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  Riddles of Fate




C9) Many Searchers


            Star pushed past the large bouncer and into the oil bar. It was one of several oil bars in the medabot city. It was different in one major way, everything going on inside was illegal in some way.


            A wall was covered in televisions showing illegal robattles and uncensored movies. Fights happened everywhere and only ended when a medal hit the ground. the bartender served high grade oils mixed with liquor and energy capsules. Pits in the floor where filled with medabots necking with each other, some of the same gender. (I will NOT go into any more detail than this. I don’t write lemons.)


            Star pushed past several groups of medabots trying to dance to the jarring pulse flash music. Most of the bots in here knew Star, she was a master scavenger and one of the best fighters below or above ground. she went back towards the darker parts of the club where illegal parts upgrades where made and installed.


            A neon green shark type jumped from where it was sitting in a dentist chair when Star approached. It scrabbled to wipe the chair clean of split oil as it spoke, “why hello SS. What can I do for you today? Maybe you finally decided to use some of my not so fair enhancements?”


            Star jumped into the chair and pulled a small pouch from some where under her armor. She tossed it into the air once, “I need a paint job, Venom. The standard silver color but I want to try that new paint I heard you have.” Venom shark reached for the pouch with a grin in his eyes. Star pulled back the pouch, “I need to talk to Blueshock afterward.”


            Venom froze for several seconds, “I don’t know where…” his excuse died as electricity crackled around the pouch in Star’s hand, blackening the edges. “fine ill go tell her but you owe me big.” He turned and pulled a cell phone from under the chair and dialed a number with a pen in his claw. He walked away a few steps as he talked he winced as Star heard a wide range of profanities came from the phone. After a few moments he hung up the phone and came back to Star.


            She watched as he began getting out a paint gun and started mixing paints. Soon he held up a jar or sparkling silver paint, “is this the shade you want?” Star nodded and Venom began loading the paint gun. he started spraying at Star’s feet and worked his way up, the paint drying almost instantly.


            He was almost done with Star’s front when a cloaked medabot walked past the chair and into the privet back rooms. Both Star and Venom saw the medabot and knew who it was. Star rolled over and let Venom finish with her back. When he finished Star sat up and looked herself over. Now she looked almost new, the old patches and deep scars hidden by creative layering of paint.


            She got down from the chair and started towards the door to the back, casually tossing the pouch over her shoulder. She opened the door and strode in past the weapon(WEP) type that guarded the door and into a private conversation room. The cloaked medabot was there, no longer wearing her cloak.


            She was a rare medabot, in more ways than one, she was a DVL-WPN, only one of ten ever made. Her face was like a skull with eyes like screws and dark blue/black hair hanging down beside her face and a black collar-like neck protector. She has a thin body and waist with large bat wings on her back along with a pair of small jet turbines. Her waist is coved with a tail skirt from under witch comes her long tail with its spiky end. square shaped shoulders that widen from in to out with wide curved shoulder guards coming out the ends. Her arms are long and narrow with rounded guards around the forearm and protruding claws above her hands. Her legs are slim and rounded looking much like a KWG but without the traction claws. On both her knees and her forearms is a small four point star with a screw through its center.


            Star sat down beside her and opened the can of oil waiting for her. she looked the other fembot over, seeing new scars and noticing a large pack under the table. She took a swig of oil before she spoke, “hello Blueshock. How’s the Medafighter?” one of the other reasons Blueshock was different is that she willingly found a new medafighter after her last one disappeared.


            Blueshock just took another sip of her gin-an-oil as she looked Star up and down. Finally she leaned back and sighed, “whatever you think a did you got no proof. And if you do, it wont hold in front of the council.” Star had to struggle to keep herself from saying that she had enough to get both Blueshock and her medafighter arrested in any country.


            Star just sat here and sipped at her oil, letting the other fembot stew with doubt. Finally, as Blueshock was ready to storm out, she spoke, “I need you to find something for me, or rather someone. And before you refuse, ill let security around the warehouses lax every few weeks.”


            Blueshock sat and thought about this. Star knew that she had been trying to steal from the warehouses at the edge of the medabot city. Star didn’t know what she was after but she knew most of the stuff there wouldn’t be missed in the long run. Blueshock removed a small PDA from her bag and checked something before agreeing, “alright but ill search for a month only and weather I find this person or not you still drop the security levels for at least once a month.”


            Star acted like she needed to think this over but she already had decide, “alright it’s a deal.” Star began telling Blueshock everything she might need to know to find Ex.




            inside a small dark shed-like building a TV clicked itself on. the shadowed figure on the screen looked around at the room, specifically the four sleeping people. The dark figure reach off screen as a panel opened on the side of the TV. From under the panel came a large megaphone, the figure held up a microphone, “WAKE UP YOU IMBICELS!!”


            the rubber suited ‘imbeciles’ jumped up, striking the ceiling, and prostrated themselves before the TV. The smallest one lifted his head, “what can we do O great meda-overlord.”


            The ‘meda-overlord’ tossed the microphone aside as the megaphone retracted. He stroked the cat in his lap as he spoke, “you incompetents are going to find me a medabot. NOT any normal medabot. This one has a shattered medal that was repaired with silver meda-bond. I WILL have that medabot. Go get that Medabot!”


            The large man with a scared face lifted his head, “what dose it look like boss?” The dark figure reached of screen again as another compartment opened on the front of the TV. A robotic arm came out with a tazer, which promptly shot wire prongs. The scared man shook as high voltage crossed the wires and into his chin and then the rest of his body.


            the other rubber suited figures edged away from the now smoking man. The figure disappeared from screen only to replaced by a short video clip of a KWG/FOX medabot watching a CAT type fight a red and gold KBT mark1. the clip ended and then restarted as the KBT began to fire it’s promance canon.


            The frame froze on an image of the KWG with FOX arms. The dark figure’s voice came in the background, “GET ME THAT MEDABOT! NOW!” the three still standing dragged the large man out the door as the TV clicked off.




            Dagger was inside a phone booth, tearing out pages in frustration. He couldn’t find Gene or Gene’s parents. He didn’t bother opening the door but smashed out the glass side of the booth, raining glass on the man waiting for the phone. The man jumped and began to run the other direction as Dagger stalked past leaking oil from dozens of glass cuts.


            Dagger kept walking trying to find someway of finding his medafighter. He didn’t pay any attention to the man in a strange uniform, with an arm guard and visored helmet, until he tried to stop him. The man stood with his hand out blocking Daggers path, “you have destroyed public property, interrupted the peace and cased a public disturbance. You will be taken in until your medafighter can be found and fined.”


            Dagger smacked the hand out of his way and began walking once more. The man glanced at the thin scratches on his arm guard. He thought to himself, ‘this medabot just attacked me.’ the man scrambled for the small device at his side. whipping it up and firing it at Dagger.


            Dagger didn’t hear the small disk being fired because his left side still didn’t work, including his hearing. The small disk struck Dagger in the shoulder and detonated with a flash of yellow energy. Dagger slumped to the ground, his systems forcefully shutdown but his medal compartment staying closed.





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