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  Riddles of Fate




Chapter 12


            Dagger was still pacing back and forth inside his medal, thinking aloud. “What does that boy want with me? He has a medabot. And if he checked the international registry he would have known my medal belonged with Gene.” He stopped as he realized that maybe his medal’s registration number was missing, destroyed during the repairs.


            He turned to pace back the other way when he saw Ex sitting against the wall. Ex had been silent and unresponsive for a long while now but it made no matter, all the memories that Ex had had where also his. Even if Dagger couldn’t understand some of the emotions and thoughts behind them.


            Suddenly Ex’s self-mental image flickered. Dagger watched as Ex flicked and faded before solidifying again. “So you’re finally deciding to get out of my body. Its about time”, Dagger strolled over and rolled Ex over with his foot.


            Ex gazed up at Dagger without any expression or reaction. Dagger couldn’t help but grin, Ex’s personality was failing and soon would be nothing more than a strange set of memories in his mind.




            Dagger found himself looking up at a light blue sky full of small wispy clouds. He sat up and looked around the small fenced garden full of sun-blossoms and white roses. The top of the white washed fence wasn’t even over his head. Without half a thought to anything else he took off at a dash toward the fence.


            Before he was within a foot of the fence he stumbled as an electric shock arched through his body. He rolled head over heels to crash into the fence; all the while electricity ran along his parts. After a few moments the electricity stopped and he was again looking up at the clouds.


            “You shouldn’t try that again”, Dagger twisted around and found the black KBT sitting on the steps leading up to a small lavender colored home. Dagger stood up and reached out to the fence again; only to jump back again as energy ran across his arm.


            Dagger was pulled away from the fence, he whipped around smacking the KBT’s arm away and then stabbing for his chest. The KBT easily stopped his attack, surprising given Dagger’s superior speed. Dagger found the twin barrels of the KBT’s submachine gun inches away from his face.


            “You have a shock chip in your tinpet. Whenever you get too far from your medawatch you get fried. Whenever you do something Gorge don’t like he shocks you. When you don’t fight well enough you get shocked. Because of you my medafighter doesn’t trust me!” as he spoke his voice kept getting louder.


            Dagger tried to pull away but the KBT gripped his arms and forced them down to his side, “You ran away! You left him behind without a single reason! You crushed his heart! Because of you I have a medafighter who never laughs, who never smiles, unless it’s insincere. And now I have to watch you every moment that Gorge isn’t around!” Dagger could feel his arms begin to crack as the KBT grew angrier.


            “Flint. That is enough”, Flint dropped Dagger’s arms and spun around to face Gorge leaning against the doorframe. “So you finally speak your mind”, Gorge’s finger traced around the edge of the black medawatch, Flint tensed up expecting the push of a button and the coursing pain that came out of that boy’s finger.


            Dagger collapsed to the ground as Gorge’s finger darted over to the white medawatch and sent electricity along his parts. Flint winced and took a step away from Dagger’s twitching body.


            Dagger simply lay there facedown trying to let his system cool down from the powerful surge of pain. “Get up. We are going out to train.” Gorge was already striding toward the small gate in the fence as Dagger pulled himself to his feet. Flint didn’t even give him a second glance as he followed Gorge. Dagger considered staying there until a small shock sent him jumping to his feet and a stronger one trotting after.




            For being so young Gorge could walk extremely fast, the three of them were already well on their way to town. Dagger didn’t realize how far Ex had run to get out of the suburbs. Gorge’s home probably wasn’t even considered part of the city.


            Dagger had tried asking Gorge questions, actually he demanded them, but he only got shocked for his trouble. Flint didn’t even acknowledge that Dagger was there. So Dagger spent his time running diagnostics and installing update programs from his memory.


            Dagger smiled to himself as he thought of the programs he was installing. He had hundreds in his memory that he and Gene had made together. Some of them trivial and rather pointless but others where so unbelievably powerful that they could make a medabot terrifyingly hard to stop. His smile fell as he remembered the most powerful upgrade program they had made, and how it went horribly wrong.


            Dagger looked at the back of the boy who clamed to be his medafighter and just knew he was going to hate him. Gorge stopped in front of a large one-story building with a red tiled roof trimmed in carvings of vines and walls of lightwood with real vines climbing up lattices. Out front of the building was a small stone garden fighting at odds with a modern steel sculpture. In all the building screamed of bad blending of styles.


            The small sign above the door proclaimed the building a medabot dojo. As he followed Gorge and Flint inside something in his memory distracted him from the handful of medabots training inside. He brushed it aside as he watched a blue Dog type shooting at a target wall, it was Crosserdog. He actually managed to hit the target fairly close to center but it was apparent that he had to think over every shot.


            They just walked right on out the back of the building and into what Dagger could only call a war zone. Medabots were everywhere, fighting each other and automated robots that flung around clubs or shot flying razor disks. Behind the dojo were two or three yards tied together and contained within armored glass. Inside these walls was debris and small areas of different terrain that was placed together with out any reason. A small pile of boulders sat next to a pond and a group of old logs had been stood up to look like forest, it was probably one of the best training grounds around short of someplace that had the new holographic terrain simulator. It was ugly and packed with more than six or seven medabots all attacking anyone and anything.


            An alarm blared out and the medabots all stopped fighting. The few that could still walk came out the door and went to their medafighters standing along the walls; those that couldn’t were retrieved by a pair of Mole type medabots (Digmole) and taken inside the dojo followed by their upset medafighters.


            Most of the other medabots and medafighters also went back inside and sat down on benches and began talking to their medabots and each other. George pulled open the door and pointed inside. Flint went in immediately and Dagger glared at his back before going in himself. Once inside he walked towards the pile of boulders that was apparently suppose to be like mountainous terrain.  He hopped up to the top and looked around. He shook his head at what he saw. Every possible kind of terrain was here but the way they were mixed together it would never help anyone learn to fight on any kind of terrain. It may help learn to deal with sudden shifts in terrain but you could never learn how to fight on a specific kind of landscape, it would only hinder learning.


            He dropped down the other side of the boulders and started across a stretch of grass. He turned back as he heard the door slam shut and scrambled back up the boulders. He looked over the top and saw flint standing at the ready before two medabots. Dagger felt ill he didn’t want to deal with George or Flint but he didn’t have much chose in that matter. But if he could he would have stayed far away from those two medabots.


Proximus and Adreastea were there in fighting stances and looking all ready to tear Flint to shreds. This was the dojo where they worked and Gorge just happened to choose here to train.


            “Xetreame” George’s voice over the medawatch made Dagger jump, “Move out there and fight.” Dagger considered staying where he was or even avoiding the fight but at the thought of electricity frying him again he jumped up to the top of the rocks and slid down the other side.


            As he stopped beside Flint he saw Proximus and Adreastea’s eyes widen in surprise. The alarm sounded again and Dagger didn’t waste their surprise. He went low to the ground in a dash and brought his arm upward ready to drive deep into Proximus’ body. Proximus fell back and side stepped Dagger’s following thrusts.


            Dagger heard the sound of shots behind him as Flint fought with Adreastea. Suddenly Dagger was on the retreat as Proximus came back swinging his hammer fist. Dagger decided a change in locations was necessary; he waited until one of Proximus’ sword slashes carried past before turning and running toward the mock forest.


            He knew Proximus was right behind him as he hit the edge of the tree line. However he was even closer than Dagger thought as he drove a punch into the back of Dagger’s head. Dagger landed next to a tree and rolled aside as Proximus drove his tribara sword deep into the tree. Dagger jumped to his feet and backed away as Proximus tried to pull his swords free. Dagger jumped forward and slashed downward with all his might.


            Proximus slumped to the ground as his arm began spouting oil and sparks from the two long gashes running from his shoulder to his forearm. Dagger slumped against another tree and clutched at his arm, one of his blades had torn free of its mounting and was now stuck in Proximus’ arm.


            Proximus pulled himself up and braced his foot against the tree and pulled his swords free. Dagger stood up again and readied himself but Proximus merely stared at him. Dagger wondered why he wasn’t attacking but didn’t actually want to fight either. Lately he had been feeling an echo of every little pain.


            “You keep surprising me Ex”, Proximus was still studying him but was also trying to hold his arm now. “My first question is why does Gorge call you Xetreame? And I suppose my second is why are you with a medafighter? Is he the one you ran away from?”


            Dagger didn’t lower his guard for an instant, knowing that this could just be a ploy. He also knew that for some reason he had just been fighting almost like before his medal was smashed. Adapting and adjusting was one thing but with the level of damage his medal had taken he shouldn’t have ever gotten so close to his old skill level.


            Proximus must have realized why Dagger hadn’t answered him because he slapped his forehead in exasperation, leaving a smear of oil across his face. “Sorry, forgot. I surrender. Now will you answer me?”


            Dagger didn’t relax but he did lower his arms after looking around for other attackers. “My name is Dagger, not Ex or Xetreame. My medafighter is Eugene not Gorge. I’m only with him because he is disillusioned over the ownership of my medal and has a restraining shock chip in me.”


            If Proximus had a jaw it would have been sitting at his feet. Dagger was tired and didn’t want to be bothered by any more questions that he didn’t want to answer; he wasn’t even sure why he answered those few. He stepped closer and gripped his blade where it was stuck in Proximus’ arm and ripped it out with a new flow of oil and sparks and a cry of pain from Proximus.


            “Why did you do that?! It could have waited until we got to the repair room inside the dojo.” Dagger turned and walked out of the woods and back towards the door. “Hey! Where are you going so fast?” Proximus hurried to keep up.


            Dagger was just rounding the pile of boulders as Adreastea came rushing up. Her bow arm was hanging at her side in grayed colors and she had plenty of small marks from where shots had hit her. She looked happy until she saw Proximus trailing back behind Dagger.


            Dagger jumped forward, blades leading but she was already parrying with her own. Dagger pressed his attack driving her back wards while blocking or dodging her counter attacks. Dagger had the momentary advantage but it would only last until she recovered her balance. Adreastea’s agility and dexterity were far better than Dagger’s.


            With all the grace he expected from a cat she stepped back and executed a perfect snap kick, sending Dagger to his back. With a growl she leapt up into the air and started to bring her sword down. Dagger whipped his hand up tossing his forgotten blade that he had been holding.


            Adreastea’s sword pierced into the ground next to Dagger’s head, barely missing him. She missed because now Dagger’s blade was lodged deep into her elbow and both her arms had ceased to function. She simply lay there on top of him staring blankly at his face until she realized how they must look. She tried to stand up but only fell back against him as her arms slipped. Proximus pulled Adreastea to her feet looking very annoyed.


            Dagger climbed to his feet on his own ignoring the two beaten medabots staring at him. He turned towards the door and found Gorge standing there with a severely damaged Flint. Gorge had a twisted smile on his face that actually came close to being happy. Flint just looked frustrated, probably because he had lost while Dagger had won.


            Dagger took a step towards them but then stopped and went back to Proximus and Adreastea. In one fast motion he griped his blade and twisted it before pulling it from her arm. He growled at them under his breath, “Don’t bother me. Don’t tell Gorge anything about me. Don’t come near me and I won’t bother you.” She winced but didn’t say anything but Proximus looked ready to attack Dagger.


            He turned and went to Gorge leaving the two of them muttering behind him. Gorge lead him and Flint to a room full of people working on repairing their medabots. Gorge sat down and began working on Flint while Dagger jumped up to the tabletop and started working on putting his blade back on his arm.


---In a taxi---


            Blueshock was with one of her medafighter’s clients, haggling over costs and reasons why she wanted more while he should pay less. Suddenly her PDA started beeping. She pulled it from her belt pouch and opened the email; it was from one of her tracking bots. It was a small video clip from a medabot dojo taken not more than a few minutes ago.


            The client leaned away from her as she began chuckling. She had found Ex and she had already decided witch person she was going to turn him over to. Her laugh grew loader and the client went pale and muttered that he would pay whatever she wanted as long as she didn’t hurt him.



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