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  Riddles of Fate





C3) Where am I?


            “That’s the strangest thing I ever saw.” I wasn’t awake but I could hear what was going on. I think I might be in a medawatch.


            “What’s strange about it? It looks like a Kawaga head and leg parts and Fox arms. Do they have any mods?” The voices where talking about medaparts.


            “I was talking about his medal its…” the voices just stopped, along with all the other sounds. I was having trouble thinking; all I could guess is that I was removed from the watch. With my thoughts moving so slow and without any reference, time wasn’t moving.



            I was coming back to awareness, returning to my own body. “Ex, are you ok?” Star was leaning over me. She turned to someone out of view and asked, “Is something wrong with him? It shouldn’t take him this long to reboot.” My body took control, snapping my arm out across her face. I then rolled of the table and looked around. I was in a large cavern, part of an old subway tunnel. It was full of tents and huts made from old junk, some of them where large and rather fancy while others were barely-standing mound of garbage.


            The corner of the cavern I occupied was full of crates and large machines; it must have been a medabot hospital. Star stood up with a pair of gashes across her faceplate. I looked down at my dual bladed arms; the voices had been talking about me. My legs, and probably my head, where painted mostly dark blue with back accents. My arms where orange and red at the shoulder and wrist but a light gray otherwise.


            Star walked around the table and came forward slowly, “Ex. Calm down, everyone here goes through this. It’s to protect you and us.” She held out her hands as I backed away. She was trying to keep herself as my focus, off to my right a crab medabot charged out from behind a computer. I ducked under his outreached claw-hand and ran the other direction. A car type was coming from that direction; I ignored it until it tuned toward me. They where trying to catch me. and my body still wanted to get away. I leapt into the air, landing on the car medabot and started to spin back to attack the crab. I turned, just to be hit off the car and land on my back. The bar labeled ‘head’ dropped twenty-two points.


            I rolled away from Star as she tried to grab me. Climbing to my feet I start to back away again as the car medabot transforms and points its launchers at me. Star and the crab begin to circle around. They had me trapped into backing away, but I didn’t know why they wanted me to. I couldn’t look away from the car incase he fired. I don’t know how but my body activated my radar, showing a panoramic picture in my mind. The image was colorless and fuzzy, and it displayed a bot flying in behind me.


            I turned and leapt upward, arm drawn back to slash the dark noctobat. The bat swerved aside and released a swarm of missiles at me as my leap carried me past. *BOOM* My radar dissolved into static before disappearing totally, and my vision was full of colored blotches. The voice was back and saying something about damage and optical overload. My sight returned quickly and the ringing in my head stopped in time for me to hear the end of a conversation, “… leave him alone Hunter. You did the same thing when you got here.” Star was between where I was laying and where the noctobat was floating.


            He didn’t seam like a happy bot. “If he tries that again, I’ll crush his tinpet myself,” he mumbled before flying away. A few bots had gathered near one of the bigger huts and were talking to themselves, the car and crab medabots went over and a discussion started. Star was looking to where Hunter had disappeared behind a bend of tunnel.


            I realized I was in control of myself again so I tried to stand up. My leg jammed under me causing me to fall again. Looking at my stats bar, I saw that they where low. My arm was discolored and wouldn’t move. Star pulled me to my feet and helped me back to the table I was laying on. She was fixing my leg when a blue raccoon bot using a hammerfist rushed over, and articulated out his message: “The Professor wants to talk to the new guy ASAP.”


            He ran off just as quickly he came. Star looked at me for a moment. “I wonder why he wants to see you,” she pondered aloud, and went back to fixing my parts. I was still too busy trying to sort out my thoughts to care about that.


            My body had taken control and acted on its own, but moved and reacted slower than normal. It had done this back at George’s when I ran away. During my fight with Hunter, I could hear parts of thoughts that weren’t mine, and none of them made any sense.


            My contemplations ended when a large spark leapt from my leg to Star’s hand, making her jump back and curse. Upon looking back at me she looked puzzled, “Didn’t that hurt?” When I shook my head, she got a small device from under the table and pressed it to my leg. “That should have hurt a little.” She moved it to my chest and studied the numbers on the small screen, “Touch, damage, pain, environmental sensors … they all are working. Do you have a high pain tolerance?” I couldn’t answer so I didn’t say anything. She muttered something and closed the panel on my leg and slapped a regeneration pad to my arm.



            “You’re going to have to learn some things if you want to stay here.” Star was talking as she lead me through the maze of a medabot city. The city was very large and wasn’t as rundown as it looked from the outside. From the outskirts, none of the buildings looked more than two or three stories (A/N: this is on a medabot scale. A human story is between 7 and 8 feet, medabot stories would be around 5 or 6) tall, but really the tunnel sloped downward in the center letting the ones in the center get to at least six stories.


            Star walked down the ally like streets without pause. I was almost lost a few times because of the lack of street signs. It was also a very crowded place making me wonder how many bots lived here. Star stopped at a door tucked into a corner. “Most bots here go topside to either work or scavenge for cash and supplies. This is the only real medabot city in the world - there are other towns and groups, but none on this scale. Many of the bots here came from all over the world.”


            She went in the door and down the hallway inside. “No human has ever seen this place. They can’t; they would capture and probably dismantle us and all we have built.” She stopped at the last door and looked at me. “NO human can ever know about this city, they can’t.” I didn’t think that would happen but it seamed like a matter best left alone. Star looked at me for a moment before going in the door without knocking.


            Inside the room every surface was covered with charts and diagrams, even the few computer terminals had screens cluttered with data. All of it was about medabots in some way - there was even an enlarged construct of a medal.


            The ‘Professor’ was studying a set of computer printouts as we walked in. He reminded me of Doctor Boc Choy (A/N: somebody tell me what kind of bot he is) but the arms where altered to let his tinpet hands show. He must have been very old because his parts where almost totally faded and he moved with creaking slowness. Star had to pound on the desk to get his attention, “Professor, you wanted to talk to Ex?” He honestly looked confused.


            He put down his papers and looked at Star and me for a moment before shaking his head, “I didn’t ask to speak to anyone. I called for a medal that was found the other day. There must have been a mistake.”


            Now Star was confused, “We haven’t found any new medals, not in a week or so. And Ex is the only bot that came in yesterday.”


            The Professor shock his head and went over to one of his terminals for a moment. He came back to his desk muttering about something, “It couldn’t be….” After a moment he looked up at me with a stare that could cut stone, “Would you open your medal compartment.” Even if he asked it his gaze made it a command.


            With all my self-restraint I didn’t run, I turned and opened my medal hatch. Star gasped and the Professor was muttering again. Looking back over my shoulder I asked, “What’s wrong with my medal?” The Professor fumbled in a drawer for a moment before lifting a camera and snapping a photo. I closed my hatch and grabbed the photo from his hands. I looked at it for a moment before looking back up at him. He nodded before I could even ask, ‘is this my medal?’




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