The legend of the Crystal Medal

Author: Lizard 90


Last time on medabots. Ikki and his friends have finally reached Mexico. They had to robattle a kid named Josh to enter the forest. Josh’s medabot Geckona almost pulverized Koji’s Sumilidon, but with great luck Sumilidon got the medaforce and knocked out Geckona. Josh told the gang that the crystal medal was the most powerful medal that ever existed, so he was guarding the rainforest to keep the crystal medal away from the wrong hands. Ikki is still wondering what is the evil force that is said to be trying to get the crystal medal, but for what reason? Find out as medabots continues.


Chapter 4

Ikki and his friends were walking on a forest trail in the rainforest, where the mysterious, crystal medal was supposed to be.

“Say, Ikki.” Michael said to Ikki. “Phantom Renegade’s and Henry’s hair style look totally the same. Have you ever noticed that?”  

“Actually I have. But I doubt it would be Henry. I mean, he’s pretty lazy when he’s at work and he probably can’t even robattle.” Ikki’s answered.

“Yeah! Remember when you said that Henry can’t even robattle himself out of a paper bag?” Metabee asked his meda-fighter. 

“Oh yeah. But I just don’t get that why did he get so mad all of sudden.” Ikki wondered. “We were not talking about him.

“Maybe they’re friends.” Metabee said.

“But you said that back then.” Erika reminded Metabee.

“What, really?” Metabee asked.

No one noticed that Phantom Renegade was getting a bit mad. Since he was leading the kids they couldn’t see his mad face on his facemask.

“I wonder what that evil force is.” Joshua said so everyone can hear.

“Well it’s probably not the Rubber-robo gang. That’s for sure since we beat them last year.” Erika said.

“Good riddance. They were totally wacky.” Samantha said thinking about them. 

“Yeah. Their suits looked totally dumb.” Spyke agreed as well.

Mathew got a worried look on his face.

“What’s wrong Mathew?” Lena asked.

“I just hope that “evil force” isn’t the Meda-mafia.” Mathew said.

“You mean those black leather coat wearing guys who stole Lizard’s medal after Metabee beat Lizard?” Ikki asked.

“Yeah. And don’t remind us. It was a real pain to fight that weird medabot of theirs.” Michael said. (Lizard 90: I once made a comic where Ikki meets Mathew, Michael and Glen. Metabee robattles Lizard and at this one point uses the meda-force and defeats Lizard. Then the Meda-mafia snatch Lizard’s rare medal with the help of this super fast medabot.)  

“Come on. That piece of junk got busted when me, Lizard, Gunner, Raider and Rokusho got meda-physical on it.” Metabee said.

“Well you got busted pretty bad because of that sonic wave attack. Actually all five of us got damaged bad.” Gunner said.

“Yeah. Until we three got the meda-force and kicked it’s butt, or bot.” Lizard said. Then Lizard, Gunner and Raider gave a high-five to each other. 

“Dude! Too bad I wasn’t there!” Rintaro said.

“I’m glad you weren’t.” Glen said, looking a little annoyed.

A few hours later.

“Are we there yet?” Sloan asked.

“It’s getting pretty dark.” Koji said looking at his meda-watch that showed that it was 8:30 pm. 

“Lets make camp on this opening.” Phantom Renegade said and put down his backpack.

Ikki knew that some insects come out at night. He turned to Koji and said, “Koji. Did you know that the world’s most deadly spider lives here and that it comes out at night, ready to bite somebody?” Ikki then got a small grin on his face.  

Koji started shivering and hid behind Sumilidon.

“Ikki, don’t scare Koji like that. You know that the insects he fears most are the poisonous ones.” Karin said.

“Sorry Koji.” Ikki said.

“Incredible. Ikki feels sorry for Koji.” Metabee said so that only the other medabots can hear him.

When the camp was made, the girls went into their tents to get their beauty rest while their medabots stood watch outside. Phantom Renegade was sleeping in his tent. While the boys, Sabrina who was the only girl still awake and their medabots were sitting around a campfire, talking or roasting marshmallows. 

“Say Lizard.” Metabee spoke to Lizard.

“Yeah Metabee?” Lizard said back.

“Well. Do you have someone you like? Y’ know female medabots.” Metabee asked Lizard. 

“Well I do like… um… I’ll whisper it to ya.” Lizard said. He whispered something to Metabee.   

“Woo. Yeah. I have someone I like too. Her name was Oceana. Man, she was so nice.” Metabee said looking up to the stars. “I saved her from some guy.” 

“I see. But could we talk about something else, please.” Lizard said.

“Wait can I say who I like?” Barbinja asked the two medabots.

“Alright.” Lizard said. 

Barbinja started picturing, “Well, he’s green. He’s fast. He has yellow eyes…”  

Metabee and Lizard looked at each other.

“Woo.” Metabee said at Lizard.                    

“Oh dear.” Lizard said, anime sweat dropping.

Barbinja continued, “He can shoot well. He has a big, yellow, upside-down triangle symbol on his chest. And he’s a lizard type medabot whose name starts with a L”     

“I’m gone!” Lizard said loudly and jumped into a patch of bushes, trees and vines and became camouflaged in the green vegetation, thanks to his green color.

“My prince, come back!” Barbinja yelled. “Oh drat.”

“What was that all about?” Kantaroth asked the other medabots. 

“Don’t know.” Crosserdog said.

“Beats me.” Totalizer said.

“That was just Lizard’s fear of romance.” Raider said.

“Yeah. He always goes nuts if he sees something like romantic movies. He once broke a TV when the movie Titanic was on.” Gunner continued.

The meda-fighters pretended that they didn’t hear their medabots conversation.

“Ikki. Do you like Karin?” Mathew asked Ikki.

Ikki’s eyes closed and blushed a little. “Ah. Karin. The only girl I truly love.” 

“I think you’re too young to think about girls.” Mathew said.

“Whatever. You wouldn’t understand. You’re only thirteen.” Ikki said.   

“What! I’m fourteen! Just like you guys!” Mathew said angrily.

“But I thought you were…” Ikki tried to finish his sentence when Mathew took out his cell phone.

“Yo! Lizard 90! Did you forget my age?” Mathew yelled at me.

“Oops sorry about that Mathew. I’ve forgotten that I’ve been using you for a year and that you have become fourteen.” I said that.

“Well tell these guys that I’m their age. Man, the nerve of you. But thank you and bye.” Mathew hung up.

A note from Lizard 90: Readers. I wrote Mathew’s age wrong in the introduction, so he’s actually fourteen. I really have forgotten that I created him a year ago. Don’t be confused all right. Michael and my other characters are on their right age though. The kids from the show are also fourteen in my fics since they go the junior-high school. So just forget that Mathew’s thirteen. I’m sorry for noticing it too late. And now back to our story.

“Mathew. I bet you like someone too.” Ikki said.

“No I do not.” Mathew said angrily. “I may be the 2nd best meda-fighter in Finland, but most of team Finland’s girl fans say that I’m UN cool.” Mathew said.  

“Wow. Who are the 3rd and 1st rank meda-fighters in Finland?” Spyke asked.   

“Me and Michael. I’m in 1st and Michael is in 3rd.” Glen explained.   

“I hope we battle in the next WRC.” Koji said.

“We were in the world robattle championships last year, but we lost to team Kenya.” Mathew said.

“Uh. Michael, shouldn’t you go to bed. Your watch shows 10:00 pm.” Gunner informed his meda-fighter.

“Dude, you’re right. (Yaawnn.) I’m totally sleepy.” Rintaro said.

The boys turned in for the night while their medabots stood watch. Metabee however did fall asleep later. In the morning the kids had a quick breakfast and then continued walking towards the Mayan temple. At one point Gunner stopped and looked like he was listening to something  

“Uh. Do you guys have a feeling that were being followed?” Gunner said looking around the area with his sniper scope. 

“What?” Phantom Renegade wondered.

Suddenly out of the trees jumped a monkey like creature that landed in front of the good guys. It was a monkey medabot. It had brown armor and its head was shaped a little like a monkey’s but it had the black visor with green eyes that looked like Metabee’s. Its arms were long and weakly armored with four claws sticking out of its hand like Wolverine’s. It also had a long, thick tail with a blade on it.     


Type: MOY monkey 63669

Medafighter: Jack, from Meda-mafia

Special: claw

Then a frog like medabot jumped behind the good guys. It had long, skinny legs that resembled a frog’s hind legs. Its chest was covered in black and purple armor (I don’t really know how to picture it. You decide.) It had skinny looking arms with fists that were similar to Belzelga’s. Its head was dark green with that visor except that its eyes were yellow instead of green.   


Type: FRG frog 42186

Medafighter: Dan, from Meda-mafia

Special: punch

Then a medabot that looked like a gladiator jumped down with a loud bang. Its armor was silver and looked just like a gladiator. It also had a visor and red eyes. It held a mace with its left hand and had a shield with a spike sticking out of it for a right hand. It also wore a blue cape.


Type: GLT gladiator 98765

Medafighter: Louie, from Meda-mafia

Special: mace

Then last jumped down a female scorpion like medabot. It had purple, thick armor and it had thick looking legs that had three claws on them. Its arms were shaped like scorpion’s pincers. Its head was modeled to look like a scorpion’s and also had a visor with green eyes. It also had a long tail with a gatling gun shaped device on it.  


Type: SCP scorpion 65624

Medafighter: Sandra, from Meda-mafia

Special: rapid lasers

“I thought those three medabots looked familiar.” A woman’s voice said.

“I know that voice.” Glen said.

Four adults dressed in black leather jackets came from the cover of trees. One was a woman who was in her early thirties. She had long blond hair and wore black high heels that suited the color of her jacket. Behind her were three men. Two of the men were also in their early thirties but one of them that was as tall as Phantom Renegade and was in his late twenties. One of the men had short blond hair and wore black tennis shoes. The tallest man was bald and had a really short beard and he wore black military boots. The shortest one had short black hair and had his jacket’s zipper open from where you can see his white t-shirt. He wore white tennis shoes. They all had a green meda-watch.

“So, those guys belong to Meda-mafia?” Samantha asked Mathew. 

“I’m afraid so.” Mathew said.

“Why do you annoying kids have to mess up our plans all the time?” The woman whose name was Sandra.

“So you must be that evil force.” Ikki said.

“What the heck are they talking about?” The tall guy whose name was Louie asked the short guy whose name was Dan.

“Don’t ask me. All were trying to do is finding that crystal medal the leader sent us to…”

“Do not tell them our plan like you did last time Dan.” The blond man whose name was Jack.

“Ha! I knew they were after the crystal medal. Dang I’m good!” Raider said in a loud voice.

“Thanks a lot Dan!” Jack said angrily.

“Just shut up! All of you! We have to kick these kids butts so they wont get in the way!” The woman named Sandra said angrily to the three men. 

“Oh, so you wanna robattle? Fine with me!” Metabee said going into his battle stance.

“You’re on brats! Our medabots can beat yours.” Jack said and put his medawatch near his mouth. “Lets go four-on-four.” 

“Alright, I’m in!” Lizard said.

“Count me and Ikki in too.” Metabee said and stepped forth to the Meda-mafia’s medabots.

“Raider?” Glen asked his medabot.

“You got it. I’m in.” Raider said hitting his fists together.

“Then me and Arcbeetele are also fighting.” Phantom Renegade said.

“Then it’s agreed!”

Mr. Referee came jumping down from the trees on branches. Unfortunately he fell on his butt since one of the branches broke. 

“I Mr. Referee officially declare this match, a team submission robattle between Gamada, Steeltoad, Gladiton and Scorpina against Metabee, Lizard, Raider and Arcbeetle. Meda-fighters ready?!” 

All eight challengers agreed that they were ready.

“Alright. Medabots, robattle!”

Metabee and Lizard began firing their laser cannons. Gamada, Steeltoad and Scorpina evaded the shots while Gladiton blocked the shots with his shield.

“Oh great! I hate opponents with shields!” Metabee said.

“I’ll show you a real laser attack! Arcbeetle, tri-cannon!” Phantom Renegade commanded Arcbeetle.

Arcbeetle shot a big, blue beam that broke Gladiton’s shield.

“Raider, stretch punch!” Glen commanded Raider.

Raider’s fists stretched with a thick elastic cord to reach Gladiton. Gladiton got hit hard and got blown on to a tree. Gladiton got up on his feet and laughed with his low voice. 

“What the! I forgot, Gladiton’s armor is so thick that it can withstand shooting and melee attacks!” Glen informed.

“Well then. Lizard, activate tail generator!” Mathew commanded Lizard.

Lizard’s tail’s tip started producing sparks and small blue electric jolts.

“Wait where’d those three guys go?” Metabee wondered.

Suddenly Gamada, Steeltoad and Scorpina struck Metabee, Lizard and Raider from behind by hitting them with their claws, fists and pincers. 

“WARNING! Chest 50% damage Head part 43% damage!” Ikki’s meda-watch warned.

“WARNING! Chest 52% damage! Failed to recharge electric blaster!” Mathew’s meda-watch said.

“WARNING! Right arm 58% damage!” Glen’s medawatch said.  

“Metabee, seeker missiles!” Ikki commanded.

“Missile launch!” Metabee fired two small missiles.

One of Metabee’s missiles hit Gladiton but it still stood. Gamada on the other hand, dodged the other missile.  

“Nothing’s working.” Mathew said.

“Oh my goodness! Look what they’re doing to Metabee!” Alex finally spoke up.

Gamada was knocking Metabee’s head onto a tree.

“I’ll save you Metabee!” Lizard ran behind Gamada, but Gladiton’s mace attack then hammered him.

“WARNING! Left arm 90% damage!” Mathew’s meda-watch said.

“Finish him off Gladiton!” Louie commanded.

Gladiton lifted his mace and prepared to crush Lizard. Suddenly Arcbeetle shot Gladiton on the back and cracked his armor a little. Gladiton turned to Arcbeetle and tried to ram him down. 

“Now Lizard! Try your electric blaster!” Mathew tried the command again.

Lizard had just enough time to recharge his electric blaster. Scorpina tried to shoot Lizard with her tail gatling gun, witch shot hundreds of red lasers. Lizard fired his electric blast and hit Gladiton, straight on to the part where Gladiton’s armor had cracked and defeated him. Gladiton’s medal popped out.     

“Mrr. You little brat! Scorpina, destroy Lizard!” Sandra commanded.

Scorpina started shooting Lizard again, but this time she hit him and did great damage on to Lizard.

“WARNING! Legs 100% damage, function cease!” Mathew’s meda-watch said.

“Oh no! Lizard, charge your electric blaster again!” Mathew commanded

But Lizard couldn’t recharge his attack; Scorpina kept on hitting him with her fast and powerful laser attack. Metabee had broken free from Gamada’s grip and tried shooting him with his laser cannons. Gamada made an incredibly fast blow with his claws that knocked out Metabee’s left arm, witch made Metabee yell in pain.

“WARNING! Left arm 100% damage, function cease!” Ikki’s meda-watch warned again.

Raider was having hard time trying to hit Steeltoad with his punches. Steetoad kept on jumping out of Raider’s punch range.

“Attack, Steeltoad!” Dan commanded.

Steeltoad stopped dodging Raider’s attacks, now he made a tall leap and readied his fist while he was still in the air.

“Raider, use you stretch punch while he’s still in the air!” Glen commanded.

Raider did what he was told. Raider’s arms stretched again and hit Steeltoad. Steeltoad fell onto the ground, but couldn’t move because Raider’s attack knocked out his left leg.

“Arcbeetle, finish Steeltoad off with two tri-cannon blasts!” Phantom Renegade commanded.

“Right! Tri-cannon!” Arcbeetle shot a blue beam from both of his arms and finished off the leaping medabot, whose medal also popped out.

“Yo! Scorpina!” Metabee yelled to Scorpina, who had knocked out Lizards chest and left arm. Scorpina looked at Metabee and stopped firing.

“Missile launch!” Metabee fired two missiles again and hit Scorpina.

Gamada ambushed Metabee again and slashed him.

“WARNING! Chest 91% damage!” Ikki’s meda-watch said again.

“Tri-cannon!” Arcbeetle shot Gamadas right leg and blew him away from Metabee.

“Ikki, Glen. Try to get Gamada and Scorpina close to each other.” Phantom Renegade said.

“What for?” Ikki asked but finally figure the Phantom’s plan. “Alright. Metabee get Gamada close to Scorpina and get Lizard out of their way!”

“You too, Raider!” Glen said.

“Arcbeetle, power up!” Phantom Renegade commanded.

Arcbeetle started emitting sparks from his horns and those things on his back. Metabee fired his seeker missiles at Gamada and threw him next to Scorpina. Raider pulled Lizard out of Arcbeetle’s way. 

“Power up complete!” Phantom Renegade’s meda-watch informed.

“Prepare yourselves for the power of the blazing sun. The pillar of fire. The prominence!” Phantom Renegade said and went into that funny position.  

Arcbeetle fired a huge fire wave from the middle of his horns that engulfed Gamada and Scorpina in flames. When the flame went out, Gamada’s and Scorpina’s medals were lying on the ground and their burned bodies were lying on the path with smoke coming out of them.

“Oh no!” Jack yelled.

“We lost again!” Sandra yelled.

“Function ceased! The winner is, team Metabee!” Mr. Referee announced.  

“You may have won this battle, but we’ll be back.” Sandra said angrily.

Sandra then threw a smoke bomb on the ground. When the smoke cleared the four bad guys were gone. Ikki, Mathew and Glen fixed their medabot companions parts quickly and continued to walk towards the Mayan temple. 

“So there you guys have it. The Meda-mafia is probably worse than that Rubber-robo gang.” Glen said.

“You’re right. I hope we find that medal before they come back.” Koji said, thinking about the four medabots they fought.

“Tell me about it. I wonder if Igano, Barbinja, Seamai or Femtank stand a chance against them?” Joshua wondered.

“Well let’s just get the medal and this problem will be over.” Samantha said.

“You said it boss.” Spike and Sloan said together.

There it is!” Phantom Renegade said, pointing at the pyramid.

“Wow. It really is Mayan.” Sabrina said.

“What’s a Mayan?” Alex asked Lena.

“Well. I’ll explain later.” Lena said, cause she really doesn’t know about Mayans.  

The gang went in the pyramid. The medal was still there and it was unharmed.

“Hey, wait. How can we take it off that panel?” Spyke asked.

“I already have a plan. We shoot the wall, and then we just simply take the medal. Simple.” Phantom Renegade said.

“Alright! I’ll use my missiles and then it….” Metabee was interrupted. 

“Metabee, no missiles! The medal will brake.” Phantom Renegade warned.

All the medabots that had laser cannon parts started shooting the wall around the crystal medal. After firing for 10 minutes, the wall crumbled and the crystal medal fell on the floor. Phantom Renegade went to get the medal.

“Well now that this is over, now we can…” Ikki said but got interrupted by a blinding, blue flash.

The crystal medal started floating in the air. Then the pyramid started shaking and rumbling.

“RUN!” Phantom Renegade yelled.

Everyone ran out the pyramid and were prepared to see it getting crumbled into a pile of rubble. But the weirdest thing happened. The pyramid started switching shape. It grew about the size of the empire state building and grew two, huge rock arms with strong looking fists. It also grew thick, rock legs and a head that was shaped like a jaguar’s popped out of its top. The strange thing gave out a loud roar and started moving slowly.

“Holy meda-roly!” Ikki said loudly.

“Whoa. That’s a big bot!” Metabee said looking up to the stone creature’s head..

“It looks like a giant medabot, only its made out of rock.” Michael said sweating.

What is this new menace? Is it a friend or a foe? Can Ikki and his friends defeat this giant rock creature? Find out next time on medabots.


Today’s robattle stats:

Metabee, Arcbeetle, Lizard and Raider defeated Gamada, Steeltoad, Gladiton and Scorpina.

Metabee acquires Scorpina’s legs.

Arcbeetle acquires Gladiton’s shield arm.

Lizard acquires Steeltoad’s legs

Raider acquires Gamada’s left arm.

More medabots, more power.


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