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  Riddles of Fate




Chapter 14


            Dagger struck out again and again stabbing into the target zones on the dummy. He was back in the medabot dojo and working with a simplistic motorized attack/target dummy. It was very simple. Every time you hit a target it would swing one of its arms.  Each arm ended in a sand filled sack. Currently it only swung one arm at a time; higher difficulty levels would have it swinging almost all nine arms. However Gorge didn’t know, or refused to acknowledge that he was already a skilled fighter.


            His blade sank into a target and he was already dodging the clumsy strike, moving aside and delivering blows to a different target as the sand bag passed. He hated Gorge already and this was only the first day he had to deal with him. He didn’t plan on staying but he knew it would be a while before he could find and remove his shock chip.


            “Take it easy. Your membership doesn’t cover destruction of equipment.” and there was another reason to hate Gorge, he had to find the one dojo where people knew Ex. Adreastea had made it a point of staying close to him as he trained, simply to show that she wasn’t scared of his threats.


            “Why don’t you go rust in hell kitty?  And take mister temperamental with you.” Proximus was also hanging around him for some reason. Interestingly it was Proximus who reacted, not Adreastea. His sword clicked as it folded into one wide blade, he didn’t attack though, and in fact Dagger would bet that he didn’t even notice what he had done.


            Adreastea didn’t rise to his bait at all; she just kept watching him as he went through moves and attacks he had learned back when he and Gene decided they would become the best. Another one of his memories came to him again, the pain was terrible but this time he simply ignored it until it faded not wanting to see any memories at the moment. He found himself lying on his back from one of the sandbags hitting him when he was distracted.


“Heh. You okay Mister Attitude?” she offered him her hand to get up and he surprised himself by taking it. As she pulled him up a bolt of energy shot into him. He went back to his knees as electricity raced across his parts. He heard something crack and the voltage stopped.


Gorge stood across the room working with Flint but he could still see Dagger and he made a point of shocking him for every mistake or slip or just because he hadn’t messed up in a while. Gorge was already working again when Dagger recovered and shot a glare at his back.


“I believe she said ‘Ouch’”, Proximus was standing beside Adreasta, his swords clicked as they shifted. Dagger looked at his hand and saw that he had crushed Adreasta’s when the shock had hit him. He released her hand and watched her as she folded it under her armpit. He hated that stupid chip but he hated that anyone knew he had one much more.


“You should go fix that” he kept his tone flat and stood up. He turned and started back towards a different training dummy.


“That’s all you have to say? You could apologize. I never saw you as an asshole Ex. Odd but not…” Dagger moved so quickly that before they knew it he had lifted them both off their feet.


He held them up buy the neck and glared at each in turn as they tried pulling his hands away. “I am not Ex. I was never Ex. Ex is DEAD!” the last word came out as a scream as he flung them away. He turned and stormed out the back door and into the war-grounds as it was called.


He didn’t care that the session was still going on he pushed past the medafighters near the door and entered the large glass walled area. He walked across the mismatched terrain not caring about anything except hurting someone.


The first medabot he came across wasn’t even a combat medabot. It was a fembot that looked like a trim woman in a bunny suit (from the games. Seriously). He didn’t even think about it as his blades drove into her chest and exploded from her back, just short of a fatal blow as his blades framed her medal. She gasped and stared into his eyes for a moment before her optics blinked off and she fell, sliding from his blades onto the ground.


Dagger didn’t care about the damaged fembot or her medal as he walked on, leaving them lay. The next medabot he encountered was in the deep pond far along the back wall. It was a stingray type and had the advantage in water but he dove in sinking to the bottom as it came at him. Once, twice, three times his blades flashed in the murky light. As he climbed from the water the medabot’s medal came floating up on its aquatic retrieval module (ARM- a device that floats the medal to the surface after ejection. Most aquatic medabots have these functions).


He was in a rage and he knew it. Why the hell did Ex have to like those two fools?  It would have been fine for Dagger to be upset over hurting his own friends but they weren’t his friends they where Ex’s.  He continued his mental ranting as he tore apart a tank medabot. “I don’t like them at all but I’m stuck with the feelings that Ex had for them.”  How did that pacifistic idiot let himself like them?  Sure they can fight but they where annoying to no end. The tank’s medal landed on the pile of metal that Dagger had peeled its tinpet from.


His next victim was a green nurse medabot. He tore at her shield and pounded on it wanting nothing more than to rip out her eyes. The shield wall shattered and he leapt forward lifting her above his head and pulling his arm back to strike. Small laser shots ran up his back and drove him forward. As he dropped the nurse someone grabbed her and pulled her away.


He recovered from the hits and whipped around to find Metabee and Brass behind him. Metabee had grabbed the nurse, who was hiding behind him, while it had been Brass who shot him. Ikki and Erika came running along on the other side of the wall; actually Erika was dragging him along.


“For a medabum you sure know how to cause some destruction. But you shouldn’t pick on girls.” Metabee actually ran a finger under the nurse’s chin after he said that and Brass looked ready to destroy the KBT. The nurse looked flustered before she turned and ran, glancing back over her shoulder with a confused look.


Dagger flexed his hands and considered skipping the usual banter and just attack. “If you want to take her place I don’t mind. She was probably a harder fight.” He could see how his remark agitated Metabee but he expected some kind of reaction from Brass. She didn’t so much as blink so he decided to take another try, “Hey why don’t you have a camera? You would probably do better taking photos then getting your pretty armor scuffed up.”  That did it.


Brass began firing her short shot, powerful energy slugs kicking up earth as they neared him. He had wanted to hurt someone but smashing these two would be much better than some nobody, they had even managed to annoy Ex. He dodged aside and began ducking jumping or just dodging her shots.  Then Metabee started firing. Metabee’s aim was much better even if his shots hurt less then hers would have.


Dagger went tumbling as Metabee's shots tripped his legs from under him. He was up in an instant moving again, now avoiding shots from two angles. His temper faded into detached reasoning, something he had taught himself shortly after his first lost robattle back with Gene.


His every step took him closer to them as every roll and jump seemed to pull him from the path of the dangerous projectiles. Finally within range he struck out hard landing a strike on Brass and Metabee, Brass across the arm and Metabee a gouging hit disabling his knee.


And then he was dodging away taking scattered hits while avoiding the worst damage. His foot hit sand and he skidded across a small beach stopping just before the water. He turned back to see a pair of missiles flying towards him. He dropped back falling into the water. He forced himself into deeper water as the missiles exploded on the surface.


At the count of twenty he burst from the water and raced across the sand as fast as his water filled parts could move. Shots followed him kicking up sand and drawing closer but he began to pull further ahead as his parts drained. Reaching the fake forest he leapt and griped a branch twisting and flipping backwards, already heading back the other way when he touched the ground.


Before he could come within a dozen feet several shots pressed close together like a machine gun cracked against Metabee’s side followed half an instant later by the bark of missiles. Flint had appeared behind them and while they shot at Dagger he had fired his machine gun, sending bullets into Metabee and missiles exploding around Brass.


“Who are you?  Never mind get outa here this is between us.” Flint simply stood there ignoring Metabee and stared at Dagger. The smoke around Brass cleared showing her still functioning but severely damaged. She raised her one functioning arm and fired at Flint, every shot hit but didn’t so much as scratch him. He raised his arm almost mockingly and fired a single shot from his revolver.


“Brass!” both Metabee and Erica called out as she her medal ejected and her body fell over. Flint stood just as he had been with his gun barrel smoking.


“If you want to attack my medabots again make sure you are willing to lose.” Dagger spared a glance at the wall and saw Gorge standing behind Ikki and Erica, his arm crossed but with his medawatches showing clearly.


Ikki took a step towards him and looked ready to attack the smaller boy, “Your medabot attacked ours first. You shouldn’t bother us when it doesn’t concern you.”


Erika pushed Ikki aside and fired questions at Gorge like she did at everyone. “Why did you attack us? Were you trying to take down the third ranked medafighter in Japan?  Or do you know Ex?  Were you trying to protect him?  What reason do you have to protect a medabot that has no medafighter?”


Gorge actually smiled and looked over at Dagger, “So Xetreame? You were calling yourself Ex, were you? You know if I cared at all I would ask why. I might ask a lot of things.” While he had started speaking with humor in his tone it quickly turned dark.


“I get it Ex, or Xetreame, ran away. And now you found him or he came back. Wow. What a story.” Her pen raced across the tablet pulled from nowhere.


Every bad thought within a block thudded into Daggers mind. Every feeling of joy and hope for miles around crashed against him. He was pulling them to him turning and sifting the countless emotions around him into the unbelievable power of the medaforce. His scream split the air and his sudden aura cast everything in brilliant red light so bright that the world seemed drowned in blood.


The medal hatch on his back glowed bright before exploding outward. He dropped to his knees and screamed again as his shattered and melted medal glowed brighter and brighter. With a final blinding flash his medal had changed, it was now a beetle in flight and the damage was gone. Across the medal swirls of silver mixed with the gold in spirals and twists.


When Dagger stood again Ikki and Erika where acting as though it wasn’t anything new but Gorge’s jaw was leaning against his chest and his eyes where popping. Dagger looked at Metabee and Flint back behind him, Flint was actually shaking but Metabee simply stood tapping his foot with his arms crossed.


“I’m supposed to be impressed?  Me and Ikki have been using the medaforce for a while. I can even use it several times. The medaforce won’t save you Xetreame.” And with that a crackling green aura sprang up around him like flames. Metabee’s damage vanished and he stood taller than before, his eyes glowing bright.


“My name is not Xetreame” a flick of his finger and a thin beam of energy shot from his aura, passing Metabee and striking Flint. Everyone watched as Flint’s head fell from his shoulders, the neck melted away to nothing.


“My Name is not Ex.” Another thin beam of energy destroying the wall and knocking the kids away leaving a crater in the ground and glass and dust everywhere. The kids looked up as the light changed again. From the conflicting red and green it became orange and green and then yellow and green.


“I am not anyone’s lapdog to fetch when told.” A glowing sphere rose from within him holding within it a large chip. The yellow ball crushed in on itself destroying the chip and pressing it down until it disappeared with a faint pop.


His aura color shifted again flickering past more colors than a rainbow, finally stopping at an all-consuming black. The world turned into a shadow within that dark light that overshadowed everything making everyone blind but able to see clearly. The darkness fought against Metabee’s green glow, slowly consuming it and destroying the last of the light.


With the last of his power Metabee tossed what medaforce he still held at Dagger but the darkness drank it in and everything fell dark except for the source of the darkness. In everyone’s eyes Dagger shone with a pulsing blackness that dwarfed the shadow that covered the world. They could see his eyes as they looked up at the sky, could see every color in his armor but there was no light.


“I am the lost friend. I have fought the plague that nearly swept over the earth, the plague that I caused. I have seen death and lived a second life only to come again into the world. I am Dagger and I will find my friend and medafighter. Any who stand in my way will fall.” Every word a whisper and still the kids heard it and not only the kids but everyone trapped in the darkness as it continued to spread out over the country.


Without moving without making a single gesture an explosion shook the ground and like throwing a switch the darkness was gone. Metabee was laying on the ground without a mark on him but his medal resting nearby. The kids where in shock, not believing what had happened and not wanting to. Gorge retched, spilling his lunch across the broken ground. Erica grabbed Ikki without realizing it and starred in wide-eyed horror at Dagger. Ikki’s eyes never left Metabee’s medal.


Dagger turned and began walking away, steam rising from his open medal hatch. His aura was still around him but now it was a rich red that barely outlined his form with a thin line. His blades flashed and another part of the wall fell outward to shatter against the ground. His every step left a smoldering footprint in the ground. Everyone inside the dojo moved aside silently a he walked though.


Up the street his feet carried him and every person and car moved aside because they had all seen him, heard what he had said and knew what he had done and could do again. And despite the unexplainable horror on their faces he couldn’t care less. He only wanted to find his friend, he only wanted to forget and be happy.


----In Dr. Aki’s office----


            “… He didn’t know any better but now he has turned the world against him and I don’t know if I can save him.” The Dr. was leaning against his window staring out towards where he, and everyone, had seen Dagger as if he was a few feet away. Dr. Aki turned and griped his chair, hurling it against the window sending webs across it. He turned and left the room at a run.




            Around the world phones rang in every government. Whatever language the topic was the same, the days of darkness had come again, the world was in danger. Every response was one of two things. A prayer for mercy or an order for the threat to be removed.


            Covert operations from dozens of countries sprang into motion. Every able agent or spy went on the move towards Japan. The world now had a unifying goal, the destruction of a single medabot before it could destroy the world.


            And the medabot in question hadn’t a single idea just how much his list of enemies had grown. Life for Dagger took a turn for the worst…



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