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In the last chapter Ex found out his medal was broken at one time and then repaired. He survived a robattle with Stars help, but, when he went to get repaired, he got in an argument with Henry.


What will happen to him next? Read to discover….




  Riddles of Fate





C5) Who can answer?



            The warmth of the rising sun woke me from my slumber. Looking up I saw that Rocusho was gone already. People were already passing through the park on the way to wherever. I closed my eyes and tried to sort out the memories I had been having.


---- Mean While ----


            “It can’t be,” muttered a white haired balding man in a lab coat and sunglasses, stood in a dark room. The room was full of glass cylinders full of liquid, each one lit with a bright light that oddly didn’t show more than a few feet. In many of them floated medals.


            A man stepped into the light. He wore a spandex suit and a red scarf, his face covered with a golden mask. He handed over a photo, “Dr., it is.”


            The Dr. just stood there looking at the photo. “Bring him here now,” his voice shook with half hidden emotion.


---- Back with Ex ----


            I was still trying, unsuccessfully to sort out half remembered memories when Hunter landed on a branch above me. He swung upside down, “I had you pegged wrong. Here I thought you where one of those ‘Oh help me my medafighter left me.’” He laughed for a while Through his laughter he spoke again, “Here you, haha, you ran off before you could be dumped. Haha HA!”


            He just hung there and laughed for a while. He finally stopped laughing, “Come on. We need to get back before the rain floods the tunnels. He dropped from his branch and began to fly off. I looked after him not really wanting to go back under ground but needing to talk to Star.


            I dropped from my branch, and hurried to catch up to Hunter. When I did, he started talking about nonsense. From his inane chatter I gathered that you could find entrance to the city by searching near storm drains. They where hidden inside where no one ever went, but if any heavy rain started, the tunnels would become flooded and had to be sealed to prevent the destruction of the city.


            I took a last look at the growing storm clouds before entering the storm drain. This path was a short one and we where at the gates in minutes. Hunter flew off without checking with the guard. As I was singing back in, another guard told me I was supposed to wait here. I really didn’t have anywhere else to go so I just sat down at some nearby tables to wait.


            Star came riding up in a small go-cart along with a shark type. I got up and walked over as she climbed out. I watched as the shark drove away. When I turned back I was conked on by behind. Star was standing with her fist raised, “That was for making me worry.” She helped me get up, “Sorry ‘bout that I just… so how are you.”


            “I’m fine,” we walked into the city in an uncomfortable silence. Star bought us each a can of oil from a small vender. We continued to walk on through the city and out the other side, still in silence. We stopped when we finally reached the cavern wall.


            We sat down on some old crates. I couldn’t say silent any longer, “Why did it bother you so much when you learned that I ran away from my medafighter?” She looked out along the wall for a while, pain clear on her face.


            I was ready to apologize for upsetting her when she spoke, “Jun, my medafighter. She died. She was like my sister.” She looked into my eyes, but looked away like something there worried her. “We had been together for only a few years. She was killed in a car accident. I was right there with her but I survived, pined by the twisted car while she,” her voice cracked “she bleed to death. She was only twelve; I would have given my medal to save her. I tried to stay with her family for a while but they forced me to leave, they said I reminded them of her too much.”


            She looked back at me almost choking with her grief, “I lost my medafighter, my friend, MY Sister. And you ran away from your chance to have that. You gave up what half of the medabots in this city would die for. That is why I’m upset. I just don’t understand why you ran.”


            I looked at her and for the first time I wasn’t confused, “I didn’t give any of that up.” I raised my hand to stop her from objecting. “I never had a chance to have that. From the moment I was activated I knew, somehow, that I had already had that once. That I had lost it. I knew, I just knew, that I was already dead.” I put my hand over her mouth plate to silence her. “There isn’t any other way to describe it. The only way a medabot can die is by its own will, powering down for eternity. Or to have their medal destroyed.”


            I removed my hand from her mouth plate and continued as she sat in stunned silence, “There are only two reasons that I keep myself activated. One is that I need to know why someone tried to fix my medal.”


            I fell silent as the second reason hit me; I was so concerned about the first that the second was noticed but not realized. Star spoke while I tried to remember when I realized the second fact, “What is the other reason?”


            I looked at her with a whole range of new emotions, “It’s you. I need to find out what you mean to me. SilverStar, you mean something to me that I don’t fully understand.”


            She reached out for me; we came together in heartfelt embrace. After a moment we realized each other, she looked at me, her eyes glowing with happiness. She griped my had where it rested on the crate, “We should go back to the city.”


            I squeezed her hand once before getting up, “Star, I’m sorry to put you through so much trouble. BlueSky I … AARRG” my medal shook with a stabbing pain as a memory so strong I could see nothing else. I was sitting on a fallen log with a jet type (think ‘Femjet’). She was blue with silver highlights. I remembered her name was BlueSky, she liked being called Sky by her friends though. We were talking and laughing about something. I could almost hear it but the memory faded from me, leaving me lying on the ground with star kneeling beside me.


            I sat up and looked at Star, she had her hands on my shoulders, she asked, “What was that? Is something wrong?”


            I stood and took a few steps away from her, “It was a memory. My memory but one from before my medal was shattered.” I slammed my fist down on one of the crates sending splinters into the air. “I’m not me, I never will be. I’ll always be him and never know who he is. I have so many questions but so few answers.”


            She turned me around and griped my shoulders, “Maybe not always. We can get help; talk to the Professor and he’ll find a way to help you.”


The next few days I spent in the Professor's lab. Countless tests; hours trapped in machines. I would have run at many times if it weren’t for Star. Every time I looked at her, I knew she wouldn’t leave me be. And now I was beginning to have brief flashes of BlueSky. Making me wonder who I had these feelings for - Star or Sky?


The Professor finally let me go, saying he had to study the data he gathered from me. It was a good thing because the tunnels had finally drained enough to let bots leave again. Star and I walked up through the muddy tunnels; she was going to show me some of the local sights. I was glad to be out from underground, but a little upset over missing the rain.


We stopped by the river to rinse the mud from our parts. The river was murky, but the sky was clear and bright. We hadn’t gotten out of sight of the river when fireworks went off. Once the smoke cleared, a man wearing spandex and a golden mask was standing in front of us with a red and gold KBT mark two.


The man struck a pose, “Rushing from the heavens like a falling star, I am Space Medafighter X.” He struck another pose as a banner appeared behind him, showing a red ‘X’ over a starry background.


The banner vanished just as quickly as it had appeared. Star stepped forward as SMX raised his medawatch, “What do you want?” her voice shook with fear, this made me wonder who this man could be if she was scared of him.


The KBT took a step forward as he spoke, “I want him.” The KBT’s arm snapped upward. Shooting my knees before ether Star or I could move. I fell to the ground, holes through my knees. Star leapt at the KBT trying to slash and shock him, but he merely swatted her away like a fly.


As I watched the battle, something in me began to stir. Star leapt forward to tear at his visor, but he once more thwarted her attack, catching her arms and throwing her aside. SMX spoke again, his voice sounding bland, “Arkbettle. The rising pillar of fire, Unleash the Promance!” The bot had been charging his attack, even while he batted Star around.


From his horns a ball off fire grew and launched. Time lost meaning as Star was hit. PAIN, pain beyond any I’d felt before. I pulled at my medal as another image was layered over Star’s body being consumed by flame. An image of Sky being crushed by tons of falling stone. A surge of energy, agony rising exponentially as the force surged into focus. “Medaforce!”


Blackness passed before my eyes, when it passed SMX was running away with the destroyed body of Arkbettle. A new wash of blackness covered me before the agonizing pain pulled the world back into light. Between the rolling waves of pain and blackness, I crawled toward Star.


I made it to her side and collapsed as darkness and pain took me; took me into a world of pain and agony.




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