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  Riddles of Fate





C2) -----What am I?------


            I awake to whispered voices. They move off as I come out from behind the trash I had slept behind. The sky is darkening and crowded with heavy clouds; the sun is only a weak glow in the west. The streets are almost devoid of people; all is almost silent, but for the passing of the occasional car. I stood there in front of the ally; an urgent need to go back to George. But another urge that I should get away from…something. The light dimmed and the storm rumbled as I stood in indecision.


            Still I stood there when the light was gone and the rain began to fall. The rain, although fast and hard, soothed and calmed me, but still I was unable to decide what to do. Behind me I heard a light laughter followed by splashes of feet in shallow pools of water. The sound came form just beyond the light cast from the few streetlights. As I turned back toward the sound, a soft voice called, “What have we here? A lost little pet, a child’s servant?” Even though the voice was soft it carried a sting of hate and jealousy. Then a different voice muttering, “Servant boy.” The two came closer, their forms still just shadows. Even if out to hurt me, these words only made my decision final: I wouldn’t go back.


            “What? Can’t the little servant boy talk, or is he afraid?” The jealousy was gone from the voice leaving only a hardened hate, not of me but of what they thought I was.

My reply was rather simple and caused the feminine voice to stop its laughing. “I don’t fear you; I only fear that I don’t know anything about anything, even myself.”

The second shadow moved back into the darkness, while the first spoke again, “You don’t know anything? What about your name?” I simply shook my head.

            “Ok then, you should come with us. After all us medabots have to stick by each other.” She came forward out of the shadows.


            She was a cat medabot; mostly sliver, but her left arm was blue and she had a couple of patches at different places on her armor. Even though I saw this, my mind was racing. Why was I avoiding thinking of medabots? I am one, and there where almost as many of them as people. But, when I thought of myself as a medabot, it just didn’t seam to fit.

            I had to leave my thoughts for later as she started talking again, “My name is Sliver Star but everyone calls me Star. What should we call you?”

            I had no idea what my name should be or is supposed to be. The kid who activated me called me Extreme, but that wasn’t my name and it would send me into self-conflict to hear it too often. “EX. Just call me EX.”


            Star and I started walking through back alleys and across side streets; she said we where going to a ‘medabot sanctuary’. Her companion had left us back in the ally, even before I could see him. Star said his name was Heroth, and that I would meet him later. It wasn’t long before we came to into a closed off ally that was full of busted crates and piles of scrap metal; there was an old truck flipped on its side. Star stopped and when I turned back she lashed out and hit me in the chest, sending me falling backwards against a crate. Before I could move, an arrow struck me in the shoulder, pinning me to the crate.

            Star stepped forward and said, “Sorry, but you will understand later.” She reached out and grabbed my head, as she let electricity crackle out her claws and down my frame.

            Before the world went dark, I saw her turn and say something to someone out of my sight, “Why do we always do this?”




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