The legend of the Crystal Medal

Author: Lizard 90

I own some characters in this story, including medabots.

New characters

These new guys are in my medabot fanfic. I own these so donít try putting them in your fanfic, I even own these guys medabots. Ask for my permission If youíd like to use these.


Made by: Lizard 90


Age: 13

Hobbies: Medabots, animal research, baseball, bodybuilding

Medabot: Lizard

School: Riverview high- school

 A boy from Finland. Same age as Ikki (all main medafighters are on the same age) and goes to the same school. He loves robattling with the others but he has an extremely short temper. Mathew also loves animals and he plays baseball. His medabot is an LZD or lizard- type who he named Lizard. Lizard has the same speed as Sumilidon and has three laser- canons that are similar to Metabees, he also has a long tail with an electric generator built in which shoots megawatts of electricity witch feels to the opponent like being zapped by a strong jolt of lightning. Lizard has a rare level 3 lizard medal witch Mathew found under a shelve at the 24 hopmart.



Age: 14

Hobbies: computer work, videogames, exercising, Medabots

Medabot: Gunner

School: Riverview high- school

Another boy from Finland, Mathews best friend. Michael got his medabot Gunner from an antique shop. (Gunner is an older model from Warbandit)              

Michael loves surfing in the internet an playing videogames, he also exercises.

Gunners medal was found from his basement by Michael witch turned out to be a rare tiger medal witch has reached level 2. Gunner is a KLN or a king lion- type witch is specialized in shooting. Gunner has weapons in almost every one of his parts and he also has a sniper scope on his left eye.



Age: 12

Hobbies: videogames, medabots, the rest I havenít made up

Medabot: Raider

School: Riverview elementary- school

Again a boy from Finland. This guys favorite thing is playing videogames but also stays in good shape. His medabot is Raider witch is a SOD or soldier- type, heís specialized in wrestling but his specialty is a rare move called stretch punch and he also has a rare level 3 turtle medal. Mathew, Michael, and Glen are the best 3 medafighters in Finland but they live in Japan because of their parentís jobs.



Age: 13

Hobbies: havenít made up

Medabot: Igano

School: Riverview high- school

An old friend of Mathew and Michael who they met in U.S.A.

I canít remember his hobbies. He has an IGN or iguana- type medabot named Igano, heís specialized in fire attacks (I planned the medabot like that cause in the story he loves fire attacks) but itís also specialized in shooting. He has a normal level 3 lizard medal.



Age: 14

Hobbies: girl stuff, medabots

Medabot: Barbinja

School: Riverview high- school

A finish girl who Mathew, Michael and Glen met in another country. She has two younger sisters, Lena and Alex who I also wrote about. We really donít know her hobbies but itís probably athletic stuff. She has a female ninja medabot Barbinja. She looks rather attractive as a medabot but inside she is dangerous with her two katanas. Her medal is a normal ninja medal level 2.

She has secretly fallen in love with Mathews Lizard but Lizard doesnít know that.



Age: 13

Hobbies: -#-, medabots

Medabot: Seamai

School: Riverview high- school

Sabrinaís younger sister. Iím not sure about hobbies. She doesnít robattle a lot but she still has her medabot friend in handy. Her medabot is a MER or mermaid- type medabot with the same kinds of laser- canons that Lizard has.

She has a normal level 2 mermaid medal. She can swim with her tail.



Age: 9

Hobbies: child things, medabots

Medabot: Femtank

School: Riverview elementary- school

Sabrinaís and Lenaís baby- sister. Really likes looking at the style of other female medabots (especially Brass). She herself has a BMT or battle motor- type medabot, Femtank who was made as a female bot. She may look sweet but has a bombarder (a missile shooting arm) and a machine- gun kind laser- canon. She has a turtle medal that is not rare and is only on level 1.


Lizard 90: I just want to inform that donít laugh at my characters or Ill sayÖ.well actually Id be very hurt because I use these characters in my own made medabot comics. Wait for my story to appear cause you might just like it.

This fic is where I add some of my own characters who are friends of Ikki and the others. A mysterious medal needs to be protected from the evil Meda-Mafia (theyíre an evil gang I made up once). Can Ikki and his friends protect the most powerful medal in the world? Of course, but I could be wrongÖ..

Lizard 90