbing his umm, behind.

“THAT HURT!! Huh?” Spyke looked over at Samantha. “EEP!”

“Who are you?” Samantha asked, helping the clumsy boy up.

“Thanks, I’m….” Spyke didn’t want to give out his real identity.

Think of a name, quick, or she’ll expect something, umm, umm” He thought as quickly as his mind could possibly go.

“I’m Prince Spyke, son of King Hiroko.” He blurted out.

“YOU IDIOT!!!” He mentally hit himself.

“Oh, well what do you know, I’m Princess Samantha, daughter or King Shioro.” Samantha introduced herself.

“Nice to meet you.” Spyke bowed (he was raised that way, you know).

“So what is someone like you doing out here in the forest? And why were you up in that tree?” Samantha spotted the broken branch next to Spyke.

“Huh, oh well, uh, you see, I was bored, so I ah, came out here. Then I got lost, and so I thought I’d go higher. Then, well uh, the branch gave way. That’s my second fall today.” Spyke looked away.


“Yeah, I fell out the window when sneaking out of the palace. Luckily I landed in some shrubs.”

Samantha giggled. “You poor thing (A/N Okay, now the characters are totally wrong, but well, they are Princes and Princesses).”

Samantha took Spyke’s hand.


“Come on, I want to get to know you a little better.”

“Yeah, me too?”

“I know a place, I’ve never really BEEN  in the village, but from the palace, I’ve seen this beautiful place, but we need to get out of here first.”

Surprisingly enough, the new couple saw some light ahead (okay, so I have no imagination)..

“Well what do you know?” Spyke cocked his head to one side.

“Come on.”  Samantha dragged Spyke out of the forest.

Far away, well, actually it wasn’t that far, King Hiroko and King Shioro were looking through eyeglasses.  They saw the two, hand in hand.


Shioro Palace

“That blasted son of Hiroko’s has taken my daughter! She is to marry Koji! How dare he get his son to take my dear Samantha! This mean war!”


Hiroko Palace

“That daughter of Shioro’s has taken my son! He is to marry Erika! How dare he get his daughter to take my young Spyke! This means war!”


Well that’s another chappie!


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