The legend of the Crystal Medal

Author: Lizard 90

I own some characters in this story, including medabots.


Chapter 3 

Now the gang had made it in Guadalajara in Mexico. Ikki put Metabees medal back into his body. Metabee was so angry that there was smoke coming out of his horn missile launchers.

“Don’t ever make me wait that long again, Ikki!” yelled Metabee.

“I have to if you want to get back home Metabee. Metabee?”

Metabee was looking in the horizon. Metabee calmed down because Mexico looked like the most wonderful place his ever been.

“Smell that sea air.” Said Koji. Suddenly Koji felt like there was something crawling on his leg. Koji looked down on his leg and saw that there was a cricket on his leg.

“AAAAA! IT’S A BUG! AAAAA!” screamed Koji.

“Oh no. What are we gonna do with him?” said Erika.

“Bug, bug, freaking bug!” Koji continued. 

Sumilidon had to take the cricket off his master’s leg. Koji did calm down but then a beetle flew and crashed on Koji’s head witch made Koji to faint because the beetle was rather big.

Thirty minutes later.

“You know, Koji you look ridiculous wearing that net hat in this climate.” Said Mathew.

 “Better to be safe than sorry. That beetle hit me on the head pretty hard you know.” Answered Koji.

“Hey! Lets go to the beach and relax a little. Its not like were in a hurry.” Suggested Lena.

The kids suddenly heard someone laughing, “Muahahahahahahahahahaa!”

“What the heck was that?” asked Joshua startled.

“That’s just Phantom Renegade. He laughs like that every time he appears.” Said Metabee.

“Hey! You’ll ruin my style like that Metabee!” complained Phantom Renegade.

“Aren’t you boiling in those clothes mister Renegade?” asked Michael.

“That’s PHANTOM Renegade!” said the Phantom angrily.                


“Anyway. We have no time for swimming. We have to hurry to the rainforest. I rented a jeep.” Said Phantom Renegade.

Later. The kids were sitting in a jeep and the Phantom was driving. He had taken off his cape and hat since the temperature was twenty-two degrees warm. The gang reached the edge of the forest but a boy about fifteen years old stopped them.

“This forest is closed from archeologists. Go away!” said the boy.

“Look kid, we came to protect the crystal medal. Now let us through.” Said Phantom Renegade.

“Nice try mask-head, but I know you’re after the most powerful medal in the world.” Said the boy in a rude way.

“You’ll let us trough or Ill let Sumilidon pulverize you!” Koji threatened.

“Oh yeah. Your medabots no match for my Geckona.” Said the boy and showed the gang his gecko medabot, Geckona. It had two short legs that are built for climbing. Both of its hands had a large laser blaster and the medabot had two large lizard eyes. It also had a tail that looked elastic. Geckona was green in color.


Type: GEO gecko 2123340

Medafighter: The boy guarding the rainforest

Special: laser beam

“You’re on! Ill let Sumilidon kick your medabots butt!” declared Koji.

“Then it’s agreed!”

Mister referee flew on the scene with a vine.

“I mister referee officially declare this match a submission-robattle between Koji’s Sumildon and Josh’s Geckona! The rules are simple: the first medabot to stop the other from functioning wins! The loser must then submit one medapart to the winner, for keeps! Medafighters ready!?

Koji and the kid named Josh nodded.

“All right! Medabots …… robattle!”

“Sumilidon! Hammer-fist!” commanded Koji.

Sumilidon ran at Geckona super fast and raised his left fist getting ready to punch.

“Hmph! Geckona! Laser beam!

Geckona fired a blue beam at Sumilidons left arm.

“AAAARGH!” yelled Sumilidon.

“WARNING! Left arm 100% damage, function cease!” said Koji’s medawatch.    

“Is Sumilidon going to stand a chance against that laser beam attack?” wondered Glen.

“Who knows. Sumilidon has to get in close, but the laser Geckona has is built to knock out medaparts instantly in close range. This match could end up short for Sumilidon.” Said Ikki.

“Sumilidon! Use the flexor sword!” said Koji into his medawatch.

“Right!” answered Sumilidon.

“Geckona! Twin-laser tactic, go!”

Geckona fired two lasers at the same time at Sumilidon. Sumilidon managed to dodge one of the lasers but the other one hit Sumilidons right arm and ceased its function as well.

“WARNING! Right arm 100% damage, function cease!”

“Oh no! Sumilidon!” yelled Koji.

“I…. won’t… lose to this guy!” yelled Sumilidon.

Suddenly Sumilidon stared to glow brightly. Everyone was looking at Sumilidon amazed.

“Alright! Sumilidons got the medaforce!” said Mathew loudly.

“MEDAFORCE!!” yelled Sumilidon and threw a powerful energy burst at Geckona. Geckona was hit and knocked out. His medal popped out of his medal confinement.

“Function cease! The winner is Sumilidon!” mister referee called out.

“Say.” Said Josh and continued, “Is it true you guys are here to protect the crystal medal?”

“Yeah! And when that evil force thingie comes, I’m gonna give it a Metabee boppin!” said Metabee.

“Go through this path, it’s the fastest way to the temple, where the medal is.” Said Josh.

“Thank you kindly. I guess we’ll walk from here.” Said Phantom Renegade getting off the jeep.

“Say Josh. What are you doing here?” asked Erika.

Josh answers, “My grandfather told me, that the crystal medal is an item with powers more lethal than the rare medals some people know of. I’m guarding this rainforest so the medal won’t fall in to the wrong hands, along with Geckona. Now go. I’ll continue guarding the forest entrance.” Said Josh.

“Don’t worry Josh we will protect the crystal medal, I promise.” Said Ikki.

“Thanks guys. And good luck… oh and watch out for snakes.” Said Josh to Ikki.

“That was wonderful Ikki.” Said Metabee to his master.

Later in the rainforest.

“That was a neat robattle Koji.” Said Michael.

“If you hadn’t won, we would not be in this forest.” Said Gunner after his master.

“No thanks necessary. I was only doing my duty.” Said Koji in a proud way.

“Here we go again.” Says Metabee with a bored look.

“Did you see how bravely your fearless hero defeated that opponent single.……” Koji was startled by a branch with a spider web on it. On the web was a big hairy tarantula.

“GAAAAAAAH! BUG, BUUUG, BUUUUUG!” Koji started yelling again thanks to his fear of insects.

“Why master Koji? Why?” wined Sumilidon.

“Fearless, huh?” said Mathew with a small smile on his face.

 Today’s robattle stats:

 Sumilidon defeats Geckona using the medaforce and acquires Geckonas laser-blaster arm.     

 More medabots, More power

 END OF CHAPTER 3                              


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