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  Riddles of Fate







            While Dagger was waking in Gorge’s yard Star was readying for a fight. She was deep inside the main storeroom of the Medabot Corporation and facing the number one ranked medafighter and medabot in all of Japan. Arkbeetle was a hard fight, last time she couldn’t even hit him, but she knew the real threat was Space Medafighter X. if he decided it wasn’t a robattle he would attack her himself and she would only be able to run.


            The bright lights shining down into the ring of boxes hurt her optics as they glinted off Arkbeetle's armor and SMX’s golden mask. She stopped her tail from lashing at her legs hoping that SMX took it as anger, or anything except fear. “Nice color.”, Star blinked at Arkbeetle. His voice sounded familiar but she couldn’t place it. She realized what he meant a moment later and felt her circuits warm in embarrassment; he had basically called her hot. Anger replaced embarrassment as she felt that he had no right to say anything to her, especially when she didn’t do it for looks.


            SMX was silent as her watched her; he didn’t move a muscle and Star began to wonder if he had fallen asleep standing. He and Arkbeetle just stood there so she did the same.  The tension climbed higher and Star began entertaining the idea of running. She might make it out but she had nowhere to go but back to the medabot city and she couldn’t run the risk of leading them there.


            Her tail began lashing against the ground, as she grew uncomfortable, the plug like end throwing sparks against the concrete. “What do you want?” she was tired of waiting for them to speak. Arkbeetle just watched her in a manner that almost overcame her anger with embarrassment. SMX drew a handkerchief from his sleeve and proceeded to shine his medawatch, totally ignoring her.


            Her tail struck the bundle she had dropped behind her, inside was a crude device that made a transport field around whatever it was attached to. It was useless unless she got around SMX and found the crate with what she needed. She couldn’t even use it as a weapon because it would destroy living flesh. Sometimes she despised the restraint imposed on her medal that kept her from harming a human, even in self-defense.


            SMX began tucking his handkerchief away, with a flick of his wrist the handkerchief flipped and several long dart like needles flew toward Star. She dropped to the ground as the darts passed over her and sank into the wooden crate behind her. She was about to shout a very derogatory comment about SMX’s mother when Arkbeetle brought his arms up and began firing.


            She rolled across the floor away from the blasts that followed her sending up chips of cement. She leapt to her feet and started running.  She went right up the side of a crate and along them. Running parallel to the floor she ran along the crates circling around as the crates burst into flames and flying shards of wood. She briefly thought that the box she had been after might have just been blow apart but the thought was driven out as the laser blasts kept coming closer.


            Suddenly smoke surrounded her and her feet caught on broken burning wood. She fell and tumbled across the cement, she had gone fully around the circle and tripped when she reached the blasted boxes. A hand grabbed the back of her neck and lifted her off the ground. She gripped Arkbeetle’s red forearm as the golden horn came over her other shoulder.


            She griped hard trying to force her claws deeper into the armor before releasing as much electricity as her weapons could handle. Arkbeetle grunted but held onto her. She saw her claws begin to slip, pealing off thin strips of paint and armor. She noticed that under the red paint was once a very dark green. Before she could wonder about this something in Arkbeetle’s arm exploded with a small but very loud explosion.


            Star was dropped and rolled away with her head ringing from the blast. She looked back and found that this something in his shoulder had exploded out ward taking much of his armor with it. As he turned to face her the barrel on his shoulder slipped and fell to the cement with a dull clang. He shifted into a fighting stance, totally ignoring his damaged parts and her shocked expression.


            Her leapt at her, striking at her with his arms like clubs; he didn’t seem the least bit at a disadvantage. She could hardly keep up with his sudden movements and spent most of her time dogging. Suddenly she was hit with a laser, a laser from his damaged arm. She fell to her knees clutching the jagged stump that was once her ear. She didn’t notice as he stepped back from her, all she could focus on was the screeching noise coming from her ruined ear and the pain it reeked on her system.


            After a little time the noise dropped down to an irritating buzz. She lowered her hands and leaned against the floor as her system tried to recover. A few drops of oil ran down from her head and across her optic for a moment before falling to her hands. Part of her had the strange detached realization that it must look like she was crying. The thought that Arkbeetle had made her cry filled her with a quivering rage.


            She wasn’t thinking clearly as she jumped to her feet and rushed him where he stood across the circle of burning boxes. He simply waited as she drew closer, not making any move to attack. She saw the spark of flame as it began to build between his horns and ran faster.


            Two feet from him he released the ball of fire, that even if much smaller than his normal blast could still cook most medabots. Star brought her hands up before her optics and pulled her tail in against her back as she ran into the churning ball of fire. Arkbeetle was suddenly thrown back as an unharmed Star burst from the other side of the fireball and ran into him full tilt.




            SMX had retreated up to his repelling line when the crates started burning and watched as the fight continued. The CAT was a very impressive fighter despite her dilapidated parts and lower attack power. He was interested to see her move along the sides of the crates like it was level ground, his interest fell a bit when she tripped and rolled along the ground.


            “Restrain her carefully”, that was the first command he had given to Arkbeetle during the entire battle. Arkbeetle picked her up by the scruff of the neck and held onto her even as she pumped electricity into him. SMX’s watch bleeped just before a power cell in Arkbeetle’s arm overloaded. He winced as he saw the damage report on his watch. The energy collector for the prominence attack was damaged, severally dropping its power and without that power cell Arkbeetle would need to charge for every shot from that arm.


            SMX smoothed his face behind his mask as Arkbeetle began attacking her with his fists. SMX prided himself on insuring that Arkbeetle was just as good a grappler as a shooter. His hand twitched up towards his ear when Star’s was shot off but he forced his hand back down when he realized what he was doing. He couldn’t show anything to her, he just needed to know whatever she knew about that medabot she was with.


            “Arkbeetle. Back off and ready the prominence, this has taken far too long.” He would have rather taken her quietly but he doubted that would have happened given the first fight they had had together. His hand tingled as he remembered trying to grab the KWG after it had used the medaforce on Arkbeetle. A flare of a red aura burning his hand had sent him reeling.


            He shook off the memory as the CAT charged at Arkbeetle, oil streaming down one side of her face and across her optic. Arkbeetle released the fiery blast that was disappointingly smaller than normal. He almost fell from his repelling line as she ran right though the fire and tackled Arkbeetle. Even with the lower power that blast should have toasted her parts, that she didn’t have a single mark was impossible.




            Star pulled herself to her feet and lost what little control she had left. She simply started kicking and stomping on Arkbeetle, driving the plugs on her feet into his side. Arkbeetle recovered quickly and kicked out sending Star tumbling back against a burning crate. She leaned back against it for a moment thanking her new paintjob before pushing herself out of the flames that had begun to overheat her system but didn’t harm her armor in the least.


            She stared back at the flat green visor that hid every emotion or thought that he may have had. She wondered why he wasn’t attacking her as she stood there. It seamed as if he was considering something he missed before. The smoke and fire must have finally gotten bad enough for the sprinklers to start because a torrent of water started coming down.


            Star darted forward knowing not to question a good thing. She struck at him with her claws, her feet holding to the wet cement better than his could. He fell back staying out of her reach but still not attacking her for some reason. She began to get agitated once more and reason left her again.


            She struck out with all her speed and held tight to the horn sticking from his chest. He tried throwing her aside but she dug her claws into his armor and brought her feet forward. Driving both feet before her as she pulled against his horn putting more force behind the driving kick that smashed into his face. His head snapped back and a web of cracks spread across his visor before falling to his back.


            Star was tossed away when Arkbeetle fell but was back on him in an instant, griping his face and reading her attack. Had she been thinking clearly she might have realized that Arkbeetle wanted to be attacked. As she sent power into her claws the water caused a short circuit that blew out her power grid, hurting her more than the electricity had hurt him. She collapsed beside him, unable to draw enough power to move in the slightest but fully aware of everything especially the pain she had caused herself.




            SMX grinned as the CAT went berserk trying to hurt Arkbeetle, this wasn’t expected. Earlier the CAT was almost precise in her attacks but she lost her temper and was now just pounding away without thought. It was a surprise how much damage she was causing with her kicks, those prongs were meant to be ornamental but they tore at armor almost as well as her claws.


            When Arkbeetle knocked her into a burning crate she relaxed for a moment and again flames didn’t seam to cause any damage. The sprinklers started spraying water as she came back at him. She came back fast and then delivered a devastating dropkick as she held Arkbeetle's horn. SMX’s medawatch bleeped again telling him that Arkbeetle’s vision was compromised.


            SMX looked back to the fight in time to see Star slump down from her own backfired electrical attack. He waited as Arkbeetle climbed to his feet and picked up the CAT. He began to slide down his repelling line only for his wet gloves to slip. He opened his eyes again and found his back throbbing and Arkbeetle standing over him with the CAT tossed over his ruined shoulder.


            Arkbeetle helped SMX to his feet and up the repelling line with SMX groaning the whole way and a CAT type limp in his arms. Outside on the roof they went off across the rooftops to a distant part of the city.




            Far below the open air vent a sack began to burn amongst the fires despite the sprinklers attempts. The sack began to tremble and the fire-weakened seams spit, letting a strange device made of a medawatch fall out. In the bottom of the sack sat a small phone that shook and vibrated as fire crept along the sack towards it. Voice mail answered, “this is SS. Hit me after the beep”


            The phone beeped as the plastic began to bubble, “hey you stupid cat pick up! This is Blueshock. I found your friend. Call me back before I lose him.” The line went dead before the plastic caught and the small screen shattered from the heat.




            In a house somewhere in a decent part of town a phone rang, a motherly woman sitting by the phone in the living room answered the phone. “No. Erika isn’t home. Can I take a message?” the woman sat aside her crossword and wrote down the offered name and phone number on a notepad. The woman tried to make polite conversation but the person on the other end hung up without another word. The woman decided she would have to talk to her daughter about her friend’s manners.



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