The legend of the Crystal Medal

Author: Lizard 90

Chapter 6

It’s been a week when Ikki and his friends were in Mexico. The gang met the mysterious Meda-mafia and got the crystal medal to safety. The next problem is that will the gang be able to keep the Meda-mafia away from the crystal medal which is now stored in Dr. Aki’s secret room. The gang might now be able to relax now.

Ikki, Mathew, Michael, Glen and Joshua were in the park. Mathew and Joshua were having a robattle, but Mr. Referee was nowhere to be seen.

“Attack Igano!” Joshua commanded.

Igano started firing a big blast of fire from his flamethrowers.

“Dodge Lizard!” Mathew commanded.

Lizard dodged the fire attack with a big somersault leap. 

“Laser cannons.” Mathew commanded calmly.

Lizard started firing multiple shots with his laser cannons. Igano just shook as he took damage and his chest got damaged badly.

“WARNING! Chest 42 damaged!” Joshua’s meda-watch said.

“Now charge your electric blast.” Rio commanded.

“You got it!” Lizard said as his tail started producing sparks.

“Igano, attack at close range!” Joshua commanded.

“WARNING! Electric blaster charged!” Mathew’s meda-watch informed. 

“Now let him have it!” Mathew commanded.

“Electric blast!” Lizard fired a fast and powerful blast of electricity from his tail. The attack hit Igano with great accuracy.

Igano’s medal popped out from his medal compartment.

“Oh, bummer!” Joshua said, looking at his medabot. 

“Take that. We rule. Right Mathew?” Lizard asked his medafighter.

“Well we are the Finland’s 2nd best medafighter and medabot.” Mathew said as he and Lizard gave each other a high-five.

“Do you think we could robattle now?” Metabee asked.

“Alright Metabee. You’re on.” Lizard said.

“Metabee, we’re supposed to say if we wanna robattle.” Ikki said.

“Big deal.” Metabee just said.

“Yeah. Lets get it on!” Lizard said loudly.

“Wait!” Everyone heard Erika.

Erika rushed to the boys and grabbed Ikki by his shirt collar.

“Ikki, don’t you know you should be preparing?” Erika asked.

“Preparing for what?” Michael asked.

“You never tell us what he’s supposed to prepare for.” Mathew said.

“I’m not talking about just Ikki. I’m telling you all should be preparing.” Erika said as she let go of Ikki’s shirt collar.

“Preparing for what?” Metabee, Lizard, Gunner, Raider and Igano asked at the same time.

“The summer robattle tournament.” Erika said and showed the boys and their medabots a poster about it.

“Because of that? We’re all so good we don’t need to practice. If Ikki and me enter, I’ll give ‘em all a Metabee-bopping.” Metabee said.  

“Well not if we and our medafighters enter. You’ll get the bopping Metabee.” Raider said. 

“Really?” Metabee asked sarcastically. 

“Well if there’s a tournament, then I’ll enter.” Ikki said raising a fist.

“Me too.” Mathew said.

“Same here.” Michael said.

“Darn right I’m goin’ to.” Glen said. 

“I’ll enter too.” Joshua said.

“That’s the spirit! Oh, by the way could you all help me with a scoop?” Erika asked.

All the boys and their medabots fell on the ground anime style.

“Every time we come, you always make us do most of the dirty work, and you always say you’re going to pay us.” Glen said.

“But I’m just a defenseless little girl. And I never pay you guys.” Erika said.  

“What!?” Glen asked angrily.

“Sorry, but as a reporter I must use all sneaky measures.” Erika said.

“I was actually wondering about that paying thing. You said you’d pay ‘em ten bucks for hour. You’d owe them all about a hundred now.” Metabee said.

“Enough about money and back to scoop.” Erika said. 

“Well what did you find out this time?” Ikki asked.

“I’ve heard rumors of some mystery medafighter who keeps challenging anyone he sees.” Erika explained.

“So?” Metabee asked.

“So? Metabee, we’re talking about some boy wearing a black hood and uses the latest dragon type medabot. I’m saying that we find this mystery medafighter, battle him into submission and print it on the school newspaper.” Erika explained.

“Well I’m definitely not going! If he’s that wimpy, I’d rather sit home and study Spanish.” Glen said.

“Whatever. I think I’ll go since I haven’t robattled for days.” Michael said.

“What if you lose? You’ll lose your place in third place as Finland’s third ranked medafighter.” Joshua tried to make him reconsider.

“Oh well. If Glen’s not going I’ll just rely on Ikki, Mathew, Michael and Joshua.” Erika said.

“I didn’t say I was going.” Joshua said.

“Enough back talk and let’s get to work! That goes for Glen too.” Erika said. “Hey, wait. Where are Ikki, Metabee, Glen and Raider?” Erika wondered.

Ikki, Metabee, Glen and Raider had sneaked away. They were about thirty meters away from Erika, but she suddenly in two seconds ran in front of them.

“You four are not going anywhere.” Erika said.

“Err… I have to study for a test.” Glen tried to make an excuse.

“Nice one Glen. You should know that it’s June and we have no school.” Erika said

“Looks like you forgot to read the calendar.” Ikki said to Glen.

“Sorry dude.” Glen wined.

Later. At the 24 hopmart. Spyke stepped out with Crosserdog holding a small package. Spyke had bought a brand new medapart to improve Crosserdog. Spyke was now looking at any direction and any corner.

“What are you doing boss?” Crosserdog asked.

“Checking to see that the coast is clear.” Spyke just said looking to the left.

“All this just to cross the street?” Crosserdog asked sweat dropping.

“No Crosserdog. I’m checking so we wont get ambushed by any medabot bandits like the last time we bought a part.” Spyke explained.

“Good plan boss but people are looking at us.” Crosserdog said.

“What? There’s no one here.” Spyke said looking around.

“Yeah there is.” Crosserdog said and pointed at the store with his free hand.

Henry was standing behind the counter, holding a newspaper. Henry was looking at the two a bit confused. He then waved at the two. Spyke sweat dropped. 

“Rrright. Coast’s clear so lets move.” Spyke said as he and Crosserdog crossed the street.

“Good thing we came here in the day time.” Crosserdog said.

“Yea. It’s harder to get ambushed when…” Spyke got interrupted.

“Hey! You with the crazy dew.” Someone said behind Spyke.

“Who me?” Spyke asked as he and Crosserdog turned around.

Behind them was a boy about their age. He wore dark gray jeans and black boots. He seemed to wear a brown t-shirt but the boy’s black cape covered most of it and he wore a hood over his head. He had those cool looking anime eyes that were bluish green. He seemed to have yellow hair but the hood he wore covered almost all of it. He also wore a necklace with some red medabot medal-like object attached to it.

“Yeah you. Who else? Anyway. Nice medabot. How bout a robattle?” The boy asked. His voice is a bit low like fourteen year olds.

“Umm, well.” Spyke mumbled. 

“Of course you don’t have to if your chicken.” The boy said selfishly. 

“Mrr! You take that back!” Spyke yelled annoyed.

“Good. That’s what I like to hear. Transport medabot.” The boy said and pressed his medawatch.

A blue beam shot out from his medawatch and a small glow appeared in front of the boy. Then his medabot appeared. His medabot looked like a small dragon. It had strongly armored black legs with three claws on its feet. Its body was also black and had a green jewel in the middle of its chest and its armor was designed to look like it had a six-pack. Its arms were also thick armored and had five claw-like fingers. Its head was in the same shape like Lizard’s but had two white horns on its head and black blades on its head’s sides. It had a metal plate that looked like the one on Metabee’s face and it had two small eyes. It also had a long, skinny tail and two, black wings that were like Femjet’s. Spyke and Crosserdog gulped. The boy took out his medal from his medawatch and put it in the medabots medal compartment. The dragon medabot’s eyes glowed red and it gave out a loud roar.      

“I think I’m going to regret this.” Spyke said. 

“Me too boss. Me too.” Crosserdog said. 

“Heh heh. Say hello to my medabot, Draikos.” The boy said. 



Type: DRG dragon-type 39054

Medafighter: ???

Special: shoots fireballs

“Then it’s agreed!”

Mr. Referee roller bladed to the two challengers.

“I Mr. Referee declare this match as a submission robattle between Spyke’s Crosserdog and… uh… what’s your name again?” Mr. Referee asked.  

“I wont give out my name here in Japan.” The boy just said.

“Ok. I declare this match as a submission robattle between Spyke’s Crosserdog and someone’s Draikos. Medafighters ready?” Mr. Referee asked the two medafighters.

“Yeah. I’m ready.” Spyke said.

“Lets just get this started. I’ve got a date tonight.” The boy said.

“Alright. Medabots… robattle!”

“Attack, Crosserdog!” Spyke commanded.

Crosserdog started firing his battle rifles at the dragon medabot. Every shot was a hit and smoke surrounded Draikos.

“Hmph. Draikos, dragon slash.” The boy commanded.

Draikos leaped at Crosserdog from behind the smoke and slashed Crosserdog with a lightning fast slash.

“WARNING! Right arm 100% damage, function cease!” Spyke’s medawatch warned.  

“Oh dear.” Spyke said.

“Now I’ll show you my own made up attack. Draikos, blast flare!” The boy commanded.

Draikos opened its mouth and a small light was seen in it. Crosserdog started shooting Draikos as fast as he could, but his attacks didn’t do so much damage, Draikos’s body did suffer some damage though. Draikor then shot a blue fire beam at Crosserdog. There was a huge explosion and after the smoke cleared, Crosserdog was lying on the ground and his medal was lying on the ground.  

“Function ceased! And the winner is, Draikos!” Mr. Referee announced. 

“No, not again.” Spyke wined as tears fell on his cheeks anime style.

“Hmph. I shouldn’t have bothered. But since I did, I’ll jus take the part you have in that box.” The boy said as he took the package with Spyke’s new medapart.

“Oh yeah? Well my boss is going to kick your bot’s butt! See ya.” Spyke said and ran away. 

“Why did I bother to come here in the first place? All the competition’s lame and now I don’t even feel like going to the summer robattle championships. But oh well. Come on Draikos.” The boy and Draikos walked off. 

At the same time Ikki, Erika, Mathew, Michael, Glen, Joshua and their medabots were walking on a street doing fieldwork on Erika’s scoop. Joshua and Glen tried sneaking away a few times but always got caught. 

“Y ’know Erika, there’s nothing here to add to that scoop of yours, so can I please go home?” Glen asked annoyed.

“Don’t try to sneak away again Glen. I need all the good men I can find and I found you all, so lets stick together.” Erika said.

“Grrr. I’m leaving if you like it or not. I’ve got stuff to do.” Glen said and turned around.

When Glen turned around, Spyke bumped onto him and they both got off balance. 

“Spyke? Why are you in such a hurry?” Michael asked.

“Well you see. I bought this new medapart for Crosserdog, but then this weird guy in a black cape comes and challenges me to a robattle and he had this creepy dragon medabot that beat Crosserdog with two blows. The worst thing is, they took that new medapart and it was so expensive.” Spyke explained.

“Black cape? That has to be the guy. Did you know where he went?” Erika asked.

“No. I ran when he took my part. All I can say is that I battled him in front of the 24 hopmart.” Spyke said.

“Then that’s where we’re off.” Erika said. 

“Well if you robattle him, then good luck. That’s all I can say.” Spyke warned and walked away carrying Crosserdog.

“Well, when we find this guy and his dragon friend, I’ll give him a Metabee-bopping.” Metabee said hitting his fist into his palm. 

“Metabee, overconfidence really killed the cat y’ know.” Raider warned.

“That’s curiosity really killed the cat, Raider. You should read something for once, like me and Gunner.” Lizard said.

“Is it true those two read?” Ikki asked Mathew and Michael.

“Yep. It’s weird how Lizard loves reading, but when I have to study for a test, he always wants me to do something with him.” Mathew said.

“Lets just go already! I’d like to go home and do something else than be Erika’s slave.” Joshua said annoyed.

The gang walks to the street where the 24 hopmart’s located. The kids decide to take a little break, so they went into the store. Where they were greeted by Henry.

“Hi kids. What are you up to these days?” Henry asked them.

“Not much. Erika is making us help her with a scoop. Something about a medafighter who wears a black cloak.” Ikki said leaning on the counter.

“A black cloak? I just saw Spyke robattled him a couple of minutes ago. He used some sort of dragon type medabot. If you wanna know where he is, he went that way.” Henry explained.

“Oh. Thanks Henry. Come on guys! This is our chance to catch him.” Erika said as she ran out the door.  

Her reaction was so quick that even Ikki, Mathew, Michael, Joshua, their medabots, Brass and Raider ran behind her. Glen stayed behind. He grinned.

“Thanks Henry. You can be a real life saver.” Glen thanked.

“Yea. Don’t mention it.” Henry said as he continued reading his paper.

Suddenly Erika ran to the store and grabbed Glen from his shirt.

“You’re coming too.” Erika said and started pulling Glen out of the store.

“Noo! Spare me reporter from the other world!” Glen yelled as he grabbed the sore’s door.

The store’s door started closing since Glen was not in front of the door’s sensor. Glen let go of the door and Erika pulled him to the others.

“Erika. You’re being a little… what’s the word… serious. Why is that?” Michael asked. 

“Sorry guys. I’ll tell you the reasons. One: I haven’t found any scoops for weeks. Two: There’s nothing to do. And three: I’m lonely.” Erika said. 

“Is that it? Why didn’t you say so? We then would have happily assisted you. You’re our friend.” Joshua said.  

“Erika looks kind of cute when she’s being all sensitive.” Mathew thought.

“Say guys. I think there’s someone looking straight at us.” Igano said as he looked at a mysterious figure.

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t Japan’s third ranked medafighter. Ooh and the three best medafighters in Finland. Heh heh.” The mysterious boy said. 

“So you’re the one who’s been challenging any medafighter in this city. Who are you anyway?” Ikki asked.

“So you don’t know me huh? Guess I can finally show my face and give out my true identity.” The boy said and threw off his cape.

He really did have an average, brown t-shirt and his hair was yellow and spiky. 

“I’m Calvin Ritzu. The 3rd ranked medafighter in china. Too bad you don’t remember me.” The boy named Calvin said.

“Calvin?” Mathew, Michael and Glen wondered.

“How do you…? Oh right. Team Finland defeated the Chinese team.” Erika noticed. 

“That’s right. I’ve come to payback for what team Finland did to my team.” Calvin said.

“Alright. You want payback? Then robattle me why don’t ya?” Michael asked as Gunner stepped up.

“Hey, why can’t I robattle him?” Metabee asked.

“Hush Metabee. This is a revenge match between these two teams. I could really get a story out of this.” Erika said as she took out her camera. 

“Transports, Draikos!” Calvin transported his mighty dragon medabot and activated it.

“Then it’s agreed!”

Mr. Referee jumped out of a trashcan. He was covered in trash and smelled horrible.

“I Mr. Referee declare this a submission robattle between Michael’s Gunner and Calvin’s Draikos! Medafighters ready.

The two medafighters just nodded.

“Alright. Medabots… robattle!”

“Attack Draikos! Dragon slash!” Calvin commanded.

Draikos made a leap at Gunner. Gunner quickly jumped out of Draikos’s way and Draikos slashed the ground. 

“Gunner, mini gun!” Michael commanded.

Gunner started shooting Draikos with his mini gun arm, causing bad damage on to Draikos’s chest. Draikos fell on his back.

“Now Gunner, use all your cannons!” Michael commanded.

Gunner started shooting Draikos with his mini gun, his sniper rifle and the small cannons on his knees and chest. Draikos suddenly got up and became airborne. Gunner however activated his sniper scope and started shooting Draikos’s legs.

“Draikos, aerial dragon slash!” Calvin commanded.

Draikos made a fast swoop and slashed Gunner’s sniper rifle arm and ceased its function. 

“Man. This guy is good.” Ikki admitted. 

“Gunner, mini gun!” Michael commanded.

Gunner started shooting Draikos with his mini gun arm and he still had his sniper scope on, but the mini gun wasn’t meant to be used as a sniper weapon, so Gunner missed many shots.

“Why’s Gunner missing so badly?” Glen asked.

“His sniper rifle. Calvin knew that Gunner can’t hit his opponent with good accuracy with his mini gun arm. Gunner’s now completely helpless against Draikos when it’s airborne.” Ikki explained.

Michael was sweating. Gunner kept on firing with his mini gun, but almost every shot was a miss. 

“Ha ha ha. Draikos, blast flare attack!” Calvin commanded.

In the air, Draikos opened his mouth and a glow came out of his mouth. He then fired a huge fire beam at Gunner. Gunner wasn’t fast enough to dodge the attack and got hammered. Gunner’s medal popped out. Michael was shocked that he couldn’t even remember an old opponent’s moves. He went to see his medabot’s condition. Gunner’s right arm was slashed open and his whole body was scorched.

“Suits you right. No one stands in the way of my team. Now if you don’t mind, I’ll take your sniper rifle arm as my prize.” Calvin said evilly.

“This bite’s! I’ve never lost a robattle in my life. Now my spotless record is ruined. And I now lost my best weapon.” Michael said in self-pity.

Will Michael ever get Gunner’s part back? Who else are members of team China? Did Mathew say Erika’s cute? Find out next time on medabots.


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