Love Over War

by ceestar


ceestar: Sure, whatever, anyways, so there is to be no complaining until at least the end of the chapter alright?

Medabots Gang: We promise!

ceestar: You know, I can see your fingers crossed back there guys.

Ikki, Henry and Ginkai: No you can't!

ceestar: SEE! You do, you guys said that I can't see your fingers crossed, that means that they are!

Ikki, Henry and Ginkai: *grumble*

ceestar: Okay, there will be no more complaining until later, my readers want to see what happens you know!

Medabots Gang: Whatever

ceestar: Let's just get this over with should we?

Chapter 4: No One Wants War?

Hiroko Palace


"Yes?" "We're ready for the attack, we're just waiting for your word."

"Good, Agata, I'm trusting you to win this war for us."

"Yes sire." Hikaru left the room.

"Father, do we really have to go through with this?" Spyke pleaded.

"Yes, I'm not going to let you marry my enemy's daughter."

Spyke sighed.

'What am I going to do?' He thought. 'Oh Samantha.'

Shioro Palace

"I will be giving the word soon Tenryo, get ready."

"Yes sir. I will ready the troops." Ikki left.

"Father please! I don't want to go to war with Spyke."

"I'm sorry Samantha, but there is no way you will ever see the enemy's son again."

'What am I going to do? She thought. 'I love Spyke so much.'

Hiroko Grounds

"Okay men, King Hiroko will be giving the word to attack soon, so I want you all to be ready." Henry gave the orders to prepare for the attack.

"I will be leading the attack with Karachuchi and Team A. Zora, I want you to lead Team B as back up. Ginkai, you will lead Team C to be long range attack. Is that clear?"


"Let's start practicing."

"Sir?" Koji went up to Henry as the other teams left.

"Yes, Karachuchi?" " I was wondering. Why are we going through with this war?"

" I don't know Koji. I must admit, I think the young prince and princess Samantha look great together."

"I know sir, so I do not know why King Hiroko and King Shioro want to go to war. Many innocents will be killed."

"I know Koji, but this is out of my hands, we can not make the kings decisions. We were only chosen to lead the troops into battle, but we have no say about it."

"What if everyone else feels this way too Hikaru?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, if we all feel this way, and the opponents feel this way? What I' saying is that maybe the Kings are the only ones that want to go through with this war, because the prince and princess certainly must not want it."

"You have a very good point there Koji, I will talk it over with the rest of the troops, now let's go join the rest of Team A."

"Yes Captain."

Shioro Grounds

"The time has finally come troops. A lot of us thought that the war would not actually happen, but I'm sure none of us are thinking that now. The king has said that we will be attacking very soon, so I want us all to get ready." Ikki was very nervous, he didn't want to lose his life in a war.

"I hope everyone remembers the plan, but just to be on the safe side, I'll go over it again. Azamake, you and I are leading the 1st squad into direct battle, in other words, Squad A, will be lead into front line combat with by Lieutenant Azamake and myself. Squad B will be lead by Sloan, you are to our back up, incase the enemy pulls anything sneaky. Rinataro, you are the leader of Squad C, who will be using the long range attacks. Is that clear to everyone?"

"Yes Sir!" "Alright, let's MOVE MOVE MOVE! Get started on your training, we may only have a very short while, so squeeze in as much practice as you possibly can. Team A, I'll will be with you shortly."

Ikki walked over, away from the commotion. Erika followed him.

"Sir? Is something wrong?"

"No, everything is just fine Azamake."

"But, you seemed troubled."

"I can't hind it from you Erika. I don't want this war to happen. I'm, I'm afraid of what might happen, to the kingdom, to these people, to you, and to me. I don't really want to hurt anyone, and I don't want anyone to get hurt."

"Yes, I know, I'm sure everyone else feels the same way."


"Yes, while I was on patrol last night, nearly everyone was talking about how they didn't want t fight in the war."

"I see."

"I myself do not want this war to go on, the young miss and Hiroko's son look good together. I wish I knew why the kings would want to stand in the way of their love."

"Erika, what if Hiroko's side DOESN'T want this war to go any further too?"

"I'm confused."

"Think about it, if every one of our troops don't want to fight, what makes you think the Hiroko's do?"

END OF CHAPPIE! Phew, sorry if you all wanted war, but I just don't have the heart to most likely kill all these characters, I really don't want to, sure that probably makes it a more exciting story, but I'm sure no one here wants to read as their favorite character gets killed! Oh yeah, sorry that there are no Medabots in this, I promise to put the Medabots in my next story.


ceestar: What did I just say?!

Metabee: Well, you didn't explain WHY we're not in the story.

ceestar: Fine I'll tell you. You've read the fic Metabee, I don't exactly have a very good imagination, especially when you compare it with Sam's Tour, or Armageddon (my apologies if I spelt it wrong), and please don't mention the huge number of spelling errors, I'm a lazy person alright? I don't re-read my chapters before I post them. Anyways, I just didn't know how to get the Medabots into a MEDI-EVIL STORY!!!!! I WAS GOING TO PUT SOMETHING IN THE STORY (can't remember what that thing was) BUT COULDN'T, AND YOU EXPECT ME TO HAVE THE MEDABOTS?!

Metabee: Well then we'd better be in your next fic, or else!

Metabee starts to glow green.


Henry pops out of no where

Henry: THANKS!

ceestar: GAH!

Henry: I'm the leader! I'm the captain! YES!

ceestar: You know Henry, either way, it's not that big a role (yet).

Henry: Oh well!


ceestar: I play the game (the Medabots RPG'S), and when I spoke to your mum, I said 'Ok, thanks Mrs Azamake'.

Erika: Oh, ok then.

ceestar: Well, that's all for now..

Ginkai: OH NO IT'S NOT!

ceestar: WHAT?

Ginkai: Nothing, I just wanted to be in this chapter.

ceestar: You are!

Ginkai: But I don't talk, so HI READERS! DID YOU MISS ME?!

ceestar: 1. They are MY readers, and 2. I'm tired so you can complain next time.

Ginkai: Ok, whatever. Let's go Arc-Dash.

ceestar: Bye Arc-Dash.

ARC-Dash: Uh, cya. *blush*

Ginkai: WHAT! I thought you liked Miss Nae!

Arc-Dash: YEAH! I thought YOU liked Miss Nae!

Ginkai: What? I don't like another girl! Right readers?

Readers nod

Arc-Dash: Yeah well they haven't seen your room!

Ginkai: WHAT!

Arc-Dash: You entire room is covered with pictures of ceestar!

Ginkai: Eh, it is not!

Arc-Dash: Yes it is! And so is Ikki's! You haven't even seen Metabee's photo albums! There's hundreds!

Ikki, Ginkai and Metabee: HEY! AND LIKE YOU DON'T LIKE HER!

Arc-Dash runs away, chased his medafighter and the hot headed world champs. ceestar: They are so weird *sweatdrop*.


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