Medabots: Betrayals

by Wingshadow

This is a randomly spawned idea spanning between one month and one week, I own nothing, disclaimer done.

Imagine the scene, an office, an office with solid steel walls 6 inches thick; imagine those walls with more holes than Swiss cheese. Imagine laser lines running through the office with missile craters in the wall. The 3 inch bulletproof glass has a shattered pane. In this room are three people and two medabots. One of the people is doctor Aki. Doctor Aki has his head through a chair. The second man is victor. Victor and Warbandit are watching Dr. Aki and a man about to hit him with another chair. The man with the chair is Tom. He is 6’ 2” Brown hair blue eyes, fair skinned. His medabot is a blue version of Metabee. Aptly named, “metablue.”

Victor – I’m glad it’s all ov – huh!? Is someone at the door?

Tom –they will probably end up looking like doctor Aki is now

Victor – not another chair

This chair was a plastic office chair. The one which doctor Aki had his head through was a chair with a cushion. Doctor Aki had his head through the cushion.

Warbandit – I agree Aki has suffered enough

Metablue’s voice was similar to Metabee's.

Metablue – yeah man I agree. Doctor Aki may have tried to kill us, but he didn’t deserve the chair.

The door opened everyone who was conscious turned. Tom threw the chair he was holding. It was then cut in two.

All – Rokusho

Rokusho – I do not know why you attacked doctor Aki but you will not escape without punishment

Everyone was unsure of what to do; Metablue, victor, and Warbandit looked at Tom.

Tom – I see – a lie – you want to know why we attacked the good doctor here.

Rokusho nodded his head and relaxed himself. A sign to continue.

Tom – well victor and I have quite a tale to tell but I suppose I shall begin. Let’s see where did it all begin. I guess last month will do. It was a vacation day for my home school, but most of japans schools were open I assume.

Note all narrations are from Tom and victor for the rest of the story.

Tom – it was late summer break. Most schools in America are in session by now, as well as Japan. I was getting my sister’s birthday present. I let her choose what meta-part for her medabot and I bought it. It was near an airpower museum. I believe it was a field trip…

Tom – nice day, eh plasma nurse

Plasma nurse – yes very pretty

Plasma nurse: type: female healing Special attack: plasma recovery Design: neutra nurse gone purple

Tom – how do you like the new meta-part Emily picked out?

Plasma nurse – why it’s just wonderful

Tom – hm

It was a sunny day, about 90 I was wearing a white t-shirt with some random shorts.

Tom – do you mind if we watch the air show at the museum first?

Plasma nurse – I was hoping you would

While we were there I believe we ran into several school kids. All from the schools Ikki and Koji go to. In fact I think I stopped nine Robattles. Later the kids went to two different restaurants; one went to a restaurant near the medabot shop we were at. While there some kids whose robattle we stopped came up to us and challenged us…

Samantha – My gang challenges you to a robattle

I was surprised.


Victor – to say the least from what I heard


Tom – what the-

Samantha – you broke up our robattle and ruined our reputation, so we won’t be satisfied until the battle is over

Spike – yeah, and we’re in this battle too

Sloan – hm

Tom – okay, um just hold on a second – Tom turns around – where is it, oops wrong arm, hold on, ah found it! Okay, transport metablue!!!

Metablue: type: male beetle special attack: seeker missiles

At this point Metabee walked onto the scene. He was drinking a soda.


Rokusho – a soda, a soda!?!

Tom – yeah


Metabee – what the, Ikki come see, this medabot looks just like me!

Ikki ran in then. He too was drinking a soda.

Ikki – holey cow, who is this guy!

Tom – Ikki meet metablue, metabee’s superior

Ikki/Metabee – what do you mean his/my superior!?!

Tom – watch, alright lets robattle

Sloan – transport totalizer!

Spike – transport Krosserdog!

Samantha – transport Peppercat!

Mr. Referee – then it’s a robattle

Ikki – isn’t he the referee for Japan?

Mr. Referee – I can travel too you know

Tom – whatever let’s get it started

Suddenly a crowd seemed to swarm. The crowd was mostly made of locals.

Samantha – where is our school?

Tom – heck anytime I robattle there is a capacity crowd

Samantha – then you’re defeat will be that much more humilia-BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The home crowd did not like her.

Crowd – Boo! You’ll never beat Tom! Go back to Korea losers!

That last man was attacked by about six random crowd goers. Concussed and thrown out to be beaten once more.

Beaten man – Korea, hear me, KOREA!!! OW!

Tom – ignore him, he’s drunk

Metabee – we’re Japanese, who cares

Mr. Referee – as I was saying, Medafighters ready. Medabots Robattle!

Tom – Fire, quick and decisive

Metablue raised his arms and blasted out 10 straight seconds of shot.

Sloan – totalizer

Spike – Krosserdog

Samantha – Peppercat

Screws – Triangle crush

Tom – plasma nurse, you’re in the battle too, plasma cannon on Peppercat!

All – what

Mr. Referee – it’s true he did say he was using plasma nurse

Tom – seeker missile


Mr. Referee – function ceased, Tom metablue and plasma nurse are the winners!

Crowd – yeah!!! Woo-hoo!!! That’s why you’re Number 1!!! Best in the US of A!!! Yeah!!!

Ikki – number one, best in the us. Could he be?

Tom – as of one year ago today, I am the number one medafighter in the United States.

Metabee – does that make him better than us?

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