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  Riddles of Fate





C10) A Reunion is Coming


            Dagger sat up, finding himself in a large dark room. The room had no windows and the only door looked to be made of heavy metal. Dagger began to stand but hit his head on the shelf above him. The entire room was full of shelves and on every one was a shutdown Medabot and a plastic envelope containing a medal.


            Dagger rolled down from the shelf and began to look for a way out. He dropped to his knees as pain shot through his mind. One of his memories came forward unbidden, out of the same fog that Ex had fought.




            Dagger was standing in a room so dark that even his eyes couldnít see anything. Around him was the sound of many medabots. The medabots laughed as out of the darkness they attacked, lashing at Dagger with rusty pipes and cracked weapons. The bark of cannons was followed by pain dancing up Daggerís side.


            Dagger heard Gene shout and felt a rush of power as energy rushed into him. An aura wrapped around him as his wounds vanished. His light tore at the shadows and he could see his attackers. They where horrible constructions, monstrous things made from several destroyed and damaged medabots bound together with a twisting, flowing black tar. They had several arms and legs, and even several heads but every one looked to be made from scraped parts and rusted metal.


            Three of them stood before Dagger as the forth held Gene over its single head, a broken blade pressed against his young flesh. Dagger felt their empty hate towards him, hatred of everything. Dagger also felt his aura of power tugging at him, begging to leave him and tear into these strange monsters.


            Dagger clenched his hands and pulled his aura in; fitting it into the shape he needed.  Around him his light jumped and snapped trying to get at the monsters as they stood and laughed at him. His aura of jumping and crackling red began to grow lighter shading into orange then yellow and still not stopping.


            The monsters stopped laughing as Daggerís light passed yellow and gold flickering past white. With a growing rumble it changed from a painful glow of pure light slowly into a vibrant sliver, like living mercury. The monsters began to tremble now as Dagger opened his eyes revealing they too had become silver.




            Dagger sat against the wall clutching his head and forcing the unwanted memories out of his mind. He didnít want to remember that day; he wanted that day to have never happened. He never wanted that responsibility for himself or Gene.


-----In a distant town-----


            Inside a small cozy house a woman was washing dishes as her son polished the armor on his new medabot. The phone rang; the mother looked at her son but decided to answer it herself.


            She was worried about her son, he had been sad for weeks. His depression changed him in so many ways. Before he was so happy and bright, now he never smiled and wore nothing but dark clothes. Her husband had bought him his new medabot, trying to cheer him up. But now the medabot was painted black and gray instead of its original gold.


            She picked up the phone in the hallway, ďhello, may I help you?Ē


            The phone was silent for a moment before a computer begin speaking, ďHello this is the Riverview Select Corps.Ē She almost hung the phone up thinking it was a charity drive but remembered it couldnít be. The select corps only did television charity drives. ďA medabot with the registration number Ď18553.3í has been found. You will be required to come and retrieve it and pay for damage done to public property. If you are not the owner ofÖĒ the woman hung up the phone looking back into the kitchen at her son.


----In the medabot city----


            Star awoke in her undersized apartment. She sat up, tossing her thin blanket aside as she reached for a can of oil. As she sipped at it she looked around the six by five foot room. It was the only room in her apartment and it was full of anything she might have dragged in. There were a few cases of oil, a box of regen pads, and anything she found on the surface she thought she could use.


            She tossed the empty can atop an already impressive pile and began her morning stretches. She knew she didnít need to but it was part of her old routine and she liked to warm up before leaving for work. She was just reaching for the door to leave when her phone began to ring.


            Star cursed and began digging down under her bed towards the ringing. She found her cell phone as it stopped ringing. She sighed and went towards the door once more leaving the phone on the bed. She was out the door and down the hallway when it started to ring once more.


            Star burst back into her apartment and grabbed the phone, ďHello!Ē


            ďStar?  Good I thought I might have missed you.Ē  The voice on the phone belonged to the Professor. ďI have some results from Exís test.  If you could bring him over here I think I may have a way of bringing out some of his memories.Ē


            Star stood silently, trying to find a way of saying what she didnít want to say. Finally, as the Professor thought she hung up, she spoke, ďEx isnít here at the moment Professor. But Iíll bring him over when I find him.Ē


            ďAlright Star. Have a nice day.Ē  Star and the Professor both hung up. Star sat down on her bed, she had been trying not to think of Ex. She was worried about him; Blueshock didnít want her to search for Ex because she thought Star would get in the way.


            Star pulled herself to her feet and went out the door and towards work. Today she was scavenging around the warehouses behind the Medabot Corporation. Only she and a handful of other medabots could do this. It had some of the best security in the area.  It was her job to steal from humans so that the Medabot city could survive.


----In the sewers----


            Blueshock was walking toward a ladder leading up to a manhole cover. She was off to visit her medafighter before begging her search for Ex.  She hated the idea that she was working for Star. Star was the closest thing she had to a rival, if Star couldnít find it; it wasnít legal in the human world. Blueshock specialized in finding illegal objects, if she couldnít find it, it didnít exist.


            She climbed out of the manhole cover and looked around the ally it led to. She knew she was within a block of her medafighterís home. She pulled her heavy sack up from the sewers and set off down the ally with it balanced on her shoulders.


            Star told her everything she knew about Ex but Blueshock knew there was something else she left out. Star told Blueshock what he looked like, that he had some medal damage and that he enjoyed standing in the rain. Blueshock couldnít help but think Star had a crush on this Ex.


            Blueshock finally reached her medafighterís house. She found the key under a false stone and let herself in.  She checked to see if her medafighter was home but couldnít see her. She went into the living room, dropped her bag on the couch, and scribbled a note saying she would be back later.


            Blueshock didnít waste any time after she left her medafighterís house. She took to the roofs and began running toward one of her better contactís hangouts. She just hoped she could find the old stag beetle at one of his usual places.




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