The legend of the Crystal Medal

Author: Lizard 90

I own some characters in this story, including medabots.


Chapter 1 

Far in the rainforests of Mexico is where this story begins. Somehow The Phantom Renegade was in Mexico. He found an ancient Mayan temple. Inside he found a huge panel on a wall where in the middle there was a medabot medal. It wasn’t like the original medals because it was made of crystal.

“What a medal.” Thought The Phantom Renegade as he was reaching for the medal. “And shiny too.”

Suddenly a blinding flash came and then Phantom Renegade found himself in Japan in the park, where he saw Ikki and the others. Suddenly the Phantom Renegade heard a weird voice saying,

“The crystal medal will be in danger soon, stranger. Get these gifted children to protect the medal from this evil and powerful force, Henry.

“How did you know my name, we have never met.” Said The Phantom Renegade

Suddenly the voice was gone.

“I better go tell Dr. Aki. Only he will know something about the crystal medal, or something like that…” thought the Phantom and left.

In the park Ikki and the others, including the Screws, Mathew, Michael and Glen were ro- battling for fun. Mathews Lizard was ro- battling Samantha’s Peppercat, Michaels Gunner was battling Spyke’s Crosserdog and Glens Raider had a match against Sloans Totalizer. Metabee was really bored since Erika didn’t want to ro- battle, instead she was filming the battles. Lizard fired his electric blaster at Peppercat but she managed to dodge it but barely because the jolt hit her a little on the left arm and since she’s a robot the jolts went through her whole body making Samanthas medawatch say,

“WARNING! Right arm 35% damage, left arm 35% damage, body 40% damage, legs 25% damage, head 15% damage.

“Whoa. How could a smaller amount of electricity damage all parts?” wondered Metabee.

Ikki answered the question, “Metal conducts electricity so that’s the reason why a such a short jolt could damage Peppercats every part.”

“Thanks for the biology or whatever subject lightning has to do with.”

Samantha then gave Peppercat a command that Ikki was wondering when she was gonna use it,

“Peppercat! Shock attack!

Peppercat ran at Lizard with sparks flying out of her claws.

“Steady Lizard.” Said Mathew in to his medawatch   

Peppercat made a big jump at Lizard with her claws ready to grab his head.

“Lizard! Do a backward somersault!” Mathew commanded

Suddenly Lizard dodged Peppercats attack by somersaulting away. When Peppercat landed on the ground, Lizard then started shooting Peppercat with his laser- cannons dealing more damage on her head and chest.

“WARNING! Head 31% damage, chest 46% damage.

“Oh no! Peppercats taking some damage!” panicked Samantha. “Wait! Peppercat! Use the circling tactic!”

“Right Boss!”

Peppercat started to run around Lizard in circles but she started coming closer to Lizard and attack his legs.

“Lizard! Jump out of her circle!”

“You got it!” answered Lizard and jumped.

But Peppercat then figured out to use her lightning jump attack. She grabbed Lizards left leg and shocked him. 

Lizard started yelling in pain and Mathews medawatch said, “WARNING! Legs 53% damage, chest 48% damage, head 38% damage, right arm 40% damage, left arm 38% damage.

“How did Peppercat get so good all of a sudden?” wondered Ikki

Samantha started thinking “(It was nice of Mathew to help tune up Peppercat and teach me a few tricks. If I win Ill thank him and if I lose….well….. Ill still thank him.)”

“Lizard! Use OUR circling tactic!”

Lizard started running around Peppercat in circles and then stuck out his right arm.

“Uh- oh.” Said Samantha when Lizard started firing with his laser- cannons. Peppercat couldn’t doge the attack because it looked like she was getting hit from every direction. Finally Samantha’s medawatch gave another warning.

“WARNING! Legs 84% damage, chest 79% damage, left arm 72% damage, right arm 69% damage, head 100% damage, function cease.

Peppercats medal popped out and their battle was over.

“No! I lost again. Even with those fixed parts and tactics.” Wined Samantha.

“You fought well Samantha. Really!” said Mathew

“You think so.”


The battle between Gunner and Crosserdog was….well…..interesting. They were both behind a tree shooting at each other with their weapons. None of their shots hit each other and it looked pointless.

“Gunner. Use your sniper-scope.” Commanded Michael into his medawatch. “Aim at the side of his head.

Gunner’s sniper-scope activated and started looking for the target. When the scope picked up the  target witch was Crosserdogs head. Gunner fired with his sniper-rifle. But he missed the shot. Then Crosserdog used his battle-rifle (he wasn’t behind the tree anymore) witch hit Gunners sniper-rifle arm.

“WARNING! Right arm 55% damage.

“Gunner! Use the minigun! 

Gunner then started shooting powerful blasts witch knocked out Crosserdogs legs. Since Crosserdog couldn’t dodge anymore hits.

“Crosserdog! Battle-rifle!” commanded Spyke.

Crosserdog started shooting again. This time it hit Gunners sniper-rifle arm dealing BIG damage.

“WARNING! Right arm 100% damage, function cease.

“You asked for it Crosserdog! Said Gunner and started shooting even more with his minigun.

Crosserdog fell face forward on the ground and then his medal popped out.

“They got Crosserdog too.” Wined Spyke.

Last they saw Raider beating-up Totalizer before Erika got a shot at them. So the Screws lost again.

Metabee cried out, “Can I ro-battle you guys now?

“Maybe later!”

Then the Screws ran away.

“Aww. Why did you guys get to have all the fun.

Hey the Screws wanted to ro-battle us. What’s the problem with that?” asked Glen

Then Ikki got a wondering look and said. “Where’s Mister Referee?”

Suddenly Mister Referee appeared out of nowhere.

“Sorry I over-slept. Medafighters ready….”

“The match was over 6 minutes ago.” Said Mathew

 “My mistake. Gotta go. See ya!”

Then mister Referee ran. A few minutes later Henry came to the park with a look like he was thinking about something.

“Oh. Hi Henry. Said Erika. “Are you thinking about?”

“Hi kids. Well I have something to tell you and it’s pretty important.” Said Henry

“You got fired?” Metabee interrupted.

“NO! It has something to do with The Phantom Renegade.”

“The Phantom Renegade!?” yelled everyone.

Later at the 24 hopmart. The kids and their medabots are listening to Henrys story. Finally Glen spoke up,

“So let me get this straight. The Phantom Renegade was in Mexico, found a legendary crystal medal or something, touched it and appeared back in Japan in the park and heard a voice that said the medal needs to be protected from a coming evil?”

“That’s what Dr. Aki told me.” Finished Henry.

“Say Glen, that was quite a sentence.” Said Michael.

Ikki then replied, “Well If we have to protect that medal, maybe we should get as many friends to help us do it. Are you with ME!?”

“Well, we accept.” Said Mathew.

“We WILL?” said Michael and Glen with angry faces.

“Shall we go, Miss Erika?” asked Brass from her master.

“Sure! I’ve always wanted to see Mexico.” Was Erika’s answer.

“You put the Screws to ‘em! Said Samantha’s voice and suddenly the Screws appeared in the store.

“You mean you’re coming too?” asked Ikki

“Where is a star-apprentice without his teacher?” said Samantha

“I’m not your star-apprentice!

“I am.” Wined Spyke.

“Wait, wait. How can we go to another country without our parents? Asked Michael.

Everyone except Henry and the medabots fell on the floor anime style.

I know! Said Henry. “But we need the help of all others who are coming with us.”




Peppercat, Crosserdog and Totalizer lose to Lizard, Gunner and Raider

Sorry I forgot to write Lizards, Gunners and Raiders medabot-stats. So Ill write them down here.


Type: LZD lizard 5133

Medafighter: Mathew

Special: electric blaster


Type: KLN king lion 111214-2

Medafighter: Michael

Special: shooting 


Type: SOD soldier 135624

Medafighter: Glen

Special: stretch punch


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