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            In the last chapter Star meet her saviors, but found Ex was in a deep coma (sounds like a soap opera). While Star was talking to the two strange girls, Ex was trapped in his mind, his gem, living memories of his old life; living a normal medabot’s life as Dagger. What is this going to do to him, read to find out….


  Riddles of Fate





C7.) New Riddles


            Ex was standing near the silver wall that divided the circular green room that was his medal’s gem. He wasn’t standing for lack of anything better to do; he was standing there frozen with fear.


            The clouds of memory, his lost memories, where condensing into the form of the old him. Into Dagger. The original him, the brave welder of sword and dagger, the great fighter. Versus the copy, the weakling, the pacifist, the walking dead. Ex had little hope he could survive a battle against Dagger. If it resorted to a fight, it would be of blades and minds, a battle for life.


            The cloud finished transforming, finally turning white and faded blue. He was just like the memories, even the deformed face and crudely rebuilt left arm. Dagger’s eyes lit up with the same fiery red in Ex’s. Dagger looked around the room, his gaze resting briefly on the silver wall before stopping on the other bot. Ex steeled his will and stood ready, even then he wasn’t ready for the attack.


Dagger leapt, taking Ex to the ground and pinning him there. Ex felt the tip of a blade pressed to his neck, as Dagger snarled, “Who are you and why are you in my mind?”


            The question was a surprise to Ex; he had assumed that because he could see Dagger’s memories that Dagger could see his. Dagger pushed the blade a bit firmer, prompting an answer, “I’m Ex…” He had no idea how to explain his, or their, situation when he wasn’t sure what had caused it in the fist place. “How I got here is a long story, one that revolves around something that happened to you.”


            Ex felt, most disturbingly, what Dagger was thinking. Dagger’s thoughts were troubled, ‘Who is this dark bot and why dose he seam so familiar? Something strange is going on. Why can’t I remember what happened to me?’ Like the stab of a knife a memory passed into Ex’s mind, but unlike others it brought no pain…


            Dagger was with BlueSky, it was a few days after his surprise victory over the twin raccoon types. Sky often wandered around the city or forest while Kari and Gene where in school, and Dagger would often walk with her. They were fast becoming great friends, even closer than Gene and Kari. Today they had gone deep into the forest, talking about the weather or flowers, even what rumors where going around the schoolyard. They stopped and sat down on a fallen log, holding each others hands…


            Ex was snapped from the memory as Dagger leapt away trebling with shock. Dagger stopped shaking as Ex climbed to his feet, “What was that? I was you, running from your medafighter.” Dagger was back in front of Ex in an instant, “That was your memory. And you saw one of mine too, didn’t you?”


            His hand came up, trying to grab Ex, but Ex caught it with the same motion, surprising himself. He was so surprised that he miss Dagger’s left hand sweeping in. The sharp edged blade cutting cleanly into Ex’s upper arm. Ex felt the blade as pressure, but not pain. The blade was yanked out before it could cause more than superficial damage.


            Dagger pulled away, staring at the cut on Ex’s arm and rubbing his own arm, “What was that? It was like you cut me but you didn’t.” Dagger begin to walk around Ex. Ex began to move as well; both of them were soon circling each other.


            Ex felt Dagger’s thoughts brushing against his again, ‘Who is this bot? The way he moves and stands are so familiar. His eyes hold such a bright glow, almost like mine only jagged. I just can’t place where I’ve seen him before.’


            Ex now knew that this battle wouldn’t be as hard as he thought. It would be still be tricky, but Dagger didn’t realize that Ex was, in a sense, him. Also, Dagger would feel damage to both of them. Ex also knew how Dagger fought, but to the same degree Dagger would quickly learn Ex’s style of fighting.


            Dagger and Ex stopped, leaving them parallel to the silver wall, each readying to attack or counter attack. Ex moved first, running toward the wall. Dagger followed. Both angled in toward the other. Ex’s first instinct was to leap to the wall and attack as he rebounded. Instead, he skidded to a stop against the wall, slashing as Dagger passed by in the same move he had just been ready to do.


            Dagger landed, stumbling as his damaged leg slipped. He righted himself and stood there, gripping his wounded knee. Ex moved slowly, walking around into Dagger’s sight. He realized at the last moment it was a trick - Dagger was in motion instantly. Ex felt the pressure of the canbara sword go deep into his right arm, while Dagger felt the pain. The sword was ripped away, tearing away Ex’s armor, and leaving part of the blade behind.


            Ex pushed in toward the stunned Dagger. Rolling around, he struck with his good arm, leaving two thin deep gashes across his chest plate. Dagger swung his left hand out, using its weight to dent Ex’s face plate and knock him away.


            They both stayed away from each other, taking a brief pause. Ex was dented from hits he didn’t notice taking and his right arm hung useless at his side, pealed like an orange. Dagger wasn’t much better. His chest panel was seeping oil and sparks poured from his leg like water. Dagger felt much worse than Ex, ‘… something is happening here. Every thing I hit him with he just shrugs off while I feel the pain.’


            As Ex sat down, Dagger tensed expecting an attack. “Sit down Dagger,” Ex said in an unusually forceful tone. “It’s time to talk. That or you can cut me up until YOU can’t take the pain anymore.”


            Dagger moved away a few steps, “Who are you?”


            Ex took his limp arm and placed it in his lap, “It all started with my activation…”


--- back in realty---


            Leinda and Jeniffer were sitting with Star while waiting for their medabots. The silence was unbearable, broken only by the occasional moan from Ex. Leinda would try to get Star to talk occasionally but the conversation would always end when Ex shifted or made a sound.


            Star was staring into Ex’s eyes. Earlier she had noticed flashes of red and they where becoming more frequent. She heard the door open and close. Jeniffer had gotten up to make a call. She had heard talking and some clattering shortly before Jeniffer came back. She was caring a tray of cans, oil for the medabots and soda for the girls. Behind her came an interesting pair of medabots.


            The first bot was a white and silver Kuwagata type, however his sword arm was heavily modified. It had three identical blades, strait edged and configured like a saber-tooth-tigers flexor sword. The way the blades where held by a set of bars and claps it gave the impression that they could turn horizontally, forming one wide sword. “Hello. I am Proximus. Jeniffer said your name was Star?” he spoke with a very formal English accent.


            Star wasn’t sure what she should think of this medabot, even with the accent he moved and stood like a seasoned fighter. Star stood up, adjusting Ex’s head first, “Yes, my name is SilverStar but Star is fine. You’re Jeniffer’s medabot?”


            Proximus was shoved into a chair by the other medabot before he could answer. “Naw girl, Leinda is his medafighter. I’m Adreastea. Nice to know yah, Star.” Adreastea was a gray and black cat medabot, but both her arms where modified. Attached to the back of her right hand was a crossbow, folded tightly but able to open into a thin, wide bow of considerable strength. The cross brace of the bow had crystals inset at several places and Star couldn’t see any quiver of arrows. Adreastea’s left hand was like a normal CAT types’ arm except for the long crystalline sword extending from the forearm.


            Adreastea passed a can of oil to Star as she sat back down beside Ex. She sat silently as Proximus and Adreastea told the girls about their day. Star didn’t see Proximus stand up from his chair until he was standing beside her and Ex. He was studying Ex, “Would you mind telling us how your friend came to be this way? I haven’t encountered many comatose medabots.” Proximus pronounced ‘medabots’ more like ‘meadibots’.


            Star leaned over to set her oil can down on the coffee table. Before she could even sit back Ex bolted upright. His eyes where strobing from static to red, casting a glow like a flickering red flame. They sped up until they seamed to be rippling like water.


Star reached out to grip his shoulder but Proximas stopped her hand, “Don’t! He’s rebooting. It’ll take a…” Ex’s eyes locked on red. They looked just as Star knew them, but something else was there too. Ex’s head turned toward Star, holding for a moment before continuing onto Proximas. When his eyes saw Proximas restraining Star’s hand, the strange thing in his eyes flared. He struck out.


Proximas dropped her hand and leapt back ready to defend himself and his friends. Star stumbled back as well, this was a side of Ex she had only seen during the fight with the Screws, when he had attacked the TOT type.


Ex stood up on the love seat. Star watched as he turned his head, examining the room and those in it. His left leg had a strong tick while his left arm hung limp at his side. She looked into his eyes as he stood there looking at her, his left eye wide and duller in color. She realized his left side was useless, like a human after a stroke.


“rrAsnT.. arIUjebG.. Sarrsist..”, Ex’s voice was garbled as he tried to speak. “Ssstaar, Sstarr. Whooo agreh othhers?” The strange thing in his eyes had withdrew. Star went forward, ignoring Proximas’ warning hand, and helped Ex down from the love seat.


Star put her arm around his shoulders; his weight fell right against her. She pointed to the girls, “These two are Leinda and Jeniffer, they fixed our parts.” She then gestured toward the other two in the room, “And these two are Proximas and Adreastea, Leinda and Jeniffer’s medabots.”


Ex suddenly pulled away from Star, the strange light coming into his eyes again. He began toward the doorway, his leg dragging, “Mmmust fiiinnd Ggene…”



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