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            In the last chapter the story got a little dark. Ex and Star had some emotional talk; Ex reveled some more of his own thoughts. Then, after a few days of testing his medal, Ex uses the medaforce to defeat Arkbettle, but something went wrong. What could happen next, read on to discover…


  Riddles of Fate






C6) life is pain.


            Star woke with a start. She wasn’t at home, but in a cluttered garage. She found herself lying on a table covered in tools and half repaired medaparts. Someone had fixed her. She looked around - broken and half repaired parts and tinpets where everywhere. There where boxes of components and circuits on shelves and large crates of unironed armor.


            Then she saw Ex; he was laying against a shelf of assorted servos. She tried to stand, only to fall off the table as her legs where too weak. While she pulled herself up by the table leg, she examined herself. She was in better repair than she had been for a while, but whoever fixed her was letting her energy recharge itself.


            Star wobbled over to Ex, almost falling a time or two. He was in good shape but his eyes - instead of the fiery red, they were just static. “Ex? Are you ok?… Ex!” Star reached out with a shaky hand. She griped Ex’s shoulder and rolled him onto his side.


            Her mind just stopped working as she saw silver. Trails of silver ran down from under his medal hatch. Her hand reached out, almost by itself, and opened it. Her mind went into overdrive as she saw his medal. It was barley held together by thin drops and streaks of silver. The socket and some of the sounding components had been carefully repaired.


            The Professor had told her that Ex had a rare medal, he had discovered this during the testing. He also said that Ex shouldn’t be put into any situation where he could use the medaforce. Simply because the metal used to repair his medal wouldn’t be able to handle the power. And now Ex was gone, gone because she couldn’t defeat Arkbeattle. Arkbeattle the number one ranked medabot in Japan.


            She sunk to the floor and began to sob, sob like she hadn’t since the death of her medafighter. She closed his hatch and rested her head on his shoulder. She just lay there weeping, she was so sad that she didn’t even hear the opening of a door and low voices.


            She jumped to her feet and spun around as a hand touched her shoulder. A young girl was kneeling beside her. The girl was tall and slender, looking much like a modal. She wore a long blue skirt that reached past her knees. The long sleeved shirt she wore was a light purple with fluffy white clouds. All this and her long, straight, hazel brown hair made her look almost thirteen but Star knew that she couldn’t be more than nine or ten.


            The girl’s face was soft and kind, but her brown eyes and flat smile told Star that the girl had lived a hard life. As the lights in the garage flickered to life, Star looked toward the doorway. Another girl stood there, she looked both the same and different from the first girl.


            The other girl was also tall but was much more muscular without being bulky. She wore stiff jeans and a gray t-shirt that had a vampire smiley face on it. Her hair was short and curly, trimmed close around her face and ears. Her hands were dark and calloused from work; she also looked much older than she was. This girl’s face was hard as stone, and her green eyes held the look of someone defending their secrets at all costs.


            Star put herself between the girls and Ex, “Who are you and what do you want?” Star knew better than to trust anyone right away. She had heard of free medabots getting scraped far to often.


            The tough girl came into the garage, shutting the door behind her. Stars eyes drifted to the red and gray medawatch on her wrist. The first girl stood, light flashing from her blue and purple medawatch. She held out her hands, palms up, “I’m Leinda and her name is Jeniffer. We found you and your friend near the river; both of you were highly damaged. You had been burnt to a crisp while your friend…” her voice drifted off.


            Star couldn’t stop herself as she turned and looked at Ex. She reached and touched his face plate. His unseeing eyes looked past her, and she sobbed again, “He’s dead. He died because I couldn’t protect him, because I wasn’t strong enough.” She lowered her head and just sobbed. (AN: medabots can’t cry tears, at least I don’t think they can)


            She jumped again as Leinda pulled her into a tight hug. Star stopped trying to pull away after a moment and let herself be comforted. When her sobs stopped, Jeniffer came forward and looked at Ex, “He isn’t dead. Just comatose, he’ll wake sooner or later.” She looked at Star with those hard but warm eyes, “Now, what are your names and what exactly happened to you.”


---- In Ex’s mind----


            Ex awoke to find himself in a vast circular room of green, a crooked silver wall cut the room in half. He knew where he was; this is where he came in his dreams. He was inside the gem of his medal.


            Every time he came here, all he could do was walk toward the silver wall. He could never do anything else. When he finally got to the wall, he would find a small jagged hole - an eyehole. He would look through the hole and see glimpses of his mysterious past, a glimpse he wouldn’t remember after he woke.


            Something was different this time. The wall had large holes that he could see even from here and dark clouds floated around the room, sparking with energy. What really struck him as different was the fact he had control of himself. He turned and walked toward one of the closer clouds. He got within a few feet of the cloud but before he could touch it lighting flashed out, striking him. Pain, pain that was so common to these memories…


            His first sight was a room cluttered with toys and mechanical gizmos. He looked down at himself, his parts where old and faded, even rusty in some places. It appeared that he was once white and blue. His legs, head, and right arm where KWG (kwaga) parts. His left arm was also, except at the forearm - it ended not in a hand and hammer, but with a block of metal. There was a crude but sharp dagger welded there.


            The pain disappeared and Ex was laying on the green floor again. As he pulled himself back to his feet he looked across the room. The clouds where growing and drawing toward the center of the silver wall. Ex took a step forward ready to look for his answers, to take them even at the cost of pain.


            He reached the next cloud quickly, reaching out, placing his hand within. The sensation was like holding fire…


            He looked around the room again. Searching for who activated him, there he was,

a lanky boy. He had strange, wild, white hair and small beady eyes. His face was stretched in a painfully wide smile. He wore a green shirt and denim pants. He must have been around eleven or twelve. He was holding a medawatch that was almost in as bad shape as my parts. “Hello,” my voice was strong but cracked with static.


            “Wow! I didn’t think the parts would work. I’m Eugene, but you can call me Gene. I can’t think of a name for you, though.” he flopped down on the floor and held his chin in thought.


            I looked down at my deformed left hand and its makeshift weapon, “How about Dagger?”


            He just sat there for a moment then leapt to his feet snapping his fingers, “I got it. I’ll call you Dagger.” He grabbed a wire brush and started removing the worst of the rust from my parts.


            Ex was back in the green room once more. He was on his knees struggling with the fading pain. His arm was blackened where he had touched the cloud. He looked for the next cloud but they where all at the center and outside of the vast room, none where near him. Ex tried to stand but was too weak; he sank to the ground again. He laid his head down to rest for a moment.


--- Back in realty---


            Star had given the girls a brief, very brief, history of Ex, excluding the medabot city. Afterward, they moved into the comfy but mismatched living room, Star mentioned this as she laid Ex down beside her on a flowery loveseat. Leinda answered while Jeniffer went into the other room to make a phone call, “The four of us each helped pick the furniture.”


            “Four? You mean you and your-?” Star asked while she placed Ex’s head on her lap.


            “No, just Jeniffer and I with our medabots. We rent out the basement but only so we won’t be bothered by social workers. I repair medaparts while Proximus and Adreastea, those are our medabots, work at a local medabot dojo. Jeniffer usually works for her sensei, training kendo students.” Leinda’s voice never seamed to rise in tone or pitch, making her sound almost monotone; only the softness she spoke with kept her from sounding like a computer.


            “What about your parents?” Star was more interested in Ex’s condition than the conversation, that’s why she missed Leinda’s eyes and face take on a cold sad look.


            Before Leinda could compose herself to answer, Jennifer came back into the room. She answered like she was listing to the conversation, “Leinda is an orphan and my stepfather tossed me out when my mom died.”


            The silence hung in the air like a heavy fog. It was shattered when Ex groaned in pain, his optics flashing back to their normal red. Then he was silent again and his optics faded back into static.


---In Ex’s mind---


            … he was walking next to Gene, they where heading to school. The city was full of people but there where very few medabots. the few there where were shiny and moved like new, Dagger couldn’t help but be embarrassed. He had to be the worst looking bot around, especially since he saw his refection, the right side of his face and antenna where warped and twisted.


            Gene was always ready to do anything (like Rintaro). Even while he walked to school he was talking and writing down ideas for new inventions. He even had a new design for a kabto medabot. It wasn’t long before we got to the school.


            They waited outside of the gates because Gene wanted me to meet his friend. While they waited Dagger looked in at the kids, there where almost as many Medabots as kids. A lot of them where worse looking than he was; some however looked good, too good to have been fixed by kids. That’s when he saw a flash of blue and silver, it was a jet type. She flew in and landed beside Gene, “Hello Gene. Miss Kari will be here in a moment.


            Dagger stared at her from behind Gene, he thought she was beautiful. Dagger felt more self-conscious of his parts than ever. He tried to hide behind Gene but Gene grabbed his shoulder and pulled him around in front of him, “BlueSky, this is Dagger.” Dagger’s circuits grew warm, he was sparred saying anything by a girl running up to them.


            “Hey, Gene. Wow, is this your medabot?” apparently this was Kari.


She was wearing cutoff jeans and a dark navy blue sleeveless shirt. She wore tight black fingerless gloves that contrasted with her chrome medawatch. She had a cute round face that just held a smile that was doubled by the look of friendliness in her light brown eyes. Her hair seamed out of place with her face though, it didn’t go down past her neck and was an alarming shade of black.


Gene smile got even wider, “Yes. Kari, this is Dagger. I just finished fixing him last night.” Kari knelt beside me and looked me over, I tried stepping back but Gene still had a grip on my shoulders.


She looked up at Gene, “How did you get to the old ruins? Your parents wouldn’t let you go, that’s for sure.” He just blushed and lowered his head, mumbling something Dagger couldn’t hear. Kari seamed to know what he said though, “You went without them knowing.”


Gene raised his head, his smile was weak like a kicked puppy, “No. I told them a friend had brought the parts back for me, and they knew I had the medal - everyone knew I had the medal. I’ve had Dagger’s medal since before I can remember. You won’t tell on me, right?” he looked scared as she scrunched up her face in thought.


She stood up smiling and put her arm around Gene’s shoulder, “I won’t tell but you owe me.”


Gene released me but Sky pulled me aside, “He is going to be sorry the day she calls in all of the times she saved him. He can’t go a week without owing her something.” only Gene wasn’t laughing as we all went into the school yard, but he did have a smile on his face…


Everything faded to static and then green. Ex sat up; he was once more back in the green room. One of the clouds had passed over him while he rested. His body was blackened from head to toe. His parts ached and he was far more tired than before his rest. Most of the clouds were now one large bank of dark fog.


He tried to stand, barely managing a few steps before collapsing back to the ground. “I won’t surrender,” the first words he spoke here, he could feel them echo like thunder around the massive room. Finally, as they began to quiet, a wisp of fog came snaking back toward him from the dark fog bank…


“I will not surrender!” Dagger stood in front of Gene, his parts damaged and weak. Before him was a pair of identical red and brown raccoon type medabots. The only difference was shallow cuts and gashes he had given them, almost laughable damage to their armor. Dagger had been fighting hard but they where just too tough, their armor too thick.


Gene was pale with fear, as a team we had never been so close to losing. The other boy, the opposing medafighter, he seamed so plain. Lightly tanned skin dark hair average height for being fourteen. Even his cloths where unremarkable, it was his eyes that made him stand out. His eyes where an icy blue so bright and at the same time so cold and unfeeling.


He smiled, it was a friendly smile until you looked into his eyes then it was just cruel. He gave a light laugh, “Don’t you understand, it doesn’t matter if you surrender. Bash and Smash will grind you into the dust.”


Gene lowered his medawatch, “I surrender.” Dagger turned back to him shocked. “I’m sorry Dagger but this way you won’t be hurt anymore.”


Dagger looked from Gene to the cold look in the other boy’s eyes. He became angry, “I will NOT surrender to him or any other. Gene, giving up would hurt me more than these two coons ever could.” Dagger forced his arms to raze into an attack position, “Besides, we are a team. Surrender goes by vote.”


Dagger drew himself up, light reflecting from his chipped sword. “I vote NO!” he leapt forward, into the battle once more. Ready to fight to the end…


Ex found himself standing in a fighting stance, his parts where sparkling like new and he wasn’t tired. The green room was pulsing with energy and the dark fogbank was filled with flashes of inner turmoil. He began walking once more, toward the center of his medal, toward his forgotten past.


As he grew closer the fog bank shrank, condensing into a smaller and smaller shape, strobing with lightning. When he was within a few yards of the darkening shape, he realized that it was forming. Forming into something he wasn’t expecting, something he should fear.



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