Ok, I don’t know where I got the idea for this story. Wherever I got the idea, it is going to be written differently than what I would normally do.


Here is the standard disclaimer: I don’t own Medabots; wish I did. I’ve said it I won’t again.


  Riddles of Fate




 Questions of My ‘Life’




C1) ------Who Am I? ------



….. Thought? No, processing. Lines of zeros and ones, flashes of symbols.

….. Touch? No, sensors. More ones, more zeros.

Sound? Yes, but not heard; rather a wave of energy known as sound, it sounds like, ‘I’ll call you Xetreame.’

Sight now, a flickering picture of a young smiling boy, even more ones and zeros. Following close behind sight is glowing red grids imposed over and around the picture of the boy and room behind him, giving a sense of depth size and distance. Above my vision floats glowing bars of red, yellow, green and blue. E1, E2, A1, A2, Head, Body, L-Arm, R-Arm, Legs.


Then I felt conflict, confusion. The boy spoke again, “Hello? Xetreame?” Yes, this was the name he called me, but at the same time I knew it wasn’t my name. The boy was checking something on his wrist when I asked, ripples of my voice passing through my mind: “Who are you?”

He looked up and smiled, “Hi, I'm Gorge. Your medafighter.” That word ‘medafighter’, it made me feel happy, terrified, and trapped all at once, this just added to my confusion.


I pulled myself to my feet and in one motion hurled myself toward and out the window. The glass shatters and follows me toward the ground. The ground is rising, but slowly; I twist around and land on my feet, rolling forward. A voice in my head is saying something; it doesn’t matter, all that matters is that I get away from this feeling of what can only be called wrong. I run, and run. At some point I reach a place full of people and vehicles; I pay them no mind and keep running. I’m tired, hot. I turn toward a dark opening between buildings; I crawl back behind a pile of trash.

The voice is saying something about overheating and shutdown. I’m very tired; I fight to stay awake but the darkness comes and claims me.




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