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  Riddles of Fate




C) 11 arguments


            Blueshock was mad at herself, it turned out that the strange medabot she had been already searching for was this ‘Ex’ that Star wanted. She had been checking, or rather hacking into, security cameras around the city for any sign of a KWG without a medafighter. When she found an image of one finally she nearly fell of her chair with revelation. It was the same one as in the picture she was given by that loud mouth girl. It never even occurred to Blueshock before now that the two KWGs she was hunting could be one in the same.


            She was madder than mad; because now she couldn’t decide which reward she should collect. Star was going to let her steal from some private warehouses, but only at certain times when there wasn’t much there. The loud mouth girl was going to give Blueshock a one of a kind set of parts that were illegal and heavily damaged, not that the girl admitted they where damaged.


            Blueshock already had leads on where Ex was but the trail went cold after she found a smashed phone booth. She was currently sitting at a digital cafe hacking into information BBS and posting trackers on search engines. It wasn’t likely that she would find anything but she covered all her bases. She sat back, deciding to wait a while.



---- Only a few blocks away----


            A red family van pulled to a stop along side a curb near a large official building. Out climbed a young boy dressed in dark clothes with two meda-watches on his wrist. One white and one gray. He shut the door behind him and leaned in the window, “I’ll be fine mom. I’m just going to get it and pay the fine.”


            The boy’s mother gave him a kiss on the cheek, making him blush in embarrassment before driving off. The boy scrubbed at his cheek as he walked in the glass doors of the Select Corps building.


----Inside the select corps building----


            Dagger was sitting against the door of the medabot storage room. He was trying not to think of his past or the horrible things he had done. He just wanted to find Gene and forget what they did wrong. To try and make up for their wrongs. He and Gene had planned to help the world.


            The door behind Dagger swung open forcing him to his feet or be pushed across the rough floor. He ducked behind the door as a man in a one of those strange uniforms walked in and started checking shelves. Dagger slipped around the door and out, only to be knocked back in.


            A dark clothed boy stood outside the door with a black and gray KBT mark3. It was the medabot that had punched him. The boy looked familiar to Dagger but he never meet him before. The boy raised his arm showing Dagger the two medawatches, “hello Xetreame.”


            “Gorge?” this was the boy that had activated Ex. Dagger stood up again missing the solid weight of his old weapons and despising the flimsy blades he had now. “Out of my way. I have no issue with you.”


George grinned as his eyes trailed back behind Dagger. Dagger stepped to the side as a small disk shot past and struck the door. The select corps guard had tried using a shock disk on Dagger. The door crackled with energy as Dagger turned to look at the guard, ignoring Gorge and the medabot.


Dagger leapt at the guard as he struggled to reload his disk launcher. The man dropped his disks and the launcher and turned to run, right into a shelf. Dagger landed beside the fallen weapon as the guard fell over, out cold.


A single shot rang out, echoing off the close-set walls. The shot passed over Dagger’s head striking the shelf behind him. He looked back at the KBT wondering if the medabot could aim at all. The shelf behind Dagger slumped forward and collapsed on him.


George and the KBT came and kneeled beside Dagger’s head as it stuck out from under the collapsed shelf. Gorge picked up a shock disk and snapped it to the side of Dagger’s face, the shock sending him into shutdown and singeing Gorge’s fingers.


Gorge and the KBT began to pull the shelf away.  After they got him out the KBT tossed Dagger over his shoulder, George gave a twisted grin and looked at Dagger’s unconscious form, “Let’s go home.”


---In Dagger’s medal---


            Ex sat huddled in on himself, he sat in a dark corner of his mind. No not his mind, Dagger’s mind. Dagger was real; Dagger had lived a life with a medafighter and friends. Ex had just searched for the past, Dagger’s past. He was nothing but a shadow program, a false file.


            Ex didn’t look up as Dagger suddenly appeared, he didn’t even register that Dagger was there. Dagger stood up from the floor rubbing his shoulder where the shelf had hit him. Dagger began pacing back and forth muttering under his breath, totally ignoring Ex.


            Ex closed his eyes and let himself forget everything. He tried to force all his memories away. He forced away Gorge, let his first night fade, made his brief stay in the medabot city disappear behind a wall of shadows. But from all of it he couldn’t forget Star, with every memory he let slip away Star grew brighter…


---Medabot Corporation---


            Star slipped out of an air vent, she slid down the wall clinging to a bundle and looking for guards. She hit the floor and darted into the shadows behind one of the countless crates. This was the storehouse where the medabot corp. stored its many products before they went out to distributors.


            She was the only one here; she sent the others back because something was wrong. The security was lax more so then ever before, that made Star think a trap was planned. She glanced around again seeing nothing but mountains of crates and packages, not a single guard.


            She slipped out from the shadows and slipped among the many rows between the crates. She knew where to go, the parts the city needed were at the very center of the storehouse. She heard the scrape of a metal foot on cement, in an instant she was atop a crate looking around. She waited and heard the sound again coming from around a corner.


            She edged around the top of the crate looking for the sound. What she found gave her a bit of a shock. A pair of guard DOG types had been tied up and strapped to the side of a forklift. Star didn’t like this, another thief was here somewhere and she had a bad feeling about who it was.


            She debated whether or not to head back and leave her scavenging for another day. She looked down at the two struggling guards and decided that she was going to get those parts, phantom or not.




            Star crept along the tops of the many crates toward where her prize waited and probably a trap. She didn’t like this one bit, she had found three more security medabots and one unconscious human. If she didn’t get those parts now, and anything else she could steal, the warehouse would be imposable to enter again for a long time.


            She was hoping that she could catch the phantom or whoever was here and leave him for the authorities. She didn’t doubt she could deal with a common thief but if it was the phantom she was going to have to out think and out maneuver.


            Finally she reached the center of the warehouse, only to find her goal missing. The crates had been moved to form a large ring; the crate she was after could be anyone of them. She moved to the edge of the ring looking for the one she was after.


            Star dropped into the ring and began checking serial numbers. She was ready for a trap but still jumped as a light clicked on. She looked around, liking this even less than before, she didn’t see anyone but tried to back out of the small circle of light. The light followed her, effectively binding her to who was moving it.


            She leapt aside as a powerful laser blasted the ground where she had stood. The light shut off and two dark shapes leapt down from the scaffolding far above. Star realized this wasn’t her day at all. She was facing SMX and Arkbeatle again, and she knew that Ex wouldn’t save her this time.



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