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  Riddles of Fate






C4) How and why?


            I couldn’t believe it. But I had to: it was right in front of me. My medal was cracked, or rather was at some point. A jagged line of silver ran from the top almost straight down, through the gem and splitting into smaller branches. Even a few missing chips had been replaced with silver. I could see the beetle imprint, meaning that I was well experienced before my medal had shattered.


            “How is his medal… like that?” Star sounded more distressed than I was.


            The professor rolled over to a different computer terminal and printed out some papers. Coming back, he said, “Someone well studied in the actual workings of medals would have had to fix his, sorry, your medal.” He snatched the photo back. “This work is very old, and your medal is even older. The fact that they tried to fix your gem shows that it was during some of the earlier medal research.”


            “Why wouldn’t they try to fix my gem?” I was getting over the shock pretty fast.


            “The gems inside medals are still a bit of a mystery, even the Medabot Corporation hasn’t been able to unlock more than a fraction of their secrets. The gem holds the personality of the medabot. And many people clam that is where the soul is held. You see, it took researchers like Dr. Hoshi and Dr. Aky years to even begin to understand the technology inside the gems. Even the newest medals on the market are slow compared to the speed of rare medals,” he explained, going over to a cabinet and retrieving a thick folder.


            He set the folder in front of me and continued, “The technology inside rare medals is currently beyond what we are capable of. In almost twenty years the speed of today’s manufactured medals has only increased to thirty percent of the speed possible in rare medals.” The folder was full of charts and reports on the compared speed of new medals and rare medals.


            “Professor. Ex’s battle speed is rather slow and he doesn’t feel pain even with functional sensors.” Star was lashing her tail back and forth, she honesty seamed concerned.


            “I lose control of my body during battles,” responded Ex. “It’s like someone else is in command. It did this in the battle earlier with Hunter and the others.” The Professor didn’t seam surprised at this information but Star’s tail started going faster.


            “Yes, that sounds about right. You see…” he picked up the model medal and placed it on top of the folder. He removed the top layer showing the layout of its circuits, “… the area of a medal that processes pain is here.” He pointed to some circuits near the bottom of the medal, where mine was shattered and missing pieces.


            He then ran his fingers around the closely packed circuits around the gem, “The matter of losing control in battle and battle speed is a bit harder to explain. The area around the gem is for switching into different lines of processing. When your medal was repaired whoever did it made a mistake. They did something to force your learning process to be stuck open; this is what many medabots call think mode. It is for everyday occurrences and has a higher amount of power than battle mode.”


            He laid the photo back down on top of the model, “When a medabot enters a battle the learning part slows down and the battle circuits start up. The battle circuits aren’t as powerful but they have to be faster, even on a slower kind of medal. The problem is that your entering a battle subconsciously - you are in control, you just don’t know it.”


            I took the photo as he continued to speak, “Your speed is slowed because you are still using the full power of you learning circuits. I don’t know if there is anything to be done about it. But I have a question for you now.” I looked up, suppressing the urge to scream at him. “Do you have any memory’s that aren’t yours? Perhaps strange emotions?”


            “Yes, memories that aren’t mine. I can’t see them - it’s like they hide behind a wall of fog or ice.” I forced my hand to stop shaking. “I have lots of different emotions pushing me to do something but I don’t know what.”


            I couldn’t remain still any longer; I headed out the door ignoring the Professor calling me back. I made it to the ally outside the building before Star could catch up, “What’s the matter…” I was holding my head in pain. It felt like all the earth above me was trying to enter my mind. The pain was thumping like the beat of drums.


            I turned to her and forced the words past the pain, “I need to get out of here. I need air.”


            She looked at me and shook her head, “You don’t breathe…” She stopped as she looked into my eyes, “This way.”


            She guided me down trough the heart of the city. Even as confused as I was I saw the markets selling everything from parts to armor, there where even a few sleazy oil bars and music clubs. Soon after we passed the edge of the city, we came to a set of solid gates blocking a few different sized tunnels. Star talked to the guard and I tried to hold back my pain.


            The guard wrote in a book my name and number, 18553.3. The number seamed to surprise both him and Star but neither said anything. He then gave us each a small hexagon-shaped device. Star opened her medal hatch and placed it over her medal. As I did the same I placed the photo under my hatch.

            Star told me that the device kept our medals from ejecting and increased our healing capabilities. I didn’t care - I had to get out of this hole in the ground. I pushed past the guard and ran into the tunnels. Stars voice followed me for a while but soon fell behind.


            I don’t know how long I ran. I was overheating and my servos where rubbing, making the tunnels echo. I tripped and fell against the wall; finally, I looked at my surroundings. I was out of the medabot tunnels and into the sewer system right below the surface. Across the tunnel was a ladder leading to a manhole cover.


            I climbed the ladder and pushed the lid away. Pulling myself over the edge, I saw a car coming toward me at high speed. I was fully expecting to be hit. Instead, someone grabbed me and jumped to the sidewalk. I rested for a moment while my savior replaced the manhole cover.


            He helped me to my feet, “You should be more careful and avoid the streets. And if you don’t mind, why where you in the sewers?” He was a kawaga type, and he wore a white silk cape.


            I started walking away. I was at the corner before part of me made me turn back, “I was lost.”


            I turned to leave just to be knocked aside by an older bronze colored kaboto medabot. “Yo, Rocusho. You still owe me a robattle,” he skidded to a stop in front of Rocusho.


            “Perhaps later. Metabee. First I must help this medabot who you knocked over,” Metabee turned to me as I was getting up.


            He came over and offered his hand, “Hi. I’m Metabee and that’s Rocusho. So what do you need help with?” I didn’t take his hand, something about these two bots felt different.


            “My name is Ex and I don’t shake,” Metabee grew agitated while Rocusho took this chance to walk away.


            “What? Think you’re too good to shake my hand. I could wipe you out in one Metabee bopping,” steam started shooting from his missal launchers, it was so funny that I couldn’t help but laugh.


            ‘KIKIKIKIKIKIKI’, he started firing his lasers at me. I took off running but he was right behind me firing away.


            A few blocks later he was still chasing me and I had to force myself not to turn and fight him. My temp was still high from earlier and from what the Professor said I wouldn’t be good in a fight against anyone.


            We where passing a school when a dark haired boy in shorts and a red shirt jumped out and grabbed Metabee. I stopped and watched as their fighting stirred up a cloud of dust. “This happens a lot. They will be at that for a while,” a girl in purple coveralls had come up behind me.


Her medabot, a sailor type, was holding her backpack, “This is Miss Erica and I’m Brass. Those two are Masters Ikky and Metabee.”


Erica took her backpack from Brass, “So who are you and why was Metabee chasing you?” She had produced a tablet and looked at me like a hungry hawk.


I turned back to watch the fight, “My name is Ex. I laughed at him and he started chasing me.” I turned back when a flash went off, Brass had a camera and was taking a few photos of me.


“Where are you from? Who is your medafighter? And what are you doing around here?” Erica had her pen moving rapidly across her tablet.


“I grabbed the roll of film as Brass was handing it to Erica, “I’m not from anywhere. I don’t have a medafighter. I wasn’t doing anything. And I don’t like cameras.” I smashed the film into the ground and stomped it flat.


“You don’t have a medafighter? What, you another medabum?” Metabee didn’t even finish speaking before my blades cut a pair of gouges across his chest, his medal ejected. I didn’t even realize I had done it until I saw Ikky grab his medal.


Ikky looked at Metabee’s body and then at the oil dripping from my blades. He picked up Metabee’s body but before he left he glared at me, “I want a robattle latter.” He walked off, dripping oil as he went.


I looked at Erica, she grabbed Brass’s arm and started to run. She shouted back, “I’ll get my story. You can’t hide your secrets forever.”


I looked at the school and thought, ‘maybe they couldn’t hide forever.’


I was still looking at the school sorting my thoughts when Star came up beside me, “You shouldn’t stand in the open - you might get challenged to a robattle. You sure can run when you want too, you where gone by the time I even got halfway out. Let’s head back…”


A girl and two boys walked up to us. I saw them earlier while they were running laps as a large man shouted at them. I thought they would have left by now. The girl had brown hair done in some strange version of pigtails. The boys where almost opposite of each other. One was tall and thin with spiky hair and was real pale. The other was short and round with a dark tan.


            “You two get your medafighters, I challenge them to a robattle” the girl was obviously in charge. She pressed a button on her medawatch, as did the boys. After the light diminished, they placed in the bots medals. The girl’s bot was a red cat type while the boys had a new dog type and a tortoise type.


            After a moment the tall boy asked the girl, “Boss, where are their medafighters?”


            Star didn’t wait, “RUN!” She was off and disappearing in shadows almost immediately. I turned back to the kids who where trying to understand what just happened.


            The girl looked at me and grinned, “It doesn’t matter; we still have this one. Get your medafighter NOW.”


            “I don’t have a medafighter and I don’t want to robattle.” At this the girl grinned once more and the boys shot glances at each other.


            The girl let off a laugh that chilled the oil in my parts and made the boys draw back a step, “That is fine with me. Because now we can take all your parts and no one can say anything.” Her laugh was very cold, but it made a memory start to come past the fog.


            I had to ignore it as the cat chose then to attack. She came in slashing and trying to get a grip on me. I had to hold myself back; if I tried to fight, I would most assuredly lose. Instead, I thought of it as a dance, bringing a fresh memory to mind. A fancy ballroom full of people, I was standing on a balcony as men and women glided across the floor in perfect unison.


            “Peppercat,” the girl called back the feline, interrupting my memory. A powerful laser grazed my shoulder, burning a hole.


            “Now, Crosserdog!” The dog type began firing at me. I barely had to move as none of the shots came within a foot of me. Peppercat decided to press her attack as I turned toward him.


She dashed in behind me but was stopped by Star falling on her from the school wall. Star flung her away, “You just don’t listen. Hold off those two; I’ll deal with the housecat.” She didn’t waste any time, leaping at Peppercat.


I looked back. The tortoise had moved in closer, trying to hit me with a powerful blast. I didn’t hold back, but rather focused my thoughts on my attack. His visor brightened a moment before I drove my blade into his face. Something exploded in smoke, but under the noise I could hear the sound of a medal hitting the earth. “Totalizer?!”


As the wind carried the smoke away I looked to the catfight. Electricity wouldn’t hurt either of them so it was a contest of claws. Peppercat already had several gaping holes in her armor, while Star merely had a few scratches. I removed my claws from Totalizer’s smoking armor and walked toward Crosserdog.


            I wasn’t sure, but I believe his legs started to shake. I was confident I could finish him, given his horrible aim. I tackled him to the ground and drew back to strike. I was thrown backward as he started firing point blank, even he couldn’t miss. My arms stopped functioning almost immediately.


I would have stopped functioning if it hadn’t been for Star. Peppercat’s body was thrown into Crosserdog. Before he could get out from under it, Star landed on his shoulders and let electricity flow through his head.


She hissed at the boy as he reached for the medal. After she leapt away, she jumped to my side and griped my arm. As we ran away I heard, “You haven’t heard the last of the Screws!”


When she finally stopped pulling me, we were in the backyard of someone’s house. She spun me around to face her, “If I tell you to run, you run. Humans don’t care about wild medabots. They would steal our parts or worse. Now, next time listen to me.”


I didn’t think all humans were like that, but the fight did prove some were. The stat bars for my arms had some health again. I tried to move my arm. There was a loud grinding sound. She griped my shoulder and looked at the hole left from the fight. She poked it with a finger, “You have to be more careful, and since you don’t feel pain so you won’t know if you have a serious injury. This is right down to your servo; if you move it to much you could damage your tinpit. We can get it fixed nearby.”


We headed back towards the school but kept to the shadows, avoiding the gaze of potential adversaries. We got to the back loading dock of a small store; she tapped lightly twice. A very dark bronze kaboto type opened the door. He had some large scars in his armor from what had to have been serous damage. He gave me the same feeling that Metabee and Rocusho did.


He looked at us but didn’t say a word as he let us in. Star pushed me towards a workbench, “Sit there, I need to talk to Henry.” She went to a door and scratched lightly, a light beside the door blinked. She went into the other room.


The scared bot was digging in several boxes that were on shelves; he brought a motor like servo object to the bench as I sat down. He stood on the only stool and started working on my shoulder. He had the armor off in moments followed by burnt wires and a damaged servo.


He was installing the new one as Star came back with a dark haired teenager wearing an apron. I assumed he was Henry, “So, got a new refugee… You’re not a refugee, you ran from your medafighter.” The scared bot snapped the armor closed over my shoulder and placed the barrel of his revolver against my chest.


Star just stood there for a moment, “You ran away?” She took a step toward me, she looked like she was ready to sob. For a moment she gazed into my eyes before turning and running out the door.


I couldn’t understand why she was upset; I wanted to go after her. But I couldn’t with a gun pressed to my chest. The scared bot pressed harder, “Rouge.”


Henry came over and forced the bots arm down, “maybe not.” He looked at me, “Why did you run?”


I had to force myself past the rising tide of conflicting emotions. They both stood silently as I thought, “It’s wrong to have a medafighter when you’re already dead.” I reached back and removed the photo from my medal hatch and handed it to Henry.


I pushed back the scared bot and got down from the workbench. The bot moved to grab me but Henry stopped him, “Let him go Arkbeatle. He needs to find answers.”


I went out the door and stopped. I didn’t know the way back to the medabot city or even how I could find out. I started wandering down back streets and alleys. It was dark when I came to the park.


I climbed into the tallest tree and watched as the stars began to dot the sky. I thought out loud so I could hear over the ghostly memories, “My questions are like the stars…”

“One answered. But countless left.” Rocusho was in a higher branch. The rest of the night we watched the stars and moon turn across the sky.



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