The legend of the Crystal Medal

Author: Lizard 90

I own some of these characters.

Disclaimer: In the last chapie we got to see three new medafighters in action. (I use them in comics I draw sometimes) What is Henrys idea to get the kids to Mexico so they can protect the strange crystal medal from a coming evil? Find out as medabots continues.


Chapter 2  

 Henry had told Ikki and the others that Phantom Renegade, needs help protecting a mysterious crystal medal he saw in Mexico. He explains the plan.

 “Here’s the plan. We need Koji and Karin for this part of the plan. And we need to find out who else should come with us.”

 Everyone thought, “Hmmmm.”   

 “VOILA!” yelled Rintaro jumping in from the stores door.

 Everyone yelled, “Gaah!”


“No kidding.” Said Metabee with a stunned position after Rintaro jumped in.

“Calm down Mathew, calm down.” Said Lizard patting his master on the back.

“Sorry. But hey dudes can I come along?” asked Rintaro in his fist posture.

“Ok, that’s another add on the list.” Said Henry adding Rintaros name on the list where he wrote down anyone who was coming with Phantom Renegade. The he started counting the names, “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven… who else?”

“Hey, I know.” Stood up Michael. “Lets get Joshua, Sabrina, Lena and Alex.”

“Who are they?” asked Spyke

“They’re friends of us from our country, but I have to warn Brass that Alex goes crazy about female medabots.” Finished Mathew.

Henry wrote on the name-list again. “That makes fifteen people.”

“Fifteen medabots! It doesn’t get any better than this!” said Samantha.

Later. The gang went to Koji’s house. Henry knocked on the door. Koji’s Sumilidon came to answer the door.

“Hi Henry. Master Koji it’s for you.”

The Koji came to answer the door.

“Hello Henry. How can I help you?” said Koji in a polite way.

“Yeah hi. Koji we need your help.”

Henry explains the whole thing again.

“Mexico huh? Your plan sounds rather good and I don’t mind seeing Mexico.” Says Koji and puts the plan into action. Henrys plan was to make the kids parents think that someone wants to take someone to a trip. (Nice idea huh?) After asking Karin to come (she accepted) Henry then had to get Joshua, Sabrina, Lena and Alex to come. He needed the help of Mathew, Michael and Glen since Joshua and the others don’t know him or Ikki. They first went to Joshua’s house.

“So this is the house?” asked Henry

“Yeah. Me and you will handle the important talking alright?” said Michael before knocking on the door. Joshua’s medabot Igano came to answer the door.


Type: IGN iguana 26375

Medafighter: Joshua

Special: fire attack

Igano looked similar to Mathews Lizard but is a little darker colored and his tail has no weapon. His weapons are two flamethrowers that look a little like Cyandogs gun arms. Also his eyes looked like Metabees eyes. 

The medabot said, “You’re Michael and …….who is this guy?”

“Igano, this is Henry. We need to speak to Joshua.”

“He’s in the bathroom. He’ll be out in a few minutes.” The medabot said.

“Igano, who is it!?” said Joshua from the bathroom.

“It’s Michael and some guy named Henry, sir!”

“Don’t call me sir!”

After Joshua came out of the bathroom, Henry started explaining the plan once again.

“It sounds cool, but are you sure it will work?” asked Joshua.

“It has worked on Koji and Karin so far.” Said Michael.

Suddenly Joshua’s eyes widened as if something Michael said was something he knew about.

“Karin? You mean the one who goes to that Rosewood private-school?” Joshua asked.

Both Henry and Michael nodded.

“This’ll be a trip to remember!” said Joshua and closed the door.

“What was that all about?” asked Glen

“Don’t ask me.” Answered Mathew.

Next Henry, Michael, Mathew and Glen went to Sabrina’s, Lena’s and Alex’s house. (they’re sisters) Michael knocked on the door. Alex came to answer the door.

“Hello Alex.” Said Michael. ”I want to talk to Sabrina and Lena. Are they home?”

Alex turned to her medabot and asked it, “Femtank, do you know where Sabrina and Lena are?”

“I think they’re in the backyard, having a practice robattle.” Said Alex’s medabot.



Type: BMT battle motor 36365

Medafighter: Alex

Special: bombarder attack

Femtank was a tank like medabot. It had a bombarder arm for a right arm and a high-tech laser machine-gun for a left arm. Since she is a battle motor medabot, she has a caterpillar-track for legs.

Alex went to the back door. In the backyard Sabrina’s and Lena’s medabots were battling. Sabrina’s medabot was a female ninja-type medabot witch had light leg parts and two scabbards with a small katana in each of them. Lena’s was a beautiful mermaid-type medabot. It had a long tail with a fin and she had three laser canons on each of her arms similar to Lizards.    



Type: NIN ninja 432333

Medafighter: Sabrina

Special: sword                                


Type: MER mermaid 5326

Medafighter: Lena

Special: shooting

Alex yelled to her sisters, “Hey Sabrina! Michael wants to talk with you and Lena!”

Seamai got startled by the yell and suddenly Barbinja knocked her out with two sword blows.

Lena said angrily, “Thanks a lot Alex. Now I lost.”

Sabrina and Lena came to the door and Henry told them the story, AGAIN.

“Since that Dr. Aki is paying for the trip. Hmm. I suppose we can come.” Said Sabrina

“Suddenly Barbinja asked, “If Mathew’s going, then does he have Lizard with him?

“Of course.” Said Michael.

Barbinja fell on the floor and said quietly, “A trip to Mexico with Lizard. How romantic.”

Mathew heard what Barbinja said and answered, “Poor Lizard. Maybe I should warn him.”

Henrys plan worked totally. The next day everyone was at the airport waiting for Karin to arrive.

“Hey Mathew, I thought you hate flying.” Said Ikki.

“I do. That’s why I have this jar of stress pills.”

“Another good idea is to knock him unconscious.” Said Raider.

“Don’t talk to about my medafighter like that, you little!” yelled Lizard and started strangling Raider.

“Break it up! Break it up!” yelled Gunner and shot upwards towards the sky with his sniper-rifle.

Everyone else sweat dropped. About ten minutes later Karin’s limousine drove to the front door of the airport where the gang was waiting for her.

“It’s my lovely Karin.” Said Joshua.

“WHAT!” yelled Ikki, Koji and Rintaro. Suddenly there was a fistfight.

“Break it up! Yelled Metabee, Sumilidon, Kantaroth and Igano.

“That’s not how you behave in public.” Said Erika. She didn’t know that Brass was hiding behind her because Alex went crazy on staring at Brass.

Karin stepped out of the car along with Neutranurse. Suddenly Alex started examining Neutranurse.

“Sabrina, what’s wrong with her?” asked Karin.

“She always goes crazy about female medabots.” Said Sabrina.

“Could we go inside, I’m getting goose bumps out here in the cold!” yelled Samantha.

The gang went inside the airport. They went to the desk to have their tickets and passports examined.

“I’m sorry but medabots are not allowed in planes.” Said the desk clerk.

“WHAT!” gasped Metabee.

“You can take the medals and put them in your medawatches. But medabots go with the luggage.” Continued the clerk.

After a big struggle Ikki managed to take out Metabees medal. The gang watched as their medabots went trough the hatch on the conveyer belt with their luggage. Then the kids went to the waiting room to wait till their plane is about to depart.

“I wonder where Phantom Renegade is.” Said Spyke.

“Henry said the Phantoms going under cover.” Answered Samantha.

There was an announcement, “Flight 38 to Mexico! Leaving in ten minutes!”

“Finally. I just have to wait six more hours.” Said Metabee in Ikkis medawatch but suddenly went, “Noooooooo!”


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