The legend of the Crystal Medal

Author: Lizard 90

Chapter 5


Last time on medabots. Ikki and his friends encountered the new evil medabot, criminal gang known as Meda-mafia. The four members of Meda-mafia, Sandra, Jack, Dan and Louie challenged Ikki, Phantom Renegade, Mathew and Glen to a robattle. Metabee, Arcbeetle, Lizard and Raider managed to defeat the gangs four medabots, Scorpina, Gamada, Steeltoad and Gladiton. The good guys reached the Mayan pyramid and almost got the crystal medal, when suddenly the medal created a strange golem like creature from the pyramid. Is this rock monster stronger than Giganko or Babyblu? Find out as medabots continues.


The strange golem started walking towards Guadalajara. 

“We have to do something or it’ll crush the city.” Erika said to the others.

“How can we fight something that huge?” Michael asked sweat dropping.

“We have fought two gigantic medabots.” Ikki said.

“Yeah guys. How hard can it be to knock down a walking pile of rocks, huh?” Metabee asked and continued to the medabots, “Everyone? Lets get meda-busy!” Metabee said raising his fist.

“Are you trying to be a hero Metabee?” Peppercat asked.

“No. I’m just being a medabot that’s gonna beat up a big, walking pile of rocks, that’s all.” Metabee said to Peppercat.

“Metabee, our laser cannons and battle rifles wont work against that.” Gunner complained.

“Ha! Finally I have an upper hand.” Barbinja said.

“Don’t try to think that you can completely beat a golem with katanas.” Lena said to her sister’s medabot.

“Wait guys. Why won’t we just put stronger meda-parts for our medabots, like rocket launchers or hammer fists.” Koji spoke up and pointed at Sumilidon’s hammer arm.

“Oh, right, um, we knew that.” Joshua finally spoke up.

“Really?” Igano asked from his meda-fighter.

“Well anyway, lets do it!” Ikki said loudly at his friends.

“Yea!” Everyone except Phantom Renegade yelled. 

Then the kids started switching their medabot weapons. (Except Sloan, Glen, Sabrina, Erika, Koji and Karen.) Ikki gave Metabee the bombarder he won in the first episode for his right arm and Spitfire’s left arm, he also gave Metabee the flying parts he used in the episode, The mother of all robattles.

Mathew gave Lizard a Landmotor’s missile launcher for a right arm and a silver colored, modified hammer fist for a left arm. (No, not Rokusho’s) Ikki let Mathew borrow Scorpinas leg parts with the gatling, laser blaster. Michael also equipped a bombarder for Gunners right arm and Gloomeg’s left arm. Joshua gave Igano Agadama’s both arms, but when Metabee saw them he started shaking. Samantha gave Peppercat the laser arm she used in that robattle tournament. Spyke gave Crosserdog the decoy arm Ikki gave him and Glen let Spyke borrow a Belzelga arm. Alex did not have any meda-parts. Lena switched Seamai’s left arm with a Landmotor’s missile launcher. Ikki gave Rintaro’s Kantaroth the two stretch arms he won from Gokudo.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

“Alright. Ready Arcbeetle?” Phantom Renegade asked his medabot.

“Yes.” The KBT medabot answered.

“Lets go get him!” Metabee yelled.

All the medabots attacked the golem. Metabee was airborne and used all the missiles he could fire with the bombarder and his horn, missile launchers. The other medabots started blasting and punching the creature’s legs. (Except Neutranurse and Brass.) Metabee almost succeeded to land on the golem’s shoulder to plant some nano mines on it, but the golem started shaking and kicked the medabots on the ground down but didn’t really cause bad damage.            

“I wonder how long it’ll take to break that thing to pieces.” Karin wondered.

“Well, since they’re using missile launchers, katanas and hammer fists, I think it should take about an hour to destroy something that huge.” Phantom Renegade said. “Now its my turn. Arcbeetle, prepare for prominence attack!” Phantom Renegade commanded.  

Arcbeetle started powering up his attack while the other medabots were still breaking down the golem.

“Man, this is cool. The screws gang helps Japan’s best meda-fighters to break apart a big pile of rocks.” Samantha said proudly.

“Keep swinging Crosserdog!” Spyke commanded his medabot.

“Keep at it Totalizer!” Sloan also commanded.

“WARNING! Power up complete!” Phantom Renegades meda-watch warned. 

“Alright. Everyone, get away from the golem!” Phantom Renegade yelled at the other medabots.

“Alright. Run away!” Metabee said loudly as the medabots got out of Arcbeetles way.

“Alright rock pile! Let me show you the blast of life, the intense heat of the scorching sun! The prominence!” Phantom Renegade said at the golem that wasn’t really interested about what Arcbeetle was about to throw at him. 

“Do you always have to say those things?” Ikki asked.

“Yes.” the Phantom’s answered.

“Oh really?” Erika asked.

“I think it sounds pretty cool.” Joshua said.

Arcbeetle shot the huge fire blast at the golem at full power. The golem’s chest started melting from the intense heat of the prominence attack. When the blast stopped, the Golem turned to the medabots that were getting ready to start smashing and blasting it. The golems eyes started glowing red, then it opened its mouth and red light was seen inside the golem’s mouth.   

“What the?” Koji wondered.

Suddenly the golem shot a bigger fire blast from its mouth and defeated almost all of the medabots, except Metabee, Arcbeetle, Lizard, Gunner and Raider, but they took massive damage and most of their meda-parts had seized function.

“Neutranurse, heal the other medabots.” Karin told her medabot.

“Yes, miss Karin.” Neutranurse said. Her arms started shining and a rainbow light surrounded the knocked out medabots (They did take damage but their medals hadn’t popped out.) and healed all their meda-parts.

“We have to get Metabee and the others away from the golem before it uses that fire breath again.” Ikki said hysterically, looking at the five medabots that were barely hanging in there.

Suddenly the five medabots started glowing. Metabee was glowing gold, Arcbeetle was glowing red, Lizard was glowing silvery, Gunner was glowing yellow and Raider was glowing light violet.   

“Whoa! What’s that?” Joshua wondered.

“Metabee, Arcbeetle, Lizard, Gunner and Raider tapped into the power of their rare medals. This thing is called the meda-force.” Ikki explained.

Sabrina, Lena, Alex and Joshua were amazed by the glow.

“It’s time, to kiss your rock goodbye!” Metabee yelled.

“MEDA-FORCE!” The five medabots yelled at the same time and blasted the golem with five, extremely powerful energy bursts. The golem fell to many pieces and was defeated. 

“Incredible. Why haven’t you told us that you guys have that kind of power in your medabots?” Lena asked Mathew, Michael and Glen.

“They did Lena, but you and Sabrina didn’t believe it.” Alex finally said.

The kids went to see how the five medabots were doing. They had gone into sleep mode and their medal compartments were open. The kids noticed that Metabee’s, Lizard’s, Gunner’s and Raider’s medals grew to the next level. The beetle on Metabee’s medal now had wings and was in a flying position. The bearded dragon lizard picture on Lizard’s medal changed into a monitor lizard. The walking tiger picture on Gunner’s medal had changed into a roaring tiger. And Raider’s medal’s tortoise picture had changed into a marine turtle. Arcbeetles’s medal was on the full level, so it’s picture didn’t change. The kids searched for the crystal medal on the pile of rocks.    

“Hey guys! We found it!” Spyke called out. Samantha, Spyke and Sloan had found the medal next to the golems shattered head.

“Good job. Now we have to take the medal to dr. Aki.” Phantom Renegade said. 

“You, mean the dr. Aki who invented medabots?” Sabrina asked.

“Yep. He means him. Me, Mathew and Glen have met him.” Michael said.

“For real?” Joshua asked.

“It’s true. I can prove it, since we had to fix Lizard’s meda-parts once when Metabee defeated him and did major damage to his parts.” Ikki said.

“Well, since Ikki says it’s true, then I have to believe you.” Joshua said.

The next morning. 9:30 am.

The gang was at the airport of Guadalajara. The kids had to go back to Japan, now that the mission is over. Metabee was feeling down, since he had to travel in Ikki’s meda-watch again. There was a struggle again to get Metabee’s medal out of the medal compartment.   

In the plane.

The kids were talking to each other about the things that happened. Little did they know that a guy that looked just like Henry was sitting near them, but he was wearing different clothing.

“Hey, Ikki. Metabee’s being quiet suddenly.” Mathew said back to Ikki. Mathew was leaning on to his seat’s back.

“Yeah, I know. I wonder if he’s mad again?” Ikki said. 

“You bet I am! When this trip is over, I’m never traveling with Ikki on a plane again!” Metabee yelled from Ikki’s meda-watch.

“Metabee! Just try to calm down, like me.” Lizard said from Mathew’s meda-watch.

“I bet it feels bad that you can’t feel your body and that you can’t see anything.” Joshua said. He was sitting on a seat row next to Ikki’s seat row. “Igano and the other medabots are not afraid to be inside a meda-watch.”

“Well, Metabee is not your ordinary medabot.” Erika said to Joshua.

“Hey!” Metabee yelled.

“I still can’t believe we visited Mexico. It was really pretty and sunny.” Karin said looking out the window.

“Say boss. Who do you think is the Phantom Rene…” Spyke was stopped from saying the name.

“Spyke, remember when you said that you wouldn’t do anything stupid on this trip?” Samantha asked, taking her hands off Spyke’s mouth.

“Yes boss.” Spyke said. “But I don’t think that Mexicans know about the Phantom Renegade.”

“He’s got a point Samantha.” Lena said from behind Samantha’s seat.

“Alright, alright. I wont punish him… Hey! Did I touch his mouth?” Samantha asked herself.

“I think you did boss.” Sloan said.

“Ewww!” Samantha said loudly and wiped he hands on her clothes.

I hope the Meda-mafia don’t know that were heading back to Japan.” Mathew thought to himself.

“How long do I have to stay in here?” Metabee wined.

“We still have four and a half hours to go.” Ikki said.

Metabee became completely quiet.

“So Koji. Did you enjoy our trip to Mexico?” Karin asked Koji. He was sitting behind Karin and next to Rintaro. (Poor Koji.)

“I would have enjoyed it more if we had stayed there longer. We were there for only two days.” Koji said. “But I liked it.”

“Me too. It was really funny when Koji started screaming from all those insects.” Rintaro said.

“Me. Scared? Oh please!” Koji said angrily. Suddenly, a really small spider lowered down in front of Koji’s face. His face turned bluish from his eyes.

“Gaaaaah!” Koji yelled with an anime, scarred face. “BUG, BUUUUG, BUUUUUUUG!” 

Ikki and the others, except Karin, started laughing secretly and the other passenger were wondering about the yelling.

“Dude! Don’t embarrass yourself.” Rintaro said, covering his ears. 

Later, back in Japan. Dr. Aki and the Phantom Renegade were in that room in the Medabot Corporation with those huge pipes with those rare medals in them.

“So what did you figure out doctor?” Phantom Renegade asked.

“All I’ve found out that this medal appears to have more power than the original rare medals. No wonder the Meda-mafia was after it. I think that if a medabot has this installed in, it could probably gain the ultimate power than any other medabot we have faced. I hope the Meda-mafia wont find this room and I certainly hope that we’d be capable of keeping them away from the corporation itself. You must be on the look out Phantom Renegade.” Dr. Aki said.

“Yes doctor. I’m sure Ikki and the others might be a great help as well.” Phantom Renegade said.

“We will also need your help more than ever, Rokusho.” Dr. Aki said to the white medabot that was in the room with the two.

“Yes doctor. I understand. I’ll keep the Meda-mafia away from the medal, no matter what.” The white KWG medabot said.

“I’ll help too. I can keep a look out for anything suspicious. I’m sure they wont know that I’d be a spy.” Said Baton, who was sitting on Rokusho’s shoulder.

Will the Meda-mafia get their hands on the crystal medal? I hope not. Can the power of the crystal medal be truly that powerful? And why did Koji embarrass himself in a plane?


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A note from Lizard 90: Readers. I have to say this that the next chapters of medabots, the legend of the crystal medal will appear a bit later. I have a bad case of writers block. Sad, but true. But I’m not abandoning this fic or anything. It’s just that I have this great idea for my other fanfic and I’m already creating a new fic, but I’m not sure about writing it. I’ll try to promise that I’ll write two new chapters after two weeks, but I also have to think what happens next. I hope you like this fic. I enjoy writing these.

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